Captivate Testimonials

These 24 testimonials prove that our clients love our Captivate classes.

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1. Came into this course knowing nothing about software like Captivate, and was taught a ton about it. Was also worried about being able to properly learn and be confident in this program, but Tracy was incredible and walked me through everything.

Joshua Bundy, Crete, Nebraska (NE), US, USDA Forest Service (Introduction to Adobe Captivate Classic)

2. Adobe Captivate is a great product and the Webucator training provided by Tracy was exemplary, easy-to-follow, and packed with very useful tidbits of knowledge. A joyful experience overall. Many thanks!

Diana Nezic, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Introduction to Adobe Captivate Classic)

3. The Comprehensive Adobe Captivate 2019 Training is very thorough. The trainer was very knowledgeable and welcomed questions. She went beyond the textbooks to provide additional information and shortcuts.

Yvette Hyde, Air Force Career Development Academy (Comprehensive Adobe Captivate Classic (2019) Training)

4. The Captivate training I received was very on point and highly informational. Even though the course was four days, it was not rushed and there was plenty of time to practice and the instructor was always available during the class hours. Highly encourage attending this course.

Yvette Klubertanz, 2nf AF AFCDA (Comprehensive Adobe Captivate Classic (2019) Training)

5. Great class. Very responsive instructor. Had great examples and was willing to answer any questions that we presented.

Leonard Finnie, AFCDA (Comprehensive Adobe Captivate Classic (2019) Training)

6. My Webucator Captivate class was awesome. I received the training materials well in advance, and my instructor covered the content very well.

Sylvia Garcia, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Social Security Administration (Introduction to Adobe Captivate Classic)

7. A knowledgeable, friendly, delightful instructor! Webucator made this content easy to learn!!

Niki Reynolds, Parkview Health (Advanced Adobe Captivate Classic (2019))

8. Utilizing Captivate for adult learning and virtual environments is where it is at!! This frictionless instructor-led course allows you to go out and get started!!

Niki Reynolds, Fort Wayne, Indiana (IN), US, Parkview Health (Introduction to Adobe Captivate Classic)

9. The instructor was kind and patient while teaching and explaining. Excellent, kind instructor!

Jolene Willoughby, High River, Alberta (AB), CA, AHS (Introduction to Adobe Captivate 2017)

10. I really enjoyed my course on Captivate 9! I can't wait to get back to work so I can utilize the skills that I've learned over the last two days. The introductory course was perfect for what I needed.

Cara Chimento, McCordsville, Indiana (IN), US, Superion (Introduction to Captivate 9)

11. The Adobe Captivate online course was amazing. It was very detailed and thorough. I will definitely be able to use everything here in the workplace. I'm no longer a novice!"

Jill Conway, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Colorado Youth Matter (Introduction to Adobe Captivate 2017)

12. Introduction to Captivate 9 was great! Our instructor was great!

Denielle Bennett, Mayo Clinic (Introduction to Captivate 9)

13. The Instructor was knowledgeable and kept us on task while being engaging and personable.

Lisa Simmonds, Newmarket, Ontario (ON), CA, Central CCAC (Introduction to Captivate 9)

14. I highly recommend the Captivate 9 course for beginners.

Stephanie Patzius, Bridgeton, Missouri (MO), US, Dent Wizard International (Introduction to Captivate 9)

15. Fantastic course, instructor, materials!

Elizabeth Olivier, Calgary, Alberta (AB), CA, Alberta Energy Regulator (Introduction to Captivate 9)

16. Great pace and excellent instructor!

Suzanne Leopold, Ashburn, Virginia (VA), US, Fusion Technologies, LLC (Introduction to Captivate 9)

17. My Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful and went above and beyond to help find solutions to a technical issue I had. Overall an excellent experience and I will be a returning client!

Terri Manning, Sykes Assistance Services (Advanced Captivate 9)

18. Best instruction for all levels!

Kirsty Dickson, Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), CA, St Marks College (Introduction to Captivate 9)

19. The format of the training and the trainer were great. I was able to ask questions and I learned from other students as our trainer answered their questions.

Jackie Wilks, Staples (Advanced Captivate 8)

20. One of the most effective trainings I've attended. I was sceptical at first because of the online format. I was amazed at the results. I will attend more Webucator classes in the future! Thanks.

Sebastien Dubois, Dorval, Quebec (QC), CA, Bell Mobility (Introduction to Captivate 8)

21. Webucator is great! Our company has had several classes through Webucator - onsite and virtual classroom - and we have always had an excellent training experience. Thanks Webucator!

Carol Ellwein, Bismarck, North Dakota (ND), US, Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Comprehensive Captivate 8 Training)

22. Webucator offers an excellent opportunity to get wonderful training on the software or skills that you need!

Amy Stewart, Evanston, Illinois (IL), US, National Able Network (Introduction to Captivate 8)

23. Of all software courses I have taken, this has by far been the best!

Stacy Ahrens, Lakewood, Ohio (OH), US, Cleveland Clinic (Introduction to Captivate 8)

24. "Webucator" is the greatest educator on the web.

Michael Witters, NY, New York (NY), US, NYC Administration for Children's Services (Introduction to Captivate 8)