Microsoft SQL Server Testimonials

These 200 testimonials prove that our clients love our Microsoft SQL Server classes.

You will too!

1. Awesome! My instructor was so informative, patient and forthcoming with all information regarding SQL. I definitely feel ready and more confident to do my daily tasks at work.

Alexis McClendon, Miramar, Florida (FL), US, CVS Health / Aetna (Introduction to SQL Training)

2. This class helped me gain a better understanding of how all the different pieces come together. The instructor made it very easy to follow along and was well-equipped to answer any questions and troubleshoot problems. I feel much better equipped to utilize this program in the future.

Christina Cortez, LBPD (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

3. This is a good class for anyone trying to get better at building SSRS reports or pulling data!

Mike Rackauskas, LeSaint Logistics (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

4. Classes and class materials are very well organized. Great reference materials are provided on the website and the classes are led by knowledgeable, helpful instructors. I will continue to use Webucator for our training needs.

Stephanie McClellen, Dunkirk, Maryland (MD), US, U.S. Coast Guard (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

5. This was an excellent introduction to SQL. The instructor knows what she's talking about!

Jason Mui, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Institute of Real Estate Management (Introduction to SQL Training)

6. Excellent training and instruction that prepares you for real life situations.

Patrick Henning, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, U.S. Small Business Administration (Introduction to SQL Training)

7. Exactly as described and more, thank you!

Diane Hood, Berlin, Maryland (MD), US, Atlantic General Hospital (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

8. Great instructor, great class!

Traci Boykin, Peak Learning LLC (Introduction to SQL Training)

9. The Introduction to SQL course was an excellent way to build my SQL skills starting from the basics. My instructor took the time to explain everything thoroughly and make sure everyone understood, and we were still able to cover a lot of material in 2 days.

Jennifer Jones, Sacramento, California (CA), US, SchoolsFirst Credit Union (Introduction to SQL Training)

10. The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient.

Tommy Van Gemert, Mt Laurel, New Jersey (NJ), US, Admiral Insurance (Introduction to SQL Training)

11. I enjoyed the SQL Introduction course. Very engaging with a highly knowledgeable instructor.

Angelo Belias, United States Postal Service (USPS) (Introduction to SQL Training)

12. The instructor was very knowledgeable and attentive. She went above and beyond to ensure we understood MySQL and Access. The class was taught at a decent pace and we stayed on schedule without feeling rushed. The resources were helpful.

Lauren Houston, United States Postal Service (USPS) (Introduction to SQL Training)

13. This SSRS class has broad coverage of the software's functions and capabilities. The web hosted lab environment for the class is very pleasant to use.

James McGowan, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Stronghaven (MOC 10990C - Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services)

14. Webucator gave me the foundation and footing to confidently start using SQL queries.

Chantal Bradley, College Park, Maryland (MD), US, Surescripts (Introduction to SQL Training)

15. Loved my Instructor. You will learn a lot. The Class is very informative and not boring at all.

Phuong Del Rosario, United States Postal Service (USPS) (Introduction to SQL Training)

16. The instructor rocks!

Mike Smith, Baltimore, Maryland (MD), US, Baltimore City Public School System (Introduction to SQL Training)

17. Good examples, great host!

Rosi Suarez, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, Fintech (Introduction to SQL Training)

18. Extremely organized set-up and the instructor was a delight. On top of being positive, peppy and engaging, she broke down the concepts really well.

Anna Soto, Short Hills, New Jersey (NJ), US, Investors Bank (Introduction to SQL Training)

19. This was a very efficient course. Covered a lot of material in just 2 days. I am completely new to SQL concepts and the instructor did a great job of explaining them and was very open to providing additional help when needed.

Emily Pagan, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (NJ), US, L'Oreal (Introduction to SQL Training)

20. Webucator is consistently an exemplary source of training and information that makes me more efficient, and productive.

Jared Brown, Westminster, Massachusetts (MA), US, W.E. Aubuchon (MOC 20778 - Analyzing Data with Power BI)

21. Learning with Webucator is quick and easy, yet detailed and thorough.

Jeremy Kwiecien, London, Ontario (ON), CA, CIBC Mellon (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

22. Webucator is a great place to learn.

Jason Reed, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), US, Hennepin (Introduction to SQL Training)

23. Very informative and upbeat!

Marianne Hoffman, California Resources Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

24. If you are an ASP.NET developer and want to implement advance reporting capabilities in your applications, this is a course I highly recommend!

