Microsoft PowerPoint Testimonials

These 47 testimonials prove that our clients love our Microsoft PowerPoint classes.

You will too!

1. The instructor is always positive and ready to teach.

Gilberto Solano, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training)

2. When I am looking to take Microsoft Office classes, my first choice is Webucator. I have used them a few times and I find the classes to be engaging, personal, and knowledgeable.

Patrick Kocon, Fairview Park, Ohio (OH), US, BCD Travel (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

3. Great training session! Very thorough and insightful.

Allison Griffith, Surescripts (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

4. Informative & educational. Easy to learn.

Angelo Dombrowski, ABB/Thomas & Betts (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

5. The Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training exceeded my expectations. The instructor moved the class along at a good pace, yet paused when there were questions. Will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

Marta Feilen, New York, New York (NY), US, New Avon (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

6. I will recommend this course to my counterparts.

James Rodgers, Cheshire, Connecticut (CT), US, Thomas & Betts, a member of the ABB Group (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

7. Great class. I recommend this course to those that want to take their skills to the next level.

Elaine Higgins, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (WI), US, AmTrust North America (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

8. The instructor was highly knowledgeable. She made the class both entertaining and educational.

John Murphy, East Hartford, Connecticut (CT), US, United Technologies Research Center (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

9. Great experience with Webucator. This was my first online class and I will be signing up for more.

Erin Herndon, Poulsbo, Washington (WA), US, EHL Insurance (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

10. Training was interactive and customized to fit your needs.

Leslie Lee, Genentech, Inc. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac - Level 2)

11. Great class! I feel better prepared to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation.

Mariela Zayas0-Santiago, U.S. Treasury Department (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

12. Had a wonderful online course experience with Webucator in the form of an Advanced Powerpoint class. My instructor was very professional, very adept at using the program and easily able to communicate all the elements of the class! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to advance their PPT expertise.

Kimberly Miller, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Promius Pharma (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

13. As a fairly new PowerPoint user with very little previous knowledge other than on the job training, this course was very informative. The content and presentation were easy to follow. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. I look forward to attending the Advanced course as well!

Dianne M Musser, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, Surescripts, LLC. (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

14. I learned so much from this course. Having been a PPT user for many years, I was hoping to see what was new in the latest versions. However, I am happy to say that I've come away with tips to do things that I've been doing for years in a new and more efficient manner. The instructor was great, the course informative and I came out of the class excited for my next project!

Joanne Cochrane, Boston, Massachusetts (MA), US, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

15. Super class with one on one instruction. My instructor was polite, patient and a pleasure to work with.

Art Mcleod, Bowmanville, Ontario (ON), CA, Contitech (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

16. Great Stuff.

Erwin Roca, NYS Department of Financial Services (Comprehensive Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Training)

17. Faaaaaantastic job! Made learning PowerPoint a great time.

Dafina Fuqua, Samsung Semiconductor (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

18. The newest way to educate yourself. Better than the classroom.

Sergio Rodrigues, Planned Companies (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

19. This class was everything I hoped for. Learned a tremendous amount of graphics and slide show information.

Michele Szot, Lake Forest, Illinois (IL), US, Beaver-Visitec International (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

20. A+ Worth the time and money. Good instruction. Good instructor.

Scott Modine, Renton, Washington (WA), US, Expedia (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

21. This class was very informative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get more out of PowerPoint. Our instructor was very attentive and engaging.

Laura Gass, Coral Springs, Florida (FL), US, Patron Spirits Company (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

22. Great course, looking forward to taking more.

Neal Murty, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (NC), US, UNC Hospital Chapel Hill NC (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

23. This course was very easy to understand. The instructor was very helpful in providing hints and tips. I would absolutely take a course in the future or recommend this to someone.

Laurie Leggett, Westchester, Illinois (IL), US, American Westbrook (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

24. Instructor is awesome - held my interest & kept me on my toes with her humor!

Shannon Jerstad, Westchester, Illinois (IL), US, AM Westbrook (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

25. Well organized and presented online class.

Donna Wade, Norman, Oklahoma (OK), US, University of Oklahoma (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

26. The instructor made it easy to learn some new things that Advanced PowerPoint 2010 offers. The instructor heard what my needs were and was able to address them and improve on them. I would do more web based training with Webucator.

