Customer Service Testimonials

These 21 testimonials prove that our clients love our Customer Service classes.

You will too!

1. Excellent instruction, excellent materials.

Shane Walker, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Peterson AFB (Customer Service Training)

2. The approach of teaching was real and fun! Covering the fundamentals as well as teaching the real tactics. Keep up the good sessions ! :)

Param Upadhyay, Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. (Customer Service Training)

3. The Customer Service Training provided by Webucator was an excellent way for our team to evaluate our performance. It showed us ways we can improve and helped us acknowledge areas in which we already provide great service. Everyone left the meeting with at least two action items they could implement right away.

Marci Kirk, American Veterinary Medical Association (Customer Service Training)

4. Webucator is great and my instructor really went beyond teaching and applied real life situations.

Alison Hanna, Cleveland, Ohio (OH), US, Insurance board (Customer Service over the Telephone)

5. I thought the class was very informative and I learned a lot of great tips!

Samantha Becker, MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (WI), US, WALKOWIAK ELECTRIC INC (Customer Service over the Telephone)

6. The class is a must have if you are a loyal employee looking to improve productivity within your organization.

Sheila Lofton, Oakland, California (CA), US, The Permanente Medical Group (Customer Service Training)

7. A very effective customer service training class! I definitely recommend it.

Mark Stenger, Duluth, Georgia (GA), US, (Customer Service over the Telephone)

8. This class helped me a lot and I will be taking more as needed. I no longer need to look elsewhere for a place to learn.

Janet Bergeron, glen st mary, Florida (FL), US, Farsouth Investments (Customer Service over the Telephone)

9. The course is very good and should be taken by any customer service rep.

Jon Rousseau, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (MA), US, Essco Calibration (Customer Service over the Telephone)

10. I feel like I am now more prepared to avoid conflicts and complaints because I have a better understanding of communication styles. Even better, I can use this course to improve my interactions with people outside of the workplace.

Ashton Williams, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Atlanta Models and Talent (Customer Service over the Telephone)

11. The Customer Service class is interactive and engaging. I would suggest it to anyone with a career in customer service. Excellent Course!

Fran Mosley, Memphis, Tennessee (TN), US, Freight Capital (Customer Service over the Telephone)

12. Well structured and a fun environment to learn something new!

Kay Anna Boykin, Bethany, Oklahoma (OK), US, YourIT (Customer Service Training)

13. This course exceeded my expectations and was more interactive than I ever imagined. It was well worth my time.

Brittany Harris, North Kansas City, Missouri (MO), US, Holland Nameplate (Customer Service Training)

14. Webucator is AWESOME!

Dave Kuehl, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, 20Jeans (Customer Service Training)

15. I was very pleased with the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for training.

Debra Rogers, chelmsford, Massachusetts (MA), US, Essco Calibration (Customer Service over the Telephone)

16. The trainer was fabulous. Engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining while still being effective!

Jennifer (Joey) Evans, San Francisco, California (CA), US, Salesforce (Customer Service Training)

17. Instructor was the coolest trainer! Loved the session she conducted at our company and look forward to more opportunities.

Vasanti Balan, San Francisco, California (CA), US, Salesforce (Customer Service Training)

18. I would recommend this course for any company.

Mary Steffan, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (WI), US, Lumiere Laser & Vein Center (Customer Service Training)

19. This course was amazing. The instructor was great. She allowed lots of interaction with her and she was a true teacher.

Kim Frazier, Irving, Texas (TX), US, CEC Entertainment (Customer Service Training)

20. I could not ask for more. Perfect choice of class materials, easy to follow web conferencing and Fantastic instructor! Thank you!

Rejane Guimaraes, Hercules, California (CA), US, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (Customer Service over the Telephone)

21. Happy Together with Webucator!!

Jason Quintana, Golden, Colorado (CO), US, OpenTV (Customer Service Training)