Hector Gerena, Pine Hill, New Jersey (NJ), US, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (SQL Server Reporting Services for Report Writers)

25. The class was perfectly paced, and we received tools and materials that helped to ensure that we maintained the knowledge we had gained throughout the week. I'd recommend the training to anyone who wants to learn a LOT in a little time!

Leah Mullen, Third Federal Savings & Loan (Building Reports with Report Builder 2016)

26. I feel prepared to use SQL at work. Thank you SO much.

Lindsay Miller, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, US Department of Veterans Affairs (Introduction to SQL Training)

27. Amazing online course. Exceeded my expectations. Instructor was amazing.

Tasha Coughlin, Boston, Massachusetts (MA), US, Boston University (Introduction to SQL Training)

28. SQL language made simple to understand and create.

Ryan Kwong, California Resources Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

29. The course was great. I really enjoyed the combination of instructions, examples, and in-class exercises.

Anthony Wu, California Resources Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

30. Great class! I learned exactly what I wanted to from this class.

Ardavan Tavakoli, Malibu, California (CA), US, Pepperdine University (Introduction to SQL Training)

31. Exceeded my expectations.The instructor did a great job reviewing what we had previously learned and reinforcing important concepts and tips. The pace was good. The course book was easy to follow and did a great job adding context to the steps we were performing to learn.

Greg Wagner, Sargent & Lundy (SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 for Report Writers)

32. "Great! Would use Webucator again!"

Cailyn Eagle, Jacksonville, Florida (FL), US, Enterprise Integration (Introduction to SQL Training)

33. The instructor made the class fun and relatable. she's an excellent and patient instructor.

Lisa Campbell, Katy, Texas (TX), US, Universal American (Introduction to SQL Training)

34. This class increased my overall understanding of SQL a tremendous amount.

William Blackburn, Rock Island, Illinois (IL), US, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (Introduction to SQL Training)

35. Good class taught by knowledgeable instructor. Lots of demos and labs to reinforce what was taught.

Ciana Chamberlain, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, Bloomberg L.P. (MOC 20465 - Designing a Data Solution with Microsoft SQL Server)

36. I loved the instructor! She was so easy going, and never made me feel stupid for asking any questions. She was funny, engaging, and very thorough!

Kailee Israel, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, Surescripts (Introduction to SQL Training)

37. The class I took was well worth the time and money. I will definitely be recommending it to everyone and look forward to taking other classes in the future.

Elizabeth Weeks, Boonville, Missouri (MO), US, Onshore Outsourcing (Introduction to SQL Training)

38. The course was very well taught by the instructor. The materials provided were very detailed and self explanatory with great examples. I really enjoyed being in the class and learned a lot.

Catherine Botchway, Navy Federal Credit Union (Introduction to SQL Training)

39. Instructor was great! She explained things in a way that was easily understood. I will definitely take more courses through Webucator!

Brittany Stuhmer, French Camp, California (CA), US, Health Plan of San Joaquin (Introduction to SQL Training)

40. Awesome Training.

Mihir Daiya, Owings Mills, Maryland (MD), US, T. Rowe Price (Introduction to SQL Training)

41. By far the best web training I have experienced to date.

David Milstead, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, United States Air Force (USAF) (Introduction to SQL Training)

42. The course was informative and thorough and the instructor was wildly entertaining.

Alex Leinweber, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Ten-X (Introduction to SQL Training)

43. Awesome trainer. I learned so much.

Vicki Devine, Cleveland, Ohio (OH), US, Third Federal Savings and Loan (Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 with SQL 2008R2, SQL 2012 Express and SQL 2012)

44. This class hits the mark. Very professional and engaging instruction. I highly recommend, particularly for the cost.

Elizabeth Dorso, Fairfield, Connecticut (CT), US, Save the Children (Introduction to SQL Training)

45. This was an excellent course!!

Awilda Goron, Boston, Massachusetts (MA), US, DentaQuest (Introduction to SQL Training)

46. This class and instructor exceeded my expectations! Money well spent!

Christopher Colgrove, West Des Moines, Iowa (IA), US, INTL FCStone (Introduction to SQL Training)

47. If you need technical training of any kind, you can't go wrong with Webucator. A host of courses and knowledgeable staff and trainers.

Corey Livermore, Henderson, Nevada (NV), US, Optum (MOC 20767 - Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse)

48. Broad based overview of the Microsoft BI stack by an instructor who is well versed in the various components and willing to dive into further detail when requested.

