Microsoft SharePoint Testimonials

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1. Great course and trainer! Gave me exactly what I needed to know in order to progress 365 in our organization. Can't wait to apply what I have learned!

Brooke Daniells, Nelson, X (xNZ), NZ, Wakatu Incorporation (SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Training)

2. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.

James Freid, Casselberry, Florida (FL), US, Lockheed Martin (SharePoint 2019 Site Owner Training)

3. The instructor is great! He took the class on a journey through all that is SharePoint on M365.

Diane Lim, AGLC (SharePoint 2019 Power User Training)

4. If you're looking to become a SharePoint 365 site owner, take this course.

Chad Cornelius, Huntingtown, Maryland (MD), US, 316 CONS (SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Training)

5. Excellent instructor. Used humor and kept on track. Also brought in real-world application to the exercises.

Jodi Hartmann, St Cloud, Florida (FL), US, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

6. Take this course! I'm not "techy", but I feel so much better moving around in SharePoint 2019 and I now have the confidence to create lists and views to make my job a bit easier! Thank you!

Regina Oltz, Brazoria, Texas (TX), US, Texas A&M University at Qatar (Introduction to SharePoint 2019)

7. Excellent instructor. She helped us understand how we were currently using SharePoint and what tools we can use to be more efficient and productive to help enhance the site.

Jackie Zima-Evans, LifeScan (SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training)

8. Class was incredibly helpful.

Jenifer Stevenson, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

9. Excellent course for new admins and advance users!

Rob Lee, CALGARY, Alberta (AB), CA, bowvalleycollege (SharePoint 2016 Site Owner Training)

10. Class was very helpful in understanding how SharePoint is used. The instructor did an excellent job teaching the class.

Wayne Lombardo, East Hanover, New Jersey (NJ), US, BAE Systems (SharePoint End User Training)

11. This course helped me to understand SharePoint Apps that I had not used before.

Polyana Ortega, Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), CA, RAM Consulting (Introduction to SharePoint - SPIntrbase)

12. Love the learning environment. Instructors are knowledgeable and the resources are very helpful.

Shane Walker, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Peterson AFB (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

13. Webucator provided a timely training that will enable me to help my work team become more effective and proficient!

Patrick Johnson, USDA, APHIS Office of Civil Rights, Diversity & Inclusion (OCRDI) (Introduction to SharePoint for Office 365)

14. Highly recommend this course. The instructor was very qualified and the course was well worth the time and cost. I look forward to follow-on courses.

Kenneth Nelmes, Rocklin, California (CA), US, accuTeam LLC (Branding SharePoint 2013)

15. The class was very insightful and the instructor was helpful. I understood everything.

Tiffany Marchante, Agile Group USA (SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Training)

16. Very informative. The instructor left time for questions and the class allotted time for self-paced learning.

Shane Wolchak, Agile Group USA (SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Training)

17. The instructor was very knowledgeable, thorough and patient.

Lindsey Richman, Agile Group USA (SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Training)

18. Fantastic instructor. No one was left behind in our course! He was very thorough and helpful whenever we encountered issues. I have a much better understanding of SharePoint after this course.

Kasey Fitzgerald, Waltham, Massachusetts (MA), US, Amadeus North America (SharePoint End User Training)

19. Thank you Webucator. The instructor was extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. She took her time when needed and always made sure I understood the process or concept. One of the best instructors I've ever had.

Asel Villalva, Bethesda, Maryland (MD), US, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

20. Great class! And great instructor! The learning materials are extremely beneficial and the class seemed well outlined. Definitely looking forward to taking additional classes with Webucator.

Ana Ochoa, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (Introduction to SharePoint 2013)

21. Webucator as a whole exceeded my expectations. Signing up for the course and accessing the site the day of the event was easy. The course content was well thought out and I really enjoyed working within the online lab environment. The instructor was flexible with adjusting to my learning pace and style and was very knowledgeable on the topic as a whole.

Kristine Hicks, Bristow, Virginia (VA), US, ManTech (SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Training)

22. I recommend Webucator! They have very knowledgeable and PATIENT instructors! Kudos!

Reginald Johnson, MetroStar Systems, Inc. (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

23. Webucator is the way to go for web-based learning of technical data.

Dellis Stanberry, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FL), US, FDOT (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

24. Great class and very knowledgeable instructor. Well worth the time!!

John Butler, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

25. Fabulous instructor.

Karen Lane, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

26. Wonderful class with a very knowledgeable instructor.

Anthony Daniels, Denton, Texas (TX), US, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

27. Webucator makes SharePoint learning fun and interesting. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Hopelin Harrison, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

28. I was a SharePoint novice, but this class really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Designer.

Jane Roegner, Rochester, New York (NY), US, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

29. The course structure was excellent, the materials & online set up was excellent, and the instructor was even better.

Mike Daddona, Daddona Construction (SharePoint End User Training)

30. Was definitely a great class with an Excellent instructor that knew SharePoint VERY well. Would definitely recommend this course.

Tannis McFarren, NBSA Inc. (SharePoint Power User Training)

31. Thanks for the Awesome class - I have taken classes from several other training providers and I can gladly say that the quality of the course that I completed was far better than the others.

Leland Usher, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, The Wonderful Company (Branding SharePoint 2013)

32. Webucator has exceeded my expectations. The lab environments they provide are exceptional and the teachers are always amazing.

Erin Thompson, South Burlington, Vermont (VT), US, NorthCountry FCU (SharePoint 2016 Site Owner Training)

33. Instructor was very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and helpful. This greatly exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to the next set of classes.

