Business Management Testimonials

These 30 testimonials prove that our clients love our Business Management classes.

You will too!

1. I truly enjoyed this course. The instructor did an excellent job presenting the material clearly and was very good at answering questions if I needed more information.

Angela Hawkins, Austin, Texas (TX), US, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) (Business Problem Solving and Strategic Decision Making)

2. The class was awesome.

Gloria Burneo, Amadeus North America (Facilitating Meetings Effectively - MET101)

3. This training provided very useful tips to improve our meetings.

Guillermo Roche, Amadeus North America (Facilitating Meetings Effectively - MET101)

4. Although this training was not in person, the instructor was able to keep all the online participants engaged in a topic that's not always easy to share with strangers.

Eduardo Villavicencio, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, EdVisionIT LLC (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

5. Great training. I would definitely take another class from Webucator.

Linda Castillo, Union City, California (CA), US, Ariat Intl (Change Management Training)

6. Thank you Webucator for providing easy to use and informative courses!

Jeremy Montgomery, Odessa, Texas (TX), US, Accelerated Artificial Lift (Business Ethics Training)

7. The Goal Setting and Time Management course is packed with tidbits that made me reflect and realize what I need to change. The instructor's experience was very evident. Good application of modern technology and apps.

James Bonson, San Antonio, Texas (TX), US, The University of Texas at Austin (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

8. I have taken two courses so far, and already know that I will take all additional management courses, as all of the material is really excellent. Love the instructor.

Luise McCaffrey, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, Kappa Alpha Theta (Working with Difficult People)

9. The instructor is excellent, thorough and pleasant. You will learn a lot more than expected.

Anna Tai, Fort Worth, Texas (TX), US, American Airlines (Working with Difficult People)

10. The course was a great introduction to business ethics for aspiring managers.

Rosemary Logan, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, n/a (Business Ethics Training)

11. Great instructor and class material will help me manage my time much more effectively!

Suzanne Cracha-Carvalho, Bensalem, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Catalyst360° (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

12. Great class and instructor. Would take more classes with her!!!!

Brenda Redd, Zuni, Virginia (VA), US, A. L. Duck Jr., Inc. (Business Ethics Training)

13. We found the course material to be expertly put together and the instructor was very nimble on his feet to insure that the course outline, the practical examples and the discussion between management was relevant to our needs. I would recommend the course to anyone dealing with any type of change.

Richard Chaplin, Houston, Texas (TX), US, FMC Technologies, Inc (Change Management Training)

14. I thought it was excellent - very concise and not overwhelming.

Dale Balcita, San Diego, California (CA), US, Daylight Solutions (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

15. I thought the presentation was great- I loved the fact that I was the only person in the class.

Laurie Byrd, El Cajon, California (CA), US, Shea Family @ Home (Working with Difficult People)

16. Great class on a necessary but little understood subject. I received input from a knowledgeable, personable instructor that tailored the course to my situational needs.

Dennis Cash, Bartelsville, Oklahoma (OK), US, Tri County Technology Center (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

17. Instructor was awesome. Communication strategies she taught will come in handy for any implementation and for all types of personalities. Change management transition strategies were well put. Lots of examples were used to reinforce the concepts.

Mahalakshmi Dhevarajan, Santa Clara, California (CA), US, n/a (Change Management Training)

18. Excellent training for an organization. Staff left the training with positive comments and stating "I'm glad I have the tools needed to communicate better".

Chel Nelson, Fresno, California (CA), US, Sinclair Systems International, LLC (Working with Difficult People)

19. I really enjoyed the online approach to training. The one 2 one approach is excellent!

David Cullum, Hamilton, Ontario (ON), CA, self (Change Management Training)

20. I was surprised by how simple it was to join the class and interact even though we were in different locations. I learned as well or better than I would have in person.

Joy Brown, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, The Ohio State University (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

21. Instuctor made you feel at ease while teaching you very important information.

Debbie Brewer, Hazard, Kentucky (KY), US, LKLP CAC, Inc. (Managing Business Risk)

22. Great training!

Louise Garcia, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Working with Difficult People)

23. The Best web class I have ever taken.

Darren Sampson, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Business Ethics Training)

24. The Goal Setting and Time Management course was everything I expected, with a few nuggets that I can implement immediately on my job and in my personal life. The instructor was terrific.

Frank Rich, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), US, Alliance Beverage (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

25. The instructor was very professional and knew the material she presented.

Bret Miller, Ft Worth, Texas (TX), US, Triumph Fabrications - Fort Worth, Inc. (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

26. I enjoyed the class and found it very informative. The instructor illustrated the subject matter very well.

Julie Brown, Seattle, Washington (WA), US, King County (Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training)

27. Very good! I will recommend it.

Edwin Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Business Problem Solving and Strategic Decision Making)

28. These web courses are a nice and effective approach to business training.

Robert Stevens, Terre Haute, Indiana (IN), US, Sony Corporation of America (Working with Difficult People)

29. As a small business we pride ourself on customer service. I received top rate customer service from the instructor that I had. I will definitely take more classes offered.

Karen McNeill, Lady Lake, Florida (FL), US, All Coast Therapy (Working with Difficult People)

30. I enjoyed taking the class and look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Albert Hodges, Irving, Texas (TX), US, TIB-The Independent BankersBank (Business Ethics Training)