Tom Robertson, Tallahassee, Florida (FL), US, Florida State University Foundation (MOC 20467D - Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2014)

49. The class was fantastic and really gave me the basic tools I needed to get started working with SQL.

Tony Uebersohn, Racine, Wisconsin (WI), US, Johnson Bank (Introduction to SQL Training)

50. Excellent course. Learned a lot and really enjoyed the two days.

Susan Peth, Aurora, Colorado (CO), US, University of Colorado School of Medicine (Introduction to SQL Training)

51. Awesome teacher! She keeps it interesting, which helps the student pay attention during the class. She was very upbeat and you could tell she liked teaching the course.

Tami Rhodes, Modesto, California (CA), US, Modesto City Schools (Introduction to SQL Training)

52. Wonderful class with an excellent instructor. She knew the material extremely well and presented it in a cheerful and clear manner.

Steve Henderson, Memphis, Tennessee (TN), US, ILS (Introduction to SQL Training)

53. Great Course!

Terra Kinjerski, Alpine Aerotech LP (Introduction to SQL Training)

54. Great way to learn.

Hui Peng, Universal American (Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 with SQL 2008R2, SQL 2012 Express and SQL 2012)

55. Great class for beginners!

Megan Brooks, Woodbridge, Virginia (VA), US, Surescripts (Introduction to SQL Training)

56. The instructor was positive, confident, and genuine.

Nick Smith, Appleton, Wisconsin (WI), US, Navitus (Introduction to SQL Training)

57. My company needed SQL training and the quality of the material as well as the caliber of the instructor was wonderful. I highly recommend Webucator.

Steve McDonald, Appleton, Wisconsin (WI), US, Navitus (Introduction to SQL Training)

58. The instructor was amazing! So patient! So polite! Just a joy to learn from!

Justin McGrath, Walpole, Massachusetts (MA), US, Siemens Healthineers (Introduction to SQL Training)

59. Great instructor!

Yung (Tony) Feng, Richmond, California (CA), US, Social Security Administration (MOC 10977 - Upgrading Your SQL Server Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2014)

60. Webucator definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot from the instructor and from the virtual lab. Kudos Webucator!

Pablo Hernandez, Harvey, Illinois (IL), US, Family Christian Health Center (Introduction to SQL Training)

61. It is good to learn from an instructor who not only has a passion about what they are teaching, but also has extensive work experience related to what they are teaching. Great course and better teacher!

Kyle Wristbridge, InvestEdge, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

62. Excellent value for professionally taught course.

Richard Carleton, Technical Corp (Introduction to SQL Training)

63. Good class, prepared me well. Book was clear and helpful.

Christine Achtel, Northbrook, Illinois (IL), US, Allstate Investments (Introduction to SQL Training)

64. The training delivery at Weducator is unique, the support staff are very helpful, issues are resolved quickly and courteously.

Clifford Brown, Anchorage, Alaska (AK), US, State of Alaska - Division of Motor Vehicles (MOC 20462 - Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases)

65. You do not feel rushed, you will feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions, and you definitely will not fall asleep. You may....laugh a little!

Denise Dang, North York, Ontario (ON), CA, Central Community Care Access Centre (Introduction to SQL Training)

66. Great Class!!

Bill Conklin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI), US, HellermannTyton USA (Introduction to SQL Training)

67. This is the 21st century way to learn.

Steve Keiper, InvestEdge, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

68. I thought this class was excellent. My experience going in was simple queries and select statements and now I'm an expert!

Heather Haggerty, InvestEdge, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

69. Great course to get situated with SSRS.

Jim Franz, Selux Corporation (SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 for Report Writers)

70. Knowledgeable and friendly instructor with all the tools you need and even some post-training materials, lab environment and open communication. Great training for the working adult!

Nahid Nazery, Central California Alliance for Health (SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 for Report Writers)

71. Great instructor. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to understand SQL.

Cassandra Garza, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P. (Introduction to SQL Training)

72. Webucator can fulfill your need to sharpen your skills!

Chase Childs, Peoria, Illinois (IL), US, Dental Arts Laboratories (Introduction to SQL Training)

73. Webucator is a great source to gain much needed knowledge and experience.

Malik Al-Malik, Ascension Information Services (Building Reports with Report Builder 2014)

74. Webucator's beginning SQL class gave me an excellent foundation, and made me excited to learn more. The instructor was excellent, and she made sure we all understood the concepts before she moved to the next section.

