PHP Testimonials

These 35 testimonials prove that our clients love our PHP classes.

You will too!

1. The Webucator course provided a great foundation in PHP which will help as we move forward with this technology.

Randy Latz, WeddingWire, Inc. (PHP and MySQL Training)

2. This class rules!

Leo Generali, WeddingWire, Inc. (PHP and MySQL Training)

3. Webucator provides high quality technical instruction for developers that is paced to the developers needs, in a highly professional and organized fashion. Very impressive.

Nick Mogielnicki, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, OSUHP (Introduction to PHP Training)

4. Webucator lived up to the "no classes cancelled" motto. I was the only student in my class. The instructor was excellent, cheerful and attentive to my questions and covered the material completely in a way that I could learn it.

Philip Mahan, Malvern, Pennsylvania (PA), US, The Institutes (Introduction to PHP Training)

5. The class was fun, well paced, and you can learn from anywhere. The teacher was helpful and cared about your learning.

Sarah Vogel, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, Clintrax Global Inc. (Introduction to PHP Training)

6. Great content, even greater instructor!

Don Collins, Department of Defense (PHP and MySQL Training)

7. Best experience!

Delva Martinez, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, U.S. Department of the Interior - OSMRE (Introduction to PHP Training)

8. The material covered was very useful. The exercises and the accompanying printed material were clear and concise. The best part, though, was our instructor. He was knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs and various skill levels, charismatic, and explained things well. He even took the time to examine some code we had written previously, and provide some programming suggestions on a project our department is currently working on. Excellent.

Emily Sharp, Bronxville, New York (NY), US, Sarah Lawrence College (Introduction to PHP Training)

9. The pace and topics of this class were wonderfully customized.

Gabriella Frisoli, Madison, New Jersey (NJ), US, Drew University (Introduction to PHP Training)

10. Great Course, great instructor. I would recommend this for anyone trying to learn PHP.

Wendy Mackay, Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN), US, Astor & Sanders Corporation (Introduction to PHP Training)

11. The class had an enthusiastic instructor who provided a good overview of the language.

Mike Gentile, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, BAI (Introduction to PHP Training)

12. Instruction was incredibly hands-on and adapted to meet my specific needs. The one-on-one attention I got from my instructor helped so much.

Leah Thompson, Grover Beach, California (CA), US, Go Smart Solutions (Introduction to PHP Training)

13. I was hoping to learn about how PHP and MySQL work together and that's exactly what I got.

Jon Sexe, St Paul, Minnesota (MN), US, MN Management & Budget (Introduction to PHP Training)

14. The subject I learned can be found on video at other places on the web. But to have an instructor led course is priceless. The live touch makes all the difference.

Jeremy Lawson, Deerfield Beach, Florida (FL), US, 4 Media (Introduction to PHP Training)

15. Instructor's approach to teaching is second to none.

Roy Henderson, Riverside, California (CA), US, Riverside County (Introduction to PHP Training)

16. Very impressed with the registration process, course set up and course delivery. Instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Laura Williams, Fairmont, West Virginia (WV), US, Pierpont C&TC (Introduction to PHP Training)

17. The Webucator Introductory PHP course was well thought out and delivered flawlessly - a highly recommended training course!

Robert Tarantino, Saddle Brook, New Jersey (NJ), US, PMBC, LLC (Introduction to PHP Training)

18. I needed a leg up on PHP to support a new web site, and this class was an excellent overview. Recommended!

Robert Lynch, Houston, Texas (TX), US, Al’s Formal Wear (Introduction to PHP Training)

19. The pacing, the quality of the exercises and the overall subject matter was perfect for learning!

Robert Hinshaw, Spokane, Washington (WA), US, Merchante-solutions (Introduction to PHP Training)

20. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and shared more than what the book did, although he did methodically go through the book. He focused on industry standard practices as well.

Greg Hays, Romeoville, Illinois (IL), US, Christian Brothers Services (PHP and MySQL Training)

21. Excellent up to date course material and friendly, expert instructors.

Shane Walker, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Peterson AFB (Introduction to PHP Training)

22. This course has been very informative and the instructor makes it absolutely enjoyable.

Christopher Smith, Pembroke, North Carolina (NC), US, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (Introduction to PHP Training)

23. Webucator pioneers in providing training services in website language development!

Dion Honore, Couva, California (CA), US, Point Lisas Industrial Port Dev. Corp. (Introduction to PHP Training)

24. Excellent class. Instructor was great.

Steve Baker, Argyle, Texas (TX), US, IP Convergence (Introduction to PHP Training)

25. The Introduction to PHP class gave me a good foundation for exploring PHP further. The instructor is terrific!

Karen Schwartz, Williamsburg, Virginia (VA), US, College of William and Mary (Introduction to PHP Training)

26. The instructor was knowledgeable and high-energy. I will take her classes again in the future!

Heidi Menchaca, Boulder, Colorado (CO), US, Newmeasures, Inc. (Introduction to PHP Training)

27. Webucator online classes are just as good as an in-person training.

Tina Arnoldi, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (SC), US, 360 Internet Strategy (Introduction to PHP Training)

28. Excellent Instructors with cutting-edge technology. Highly recommend.

William Richmond Jr, Norfolk, Virginia (VA), US, Bank of America (Introduction to PHP Training)

29. Awesome instructor! I'm so glad to have found Webucator and all the wonderful resources (instructors and reference links) they provide.

Daina Mirsch-Wenner, Anchorage, Alaska (AK), US, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (Introduction to PHP Training)

30. Our instructor was a great teacher, very personable and knowledgeable. The course material was also top notch, filled with explanation, examples, and well designed exercises that really helped me 'learn through doing'. Great job!

Walter Humfeld, Long Beach, California (CA), US, The Boeing Company (Introduction to PHP Training)

31. It was challenging, but not overwhelming. I feel like I know enough that I can start using PHP right away. I feel like I have a good foundation on which to build.

Lea Alexander, Schaumburg, Illinois (IL), US, UIC College of Dentistry (Introduction to PHP Training)

32. Good class. Great way to get an instructor to your location when on a tight budget. Webucator was aware of our needs and made sure that all of them were met. Thanks.

Rocco Rosa, Guelph, Ontario (ON), CA, Public Health Agency of Canada (Introduction to PHP Training)

33. I was looking to get a strong foundation of the syntax and the course provided me with that along with resources for the future.

John Sadler, Haliburton, Ontario (ON), CA, Patient News Publishing (Introduction to PHP Training)

34. I really liked the instructor. She was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions in a way I understood. I really like the class folder with all the files we worked on that I can now use at work. I had never done an online training class and I really enjoyed it, and I was able to do it from home and was very relaxed.

Daniel Laird, Oswego, New York (NY), US, SUNY Oswego OBCR (Introduction to PHP Training)

35. I was expecting good interaction and real world examples, but I got far more than that. You could tell that the instructor loved what he was doing and as a result it showed in his teaching.

Bracey Fuenzalida, New York, New York (NY), US, TSIG (Introduction to PHP Training)