Live Online Training

Our live online training is regularly scheduled, taught by expert instructors, is hands-on, and is delivered to your home or office using WebEx™.
Webucator: Live Online Training Solutions
Instructor-Led Online Advantage
Avoid costly travel by taking our classes at home or in the office in a virtual classroom.
Explore our extensive array of courses, available all year.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Classes are 100% guaranteed to run. We never cancel for low enrollment.

How our live online classes work

Register For a Class
Once you register for a class you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you will need to get ready for class and instructions for logging in to the Webucator student portal.
Setup is Easy
Before class begins you will be able to download your class files and install and configure any necessary software. If you run into any trouble, don't worry. We can help!
Join Your Class
On the day of class you will log into your Webucator student portal, find your classroom, and click on the join class link to launch WebEx™ and join your class.
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Classes Exclusively for Remote Students

What does live online mean?
The class is designed and structured exclusively for online delivery. Everyone in your class is connected via a live web conference, including your instructor.
What kind of courses are offered live online?
Webucator offers a wide variety of training through this format, including Microsoft, Java, Adobe, Python, Web Development, business skills and more. Browse our Course Catalog
What can I expect the day of class?
The instructor will be working closely with you at all times. Follow along as the trainer shares their desktop and explains concepts. Then, complete an exercise on your own computer. Then, review the exercise with the trainer.
What can I expect from the instructor?
With a small class size, trainers are able to ensure that everyone fully understands the exercises. Trainers have time to walk you through exercises, discuss solutions, and answer your questions. If you have a question or need help, you can easily share your computer screen with the Instructor.
How will I participate and receive assistance?
Using a microphone/headset, you can listen to and speak with your trainer at all times, so getting involved is really easy. Simply ask a question using your microphone. If you prefer to submit questions or comments to your trainer via chat, you can do that too. With your permission, your instructor will be able to see your screen to guide you through the lesson.
Do you provide technical support for students?
Yes, we do. If you run into any issues, our expert support team is available and ready to help.

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