Kristine Lemanski, Littleton, Colorado (CO), US, RESIGHT (Introduction to SQL Training)

75. This class provided me with a great set of basics.

Jess Levy, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Introduction to SQL Training)

76. This is such a great class, the instructor was spectacular!

Shalonique Haste, Universal American (Introduction to SQL Training)

77. Very straightforward and to the point. The instructor talked in a relevant, friendly way and the coursework was practical and easy to understand.

Kyle Luccio, Comcast Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

78. The training was a perfect blend of being challenging and informative. I was excited to learn through application beyond just text book reading.

Carla Carrell, Comcast Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

79. By far, the best SQL training I have taken.

Lillian Marshall, Brenham, Texas (TX), US, Blinn College (Introduction to SQL Training)

80. I really enjoyed learning how to run SQL queries in this course! Looking forward to using Webucator again.

Bridgette Harris, Citrix Systems (Introduction to SQL Training)

81. Webucator taught a musician how to write SQL!

Ryan Blauvelt, emeryville, California (CA), US, Sheet Music Plus (Introduction to SQL Training)

82. Really user friendly classes, and definitely interactive between instructor and students. Easy to ask any question.

Amanda Hoffnung, Health Net (Introduction to SQL Training)

83. Being from the UK I was worried about pacing and translation. However, the tutor was excellent and I really took a lot away from it!

Shaun Tead, Exeter, X (xGB), GB, Chartered Developments t/a Smart Trade Ltd (Introduction to SQL Training)

84. This course exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend taking a course from Webucator!

Andrew Castro, Fairfax, Virginia (VA), US, Customink (Introduction to SQL Training)

85. The class was great and the teacher was very passionate.

Daniel Nudelman, Lindenhurst, New York (NY), US, Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology (Introduction to SQL Training)

86. I needed to increase my skillset and needed to take a course as soon as possible. Being in New Zealand, courses were run too far in the future, so it was great taking part in an online course (be it starting 4am NZST time) and getting through the material in 3 days. Great Work!

Pey Geldenhuys, Auckland, X (xNZ), NZ, Abel Solutions (MOC 6236 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services)

87. This was an excellent class. The materials were very pertinent and well organized, and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable.

Alison Wills, Cropwell, Alabama (AL), US, Protective Life (Building Reports with Report Builder 2014)

88. Excellent Course and a great instructor. Learned what I expected to learn and then some.

Brandon Burm, Arizona State University (Introduction to SQL Training)

89. Great class! Great instructor!

TONI ODOM, MJHS (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

90. Great instructor. Very clear and concise. Instructor took his time and made sure we understood the topics.

Roberto Zayas, City Harvest inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

91. Very informative and the instructor's willingness to discuss real world issues was invaluable.

Mike Funck, Guelph, Ontario (ON), CA, PerkinElmer Canada (Introduction to Data Modeling)

92. Great class. I learned a ton. Thanks!!

Elizabeth Doolan, Quincy, Massachusetts (MA), US, Granite Telecommunications (Introduction to SQL Training)

93. The Class and instruction provided was handled with aplomb above reproach.

William Gower, Fort Worth, Texas (TX), US, Bank of America (Introduction to SQL Training)

94. Great!

Lucian Nechita, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, CCC (SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 for Report Writers)

95. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in learning SQL.

Derrick Crawford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Fox Chase Cancer Center (Introduction to SQL Training)

96. Absolutely worth its while....

Balaji Ramamoorthy, GENEVA, X (xCH), CH, UNHCR (Introduction to SQL Training)

97. This class will teach you enough of the basics to really prepare you to learn advanced queries.

Jacob Thomas, Redmond, Washington (WA), US, UniSea (Introduction to SQL Training)

98. The class was great. It met all of our expectations. Thank you for being flexible with us.

Michael Shaw, Richardson, Texas (TX), US, IEX Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

99. I liked that the class was extremely hands-on and helped to cement the ideas with the exercises following each area. It was great to get the knowledge I needed without having to take time off of work or be out of the office.

Megan Robertson, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN), US, Indiana Republican Party (Introduction to SQL Training)

100. The instructor was able to communicate the information using examples that I was able to relate to. She didn't talk over our heads.

Bill Levy, Watchung, New Jersey (NJ), US, CoWorx Staffing Services (Introduction to SQL Training)

101. The instructor took her time and answered all questions. It was well-paced and showed easy to follow examples of each exercise.