Janice Bennett, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, Teva Canada (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

27. After learning this way, you don't want to go to traditional classes!

Phyllis Roberts, Shawnee, Oklahoma (OK), US, Solid State Controls (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

28. We had employees from several different departments and all learned something new. The class moved along at a good pace but still left room for questions and plenty of hands on time.

Barbara Getting, Hatfield, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Curtiss-Wright Corporation (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

29. This was amazing. I also loved the timing, and that I could complete this course from the comfort of my home. Loved it!

Giselle Curcio, Whitby, Ontario (ON), CA, L'Oreal Canada (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

30. Taking this course definitely moved my ability to a new level. I can't wait to create some great presentations. Instructor was great.

Karen Dunnigan, Austin, Texas (TX), US, URS Corporation (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

31. It was a wonderful use of time. It felt as if the instructor was in the room, offering one-on-one personal instruction. I feel like I met my main goal...that I can now develop my own, polished business presentation.

Risa Bernstein, MONTCLAIR, New Jersey (NJ), US, self employed (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

32. The instructor was very patient and went at an appropriate pace. The technology used was very smooth and efficient. I will absolutely be back for more classes.

Becca Eisenhauer, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (SD), US, Great Western Bank (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

33. I highly recommend this class to anyone that needs to enrich their presentations and build powerful decks for their clients.

Jordan Walters, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, DealerTrack (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

34. I loved the class!!! The instructor had a wealth of knowledge. I felt like we were in the same room together. She could be my trainer anytime.

Lolita Thomas, Fresno, California (CA), US, Kaiser Permanente (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

35. Instructor was fantastic. Learned everything I wanted to know about PowerPoint and will be practicing tomorrow at work on already existing and new presentations.

Pam Tetley, Geneva, Illinois (IL), US, SunGard (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

36. Easy to register. Easy to contact. Easy to follow along. Makes easy to learn.

Nikita Bolden, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, The Coca-Cola Company (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

37. This was an extremely helpful course. The pace was perfect and the course materials provided were, and will continue to be, very useful. I would highly recommend for anyone wishing to improve upon their PowerPoint skills.

Deborah Melba, Austin, Texas (TX), US, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

38. I really loved the pricing, the content, the instructor, and everything. I will definitely come back and do a few more of your other courses. Thank you very much.

Rachel Robinson, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, Canadian Bible Society (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

39. I found this course to be invaluable. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging, and he clearly knew the program inside and out. The course is 7 hours long, but the day flew by quickly because it was very interactive, with lots of exercises spread throughout the day. I have taken other courses before through other training companies, and the quality and content of this course was far superior. I am pleased with the course, and really appreciate the instructional booklet which I will be able to refer to as needed as well.

Rebecca Cohen, Norwalk, Connecticut (CT), US, Metsa Board Americas (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

40. It seems apparent that Webucator utilizes trainers who are extremely adept in their field.

Lori Kruger, Kansas City, Missouri (MO), US, Woodruff Sweitzer (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

41. I highly recommend Webucator. I had a fantastic experience with a wonderful instructor!

Pam Tetley, Geneva, Illinois (IL), US, SunGard (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training - old)

42. Webucator and our instructor exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to my next Webucator experience already!

Susan Powell, Ashburn, Virginia (VA), US, Curtiss-Wright Corporation (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

43. Webucator provides some of the best training I have ever received. It is totally interactive and better than in person.

Karen Mixon-Dowdy, Richardson, Texas (TX), US, Avnet Electronics (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

44. Fantastic - I would suggest to anyone struggling with PowerPoint!

Nick Alexander, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Associated Global Systems (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

45. As someone who uses PowerPoint but never had the time to really learn how valuable this resource can be, I was able to take this class and walk away feeling very confident in my abilities in PowerPoint. The instructor was an incredible teacher and great resource! The time she took to make sure I understood everything was fantastic and we went at a pace that was quick enough for us to cover all the material but also slow enough that I was able to retain it! My only fear is now that everyone in my company will be leaning on me to help them do their Power Point presentations!!! Thank you again for a superb course!

Chris Deigan, westwood, New Jersey (NJ), US, Cord Blood Registry (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

46. Very cost effective way to get professional training using the most state of the art technology.

Sean Finnigan, Grass Valley, California (CA), US, Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group (Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)

47. The instructor's guidance through the course made the potential of the software absolutely dazzling.

Terry Young, Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK), US, Smith-Roberts Land Services, Inc. (Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Training)