Microsoft Word Testimonials

These 33 testimonials prove that our clients love our Microsoft Word classes.

You will too!

1. I was a bit nervous at first, but the instructor was able to give me a boost of confidence. He made me feel like: I got this!

Kimberly Love, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Ada S. McKinley Community Services (Introduction to Microsoft Word - old)

2. The Instructor did an excellent job of explaining and listening to me. He did not use a lot of technical terms nor did he explain things too fast. If you want to learn more about Word, take this class.

Christine Campos, CHINA LAKE, California (CA), US, NAVFAC SW (Intermediate Microsoft Word Training - old)

3. This was a thoroughly enriching experience - I have no regrets in taking this course!

Crystal Kitt, Alexandria, Virginia (VA), US, Tidal Basin Government Consulting, LLC (Advanced Microsoft Word Training - old)

4. By far the most rewarding online class I've ever taken! From registration, to pre-class preparation/reminders, to logging in to the WebEx platform, to navigating through the documents , Webucator made it efficient, easy, and especially enjoyable to learn online in real time with an exceptional facilitator! Kudos and keep up the good work!

Crystal Kitt, Alexandria, Virginia (VA), US, Tidal Basin Government Consulting, LLC (Introduction to Microsoft Word - old)

5. Excellent course. More importantly, excellent instructor. I would recommend this to anyone who is into VBA.

Angelita Guevara, Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), CA, MacKenzie Fujisawa LLP (Word: VBA Programming Training)

6. I would highly recommend Webucator. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to follow. Truly a top notch on-line educator.

Allyson Lipman, Columbia, Maryland (MD), US, ManTech (Intermediate Microsoft Word Training - old)

7. Great online training! Great instructors! Fantastic experience!!

Micheal Ferrando, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN), US, Central Restaurant Products (Introduction to Microsoft Word - old)

8. Great class for beginner or just a refresher course. I would recommend it to anyone.

Tonya Williams, Placer Process Systems, Inc. (Introduction to Microsoft Word - old)

9. The instructor was excellent! He made the class very fun and enjoyable!

Wendy Uhlman, NYS Department of Financial Services (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013 Training)

10. This class is very useful.

Tracey Smith, NYS Department of Financial Services (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013 Training)

11. The instructor was fantastic and I had a great time while learning.

Lori Low, NYS Department of Financial Services (Advanced Microsoft Word 2013 Training)

12. Best Class Ever!

Candi Spicer, Edison Foard (Intermediate Microsoft Word Training - old)

13. Webucator was a great training program! I truly received one-on-one instruction and attention from the instructor! Would definitely take another course here again. Thank you!

Michelle Brauner, Shiloh, Illinois (IL), US, The MITRE Corporation (Intermediate Microsoft Word Training - old)

14. Excellent teacher!

Gene Mitchell, Shreveport, Louisiana (LA), US, U.S. Courts (Word: VBA Programming Training)

15. This is a Great Course. The instructor really helped me learn new ways to use MS Word.

Neal Murty, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (NC), US, UNC Hospital Chapel Hill NC (Intermediate Microsoft Word Training - old)

16. The instructor was excellent and very well versed in MS Word training. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a better understanding of MS Word.

Michael Dietz, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Policy Studies Inc (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

17. The instructor was very patient and didn't mind going over what she had just taught. She made sure that you understood the exercise before going on to the next.

Michael Dietz, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Policy Studies Inc (Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

18. I very much enjoyed my Introductory Word 2010 training. I didn't expect I would get to be the only student in my class.

Marthanne Glenn, Silver Spring, Maryland (MD), US, n/a (Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

19. Webucator has excellent online training with an excellent staff and great customer service.

Morris Manzanares, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Tepa, LLC (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

20. I was unsure about taking online instructor-led training, but the instructor made the experience very rewarding.

Shelia Hernandez, Rapid City, South Dakota (SD), US, U.S. Courts (Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

21. I was a little hesitant at first because it is an online class. However, the instructor did a very good job of explaining all the information in a comfortable and fluid manner that made sense to me.

Reed Redline, Edmonds, Washington (WA), US, n/a (Introduction to Microsoft Word - old)

22. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Jeffrey Davis, Franklin, Wisconsin (WI), US, USDOL/OLMS/Computer Cadre (Word: VBA Programming Training)

23. The format and style of Webucator's online training is very fluid and easy to follow, and I learned a lot of new content.

Katherine Sas, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (PA), US, The Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

24. This was a great course, and the instructor was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend it, and I will definitely look to take more courses in the future.

Vincent Aye, Etobicoke, Ontario (ON), CA, Synerion (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

25. Instructor was wonderful. I can't wait till the next class.

Paul Kirsch, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

26. The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly, making the course an enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to taking the Advanced Word course.

Rachel Nelson, BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (AL), US, FORENSIC STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

27. The instruction for this course was clear and useful to new users of Word 2010.

Melanie Neva, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

28. Excellent!!!

Paul Kirsch, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Advanced Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

29. This class was absolutely amazing.

Wanda Chandler, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

30. I learned a lot and the instructor was very informative.

Alethea Reny, Houston, Texas (TX), US, GenOn Energy (Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010 Training)

31. Awesome class! I learned a TON and got some great tips and resources for VBA!

Jean Hermes, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), US, U S Probation and Pretrial Services (Word: VBA Programming Training)

32. I loved working from home and experiencing the professionalism of an instructor-led class.

Kellee Lostaunau, Whittier, California (CA), US, International Accreditation Service, Inc. (Word: VBA Programming Training)

33. The class really got me set up to use VBA with Word 2007. The instructor knows her stuff and is very patient and thorough, as well as very nice!

Suzanne McKinney, Chantilly, Virginia (VA), US, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (Word: VBA Programming Training)