Timothy Montalto, Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ), US, Redflex Traffic Systems (Introduction to SQL Training)

102. Any employer would benefit from having a newbie at SQL take the Webucator Intro to SQL class.

Joanne Stein, Mesa, Arizona (AZ), US, City of Mesa (Introduction to SQL Training)

103. Not only did they provide me with everything I needed, they were so friendly and patient too. I would use Webucator again for any additional courses I needed to take, hands down.

Kelly Johnson, Savage, Minnesota (MN), US, UnitedHealthcare Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

104. The 'Introduction to SQL Using SQL Server' is an excellent class for people who are new to SQL server, as well as those who just need to brush up on their SQL skills. The lessons taught in the class are valuable 'real world' examples that I can use in my every day job.

John Morton, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, HealthGrades (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

105. An impressive class environment to introduce or clarify SQL Queries. Having an instructor-led program allows for a myriad of questions to be answered immediately, to clarify the documentation, and to provide examples real-time for us.

Dennis Tetreault, Boxborough, Massachusetts (MA), US, Cisco Systems (Introduction to SQL Training)

106. Very informative, would recommend big time!

John Allen, BEACHWOOD, Ohio (OH), US, NorthCoast Health Care Mgmt Svcs (Introduction to SQL Training)

107. Instructors and class content were both excellent for Intro to SQL.

Debbie Schwartz, Englewood, Colorado (CO), US, Dish Network (Introduction to SQL Training)

108. The instructor is very knowledgable and kept everything moving at a comfortable pace.

Lauren Cotton, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, Martin Marietta Materials (Introduction to SQL Training)

109. Instructor was excellent: very patient and very knowledgeable. The course material was ideal - it was a comprehensive introduction to a complex subject.

David Connor, Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB), CA, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Introduction to SQL Training)

110. Webucator is a great tool for introducing yourself to Technical Training. Instead of learning on the fly at a job, or on your own, the classes Webucator offers and the level of training is worth the time and money!

April Dickson, Redlands, California (CA), US, IEHP (Introduction to SQL Training)

111. Instructor was great! Information was very well explained and helpful.

Debra Maschino, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Nasco (Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 with SQL 2008R2, SQL 2012 Express and SQL 2012)

112. If you are a lightweight with SQL, this course is an excellent place to start gaining some weight.

Rob Moore, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Dick's Sporting Goods (Introduction to SQL Training)

113. Instructor did a great job of keeping things moving and engaging the class. I really learned a lot!

John Eshelman, Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI), US, Google (Introduction to SQL Training)

114. Quality. Great value. Pure and simple.

Shaun Burch, Birmingham, Alabama (AL), US, Altec Industries, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

115. Very informative and accessible. Setup was no problem, the course was fun and the teacher was helpful.

Kevin Harper, Emeryville, California (CA), US, Sheet Music Plus (Introduction to SQL Training)

116. Great introduction to SQL course.

Titanilla Bandeira, San Diego, California (CA), US, Cricket Communications (Introduction to SQL Training)

117. Boom!!!! Instructor was awesome.

Racheal Cooper, Madison, Indiana (IN), US, King's Daughters' Health (Introduction to SQL Training)

118. I would definitely use Webucator again.

David Cook, houston, Texas (TX), US, Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services (Introduction to SQL Training)

119. This was a very well paced class. The instructor had a wealth of knowledge and she did a great job!

Lisa Dunn, San Francisco, California (CA), US, OpenTV (Introduction to SQL Training)

120. Awesome.. recommended to all people.

Richard Rivera, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Comcast Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

121. This is a great course for refreshing on SQL as well as learning additional information about JOINS and UNIONS.

Deborah Doncals, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA), US, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

122. This class was a great way to gain the knowledge I needed for my current job.

Charla Huff, Princeton, Texas (TX), US, Ericsson (Introduction to SQL Training)

123. The Class was most informative. I look forward to talking another class from Webucator!

Wray Herring, San Francisco, California (CA), US, San Francisco Art Institue (Introduction to SQL Training)

124. Overall, the class was easy to follow, and very informative. The teacher was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jonda Faucher, Nashville, Tennessee (TN), US, Asurion (Introduction to SQL Training)

125. Webucator's approach is the right fit for people in the technology field who need to upgrade their skills. Having a live instructor with a set course agenda is an efficient way to get up to speed on the technology.

Jon Feldman, Bradenton, Florida (FL), US, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

126. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing an intro level SQL course to SQL; the hands-on exercises are perfect for the introductory level.

Joy Willich, Mayetta, Kansas (KS), US, Prairie Band Casino & Resort (Introduction to SQL Training)

127. Excellent Training. Easy to set up, and priced right!

Henry Evans, Lumberton, North Carolina (NC), US, BB&T (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

128. This class is a great introduction into the world of SQL. The material is extremely user-friendly. I would recommend this class to any organization.

Catala Jacobs, Whiteville, North Carolina (NC), US, BB&T (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

129. This is a great course for those interested in building a base for understanding the SQL language.

Andrew Woods, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Bankrate, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

130. Great Class. Gave me a better understanding of the logic in writing SQL and the tools to write SQL correctly. It was nice to be able to take the class from home in a quiet atmosphere.

Kristine Garofalo, Murrieta, California (CA), US, City of Anaheim (Introduction to SQL Training)

131. The instructor really knows what she's talking about. She has a good sense of humor, kept my attention, and made things clear.

Ryan Milton, Hawthorne, New Jersey (NJ), US, MVS USA, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

132. The class structure and instructor were great. Webucator was also very prompt in taking care of my course. I registered the day before the course and they over-nighted my kit to me and emailed me the course book. They really want to make sure students are prepared for the class and are always on hand to support students.

Jose Luis Valdes Jr, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, University Medical Service Association (USMA) (Introduction to SQL Training)

133. It is a very good course for beginners. The instructions are clear and detailed, with opportunities to practice along the way.

Elyssa Tran, Lake Oswego, Oregon (OR), US, Apprise Health Insights (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

134. Learned a lot of material. Instructor was extremely helpful.

David Sprague, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Introduction to SQL Training)

135. Excellent instructor.

Gwendolyn Wayne, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Introduction to SQL Training)

136. This was a great course for someone who wants to learn the basics of SQL. It was engaging and easy to follow, which allowed me to learn a lot. And the instructor was great!

Corin Droll, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Allstate Insurance Company (Introduction to SQL Training)

137. The class was very helpful to me. I knew basic SQL and this class helped me understand everything better.

Mandi Aiton, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, Fintech (Introduction to SQL Training)

138. A wonderful way to learn and practice new skills.

Julie Cudmore, Maidstone, Ontario (ON), CA, eXpress Postal Options Int'l (MOC 2778 - Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL)

139. This class went above and beyond my expectations! The instructor was not only knowledgeable but made the class fun. I am now ready to tackle my data with confidence.

Kate Falconer, Indian Hills, Colorado (CO), US, Hecla Mining Company (Introduction to SQL Training)

140. Was a little intimidated at the idea of learning a new computer language from scratch. However, within 15 minutes of beginning the course, I was definitely put at ease... now I'm a bilingual programmer!

Rickey Green, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, Lincoln Property Company (Introduction to SQL Training)

141. The pace of the Intro to SQL class was great and the course covered many very useful topics that I will be able to immediately put into practice at my job.

Janine OSullivan, Alpharetta, Georgia (GA), US, AGCO (Introduction to SQL Training)

142. I can hardly believe how much I learned in two days. My instructor was knowledgeable, patient, attentive and seemed to really care that we were all "keeping up" with the program. I plan to do another Webucator course as I continue in my education. I highly recommend this program!

Sarah Bazzano, Sausalito, California (CA), US, Sonar6 (Introduction to SQL Training)

143. As a new learner to SQL, this class was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patient with first time learners. I am ready for the next level course.

Pamela Brown, Waldorf, Maryland (MD), US, n/a (Introduction to SQL Training)

144. This was my first class with Webucator and it was a GREAT experience. The instructor was Great and concerned that all students were learning SQL.

Leslie Redding, Moberly, Missouri (MO), US, GE Capital (Introduction to SQL Training)

145. I felt a little intimidated going into the course but in short order was very comfortable with learning the applications of the program.

Maxine Winder, Athabasca, Alberta (AB), CA, Alberta Health Services (Introduction to SQL Training)

146. The introduction class really gives the opportunity to start from no knowledge of SQL and leave with the confidence to work on your own database as well as move to the intermediate level. I learned far more than I expected.

Mary Spooner, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Northwestern University (Introduction to SQL Training)

147. Webucator's Introduction to SQL Training class provided a great start to learning SQL in an easy-to-learn manner.

Robert Ronas, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Colorado Springs Utilities (Introduction to SQL Training)

148. The content was comprehensive and even though I have basic SQL knowledge, I was able to learn new techniques to make my SQL statements more efficient.

Nestor Aquino, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Colorado Springs Utilities (Introduction to SQL Training)

149. The SQL course was well-laid out and easy to understand. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Michael Arzadon, Tustin, California (CA), US, SchoolsFirst Credit Union (Introduction to SQL Training)

150. A wonderful, basic, introduction to SQL queries. I look forward to attending the advanced class. The instructor is wonderful and genuinely cares about her students understanding.

Susan Davidson, Flower Mound, Texas (TX), US, Texas Health Resources (Introduction to SQL Training)

151. Taking this training online was as good as physically attending a classroom. I fully recommend it!

Jose de Jesus Carranza Martinez, Mexico City, Maine (ME), US, Celanese (MOC 40008 - Updating your Database Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2012)

152. The trainer assigned to our class was truly an expert.

Tito Diaz, Danbury, Connecticut (CT), US, Crown World Mobility (SQL Server Reporting Services 2008R2 for Report Writers)

153. I am happy I took this course. The materials were easy to use and the instructor made it easier for me to understand. This is a good way to take SQL classes or any other database classes. Thank you.

Antoinette Arriola, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, California Family Health Council (Introduction to Data Modeling)

154. Webucator provides a great learning experience at the convenience of your computer. This course was very incisive and the class structure was intuitive.

Michael Quijano, Jersey City, New Jersey (NJ), US, Tradeweb (Introduction to SQL Training)

155. Great classes.

Crisalida Pedro, Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB), CA, Wawanesa (Introduction to SQL Training)

156. The instructor was very good at answering questions and making sure all class members understood the current topic before moving to the next one.

Michael Webb, Boise, Idaho (ID), US, ExecuTrain of Idaho (Introduction to SQL Training)

157. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the SQL Introductory course. Although the class was online she was still approachable and encouraged questions and class participation.

Jessica Scott, New York, New York (NY), US, Tradeweb (Introduction to SQL Training)

158. Thank you. This class extended my knowledge of the SQL Database language.

Christine Vivar, Attleboro, Massachusetts (MA), US, Tharperobbins (Introduction to Data Modeling)

159. This is a great class for beginners! It's easy to follow along with the instructor, the book is well prepared and inclusive and the class sizes are small so that everyone gets attention from the teacher when they need it.

Kim Tosi, Quincy, Massachusetts (MA), US, Granite Telecommunications (Introduction to SQL Training)

160. The instructor has a great approach for keeping the class members involved. There are many topics covered in a short period of time. His use of humor helps keep the 5 days from being overwhelming!

Zara Beckstein, Grand Junction, Colorado (CO), US, EWS Group/Gary Jonas OS (MOC 6231 - Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Database)

161. I really enjoyed this course. It was a great refresher!

Danielle Bender, Huntsville, Alabama (AL), US, PeopleTec (Introduction to SQL Training)

162. The instructor was great at explaining not only how to do something but also what not to do.

Maria Stiller, Bronx, New York (NY), US, AIG Chartis (Introduction to SQL Training)

163. The class helped me to grow as an employee.

Mitch Grant, Boston, Massachusetts (MA), US, Grand Circle Corporation (Introduction to SQL Training)

164. Great introduction course! Highly recommended to anyone learning SQL.

Rahul Verma, Powell, Ohio (OH), US, SAMI Corp (Introduction to SQL Training)

165. Great introductory course that can be taken anywhere in the world!

Ryan Ziskind, Westwood, Massachusetts (MA), US, Steward Health Care (Introduction to SQL Training)

166. Provides practical knowledge that can be immediately applied in your workplace and is a great way to get started using SQL.

Andrew Heiman, Nashville, Tennessee (TN), US, Bank of America (Introduction to SQL Training)

167. This was my first course with Webucator, and it was phenomenal! Both the instructor and the support staff were great. They take care of you all the way through - from getting your machine set up to take the course, all the way through to the final lab session.

Phil Blunk, Bentonville, Arkansas (AR), US, Ivie (Introduction to SQL Training)

168. Webucator provided excellent training for our firm at a crucial point in our growth. I would recommend Webucator to anyone staring at a technological curve ahead in the path of your business.

Steven Long, Madison, Georgia (GA), US, Madison Consulting Group (Introduction to SQL Training)

169. Webucator provides you with a toolbox full of the necessary items needed to perform the job. All you have to do is be willing to work.

Stephen Hill, Madison, Georgia (GA), US, Madison Consulting Group (Introduction to SQL Training)

170. A great class for the SQL beginner! It has given me confidence to begin writing my own queries.

Suzanne Wood, MOUNT LAUREL, New Jersey (NJ), US, U.S. Department of Education (Introduction to SQL Training)

171. Great class! Covers alot of essential functions of SQL Express. Instructor is thorough and was available to answer any questions I had!

Mouni Rezgui, Houston, Texas (TX), US, Universal American (Introduction to SQL Training)

172. A must take class if you have never used SQL or need a refresher!

Farah Mack, Bryan, Texas (TX), US, Bryan Texas Utilities (Introduction to SQL Training)

173. This was an excellent class. I have taken Excel in a classroom and this by far was an easier process. I was truly amazed by the online participation and care from the instructor.

Antenette Jermanon, Modesto, California (CA), US, E.&J. Gallo Winery (Introduction to SQL Training)

174. I have done a lot of SQL queries but still got a lot of valuable information and insight from the "Introduction to SQL" class. Great job!!!! Thank you.

Alexander Tsui, Houston, Texas (TX), US, Universal American (Introduction to SQL Training)

175. I received one on one help with the labs and any questions I had whenever I needed it.

Sandie Navarro, Richland Hills, Texas (TX), US, atos (MOC 6234 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services)

176. Definitely feel more prepared to manage my SQL needs now!

Michelle Greene, Tumwater, Washington (WA), US, WA State Dept. of Corrections (Introduction to SQL Training)

177. I was completely starting from scratch when learning SQL. Great, patient instructor.

Alex Mathew, Wylie, Texas (TX), US, GuideStone Financial Resources (Introduction to SQL Training)

178. Great class! Great materials! Great instructor!

Mindy Bom, Rapid City, South Dakota (SD), US, Emdeon (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Ilya Ryaboy, Quincy, Massachusetts (MA), US, Granite Telecommunications (Introduction to SQL Training)

180. This was a great introductory SQL course.

Geoffrey Howard, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, (Introduction to SQL Training Using SQL Server)

181. If you've ever taken an on-line course before that wasn't Webucator you are in for a pleasant surprise. The individual attention and pacing is more like an on-site course than a web offering.

Charles Garey, Quincy, Massachusetts (MA), US, Granite Telecommunications (Introduction to SQL Training)

182. Webucator is easy and accessible. The instructors are very knowledgeable and hands-on; it was just like being in a real classroom.

Amy McCormick, Littleton, Colorado (CO), US, tw telecom (Introduction to SQL Training)

183. The instructor provided me with a wealth of information regarding SQL, which I can utilize at work.

Cynthia Ambrosecchia, Winter Park, Florida (FL), US, Rollins College (Introduction to SQL Training)

184. Really enjoyable class. I would take a class in this format again.

Glen Stannard, London, X (xGB), GB, DRW (Introduction to SQL Training)

185. This SQL class brought me right up to speed in only 2 days!!

Douglas Deppert, Edwardsville, Illinois (IL), US, The Boeing Company (Introduction to SQL Training)

186. This was my first online course at Webucator, and I would definitely take another as it was very informative. The instructor was very helpful, and the content delivery was superb.

Peter Taylor, ARLINGTON, Texas (TX), US, USNRC (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Michael McLitus, Tigard, Oregon (OR), US, Providence Health & Services (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Joshua Tominski, Wyoming, Michigan (MI), US, Priority Health (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Jeffrey Blackman, Smyrna, Tennessee (TN), US, Franke Foodservice Systems (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Joe Rogers, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Alere Health LLC (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Cathy Sharpnack, Olathe, Kansas (KS), US, DST Systems, Inc. (Introduction to SQL Training)

192. Excellent class! Webucator lets you take the class as many times as you want if you need clarification. Highly recommended.

Daniel Sebagh, New York, New York (NY), US, Standard & Poors (Introduction to SQL Training)

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Jennifer Yelle, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, n/a (Introduction to SQL Training)

194. This was by far the best online training I have received.

Michelle Scott, Flower Mound, Texas (TX), US, IVIE & ASSOCIATES (Introduction to SQL Training)

195. Exceeded Expectations! Amazing Instructor! Actually Learned Something!!!

Wendy James, Lakewood, Colorado (CO), US, US Department of Veterans Affairs (Introduction to SQL Training)

196. Super class for beginners or a quick review to refresh your skills.

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Brad Johnson, Berkeley, California (CA), US, Democratic Direct (Introduction to SQL Training)

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