Kevin Wolf, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (WI), US, Paris Presents (Introduction to SharePoint - SPIntrbase)

34. Very knowledgeable instructor. Extremely interactive with student needs and questions!

Jason Cabrol, Abbeville, Louisiana (LA), US, Acadian Contractors, Inc. (SharePoint Power User Training)

35. This was an excellent introduction to SharePoint. At the close of the class, I felt fully equipped to apply what I learned to my day-to-day work responsibilities. The training was excellent, and the workbooks are a great resource.

Taylor Strunk, Summerdale, Alabama (AL), US, Baldwin EMC (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

36. Webucator's virtual training was a good alternative to being in the classroom.

Reginald Ewing, Richmond, California (CA), US, Social Security Administration (SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Training)

37. Our instructor was great at answering questions, working at the pace of everyone, and adjusting the topics covered based on the needs of those attending.

Stephanee Synnott, Consumer Product Safety Commission (Introduction to SharePoint 2013)

38. I very much enjoyed this class, and I look forward to taking more classes with Webucator. Thanks for not cancelling classes even if there is only 1 student!

Kari Kulmer, Huntsville, Alabama (AL), US, Calista Corporation (SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Training)

39. Wonderful instructor! He was patient, knowledgeable and really made the class worthwhile. Highly recommend!

Jean Stevens, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

40. Webucator is a very great company to take training with. The materials are easy to follow along with, and fit the class perfectly!

Marissa Bogins, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (MA), US, Sabic (Introduction to SharePoint 2013)

41. The pre-class set up instructions were really helpful, and the student interface is really easy to use. The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable and the pace of the class enabled me to cover a lot of material, and still have time to do the exercises and ask a lot of questions.

Stephanie McClellen, Dunkirk, Maryland (MD), US, U.S. Coast Guard (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

42. Great introduction course to learn about SharePoint 2016

Maritza Watkins, Jersey City, New Jersey (NJ), US, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (Introduction to SharePoint 2016)

43. This class really helped my understanding of SharePoint 2013. The instructor was awesome!

Spencer Baumgartner, Great Falls, Virginia (VA), US, Peterson AFB (SharePoint 2013 End User Training)

44. The Webucator format is user friendly, thorough, and completely engaging. The combination of instructor led training with live labs is worth every cent!

Amy Kern, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, Metropolitan Ministries (SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - CWL55003)

45. Webucator learning feels very much like being in a real classroom. The pace and timing, and great engagement from the instructor.

Kimerly Christie, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, Metropolitan Ministries (SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - CWL55003)

46. Excellent training. The instructor showed great skill both in knowledge of the subject and in the way of delivering it.

Mark Aguiar, Hiram, Ohio (OH), US, Great Lakes Cheese (No-Code SharePoint 2013-2016 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013)

47. Webucator is excellent at delivering quality courses to its clients. I had no problems accessing the course materials, including the labs, from the privacy of my home.

Boris Velikovich, Herndon, Virginia (VA), US, Exostar LLC (MOC 20489 - Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Advanced Solutions)

48. Webucator is a great company!

Charmaine Abram, Auburn, Washington (WA), US, Public School Employees of WA (SharePoint 2013 Power User Training)

49. This was my first time using Webucator. Surely won't be my last. Great service!

Christopher Bass, Lakeland, Florida (FL), US, NTIS (SharePoint 2013 Power User Training)

50. "Great experience! I feel more confident in performing my duties with this training."

Miesha Carr, Lees Summit, Missouri (MO), US, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

51. Webucator was much better than many other training institutes. I strongly recommend Webucator.

Ramchanderrao Vennamaneni, Redmond, Washington (WA), US, Securitas (MOC 10802 - Microsoft Enterprise Search for IT Professionals)

52. As a first time SharePoint user, this course provided me with a vast amount of knowledge that I will be able to apply to my own SharePoint site.

Thomas Ingall, Moon Township, Pennsylvania (PA), US, ServiceLink (SharePoint 2013 End User Training)

53. Instructor was very good.

Nirali Patel, Edison, New Jersey (NJ), US, Argent Associates Inc. (Branding SharePoint 2013)

54. The class was very informative! I thoroughly enjoyed the training!

Jennifer Perez, Miami, Florida (FL), US, Jet Aviation Specialist, Inc. (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

55. The SharePoint 2010 course is very well done and the instructor is great. Thanks!

Matt Tanner, Silver Spring, Maryland (MD), US, Leidos, Inc. (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

56. Webucator was the first on line course I took. I will be taking more through Webucator. Easy to follow books, instructor was fantastic, customer service was excellent. Thank you!

Tammy Upshon, Bedford, Nova Scotia (NS), CA, Dexter Construction (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

57. Trained to Last!

LCDR Brinston (Edward) Brinston, Lemoore, California (CA), US, Naval Hospital Lemoore (SharePoint 2007 End User Training)

58. I was really impressed with the training I received, and with the instructor. The online experience was amazingly smooth. I was able to follow along with the book during the class, and the labs were excellent. I would definitely recommend Webucator!

Brian Collins, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, INTEGRITYOne Partners (MOC 20488 - Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Core Solutions)

59. Great high quality training from very knowledgeable instructors all without having to travel to a classroom. I like that!

John Leahy, Silver Spring, Maryland (MD), US, Food and Drug Administration (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

60. I always enjoy taking technical training courses with Webucator. I've always been very satisfied with the results. The instructors have solid knowledge of what they're teaching and they have high degree of professionalism that they always show to their students.

Rey de los Reyes, Richmond, California (CA), US, Social Security Administration (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

61. Some of the best course materials I've ever encountered. The instructor knew the material inside and out.

Kelly Trosper, Ft collins, Colorado (CO), US, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - CWL55003)

62. I've been teaching for 30+ years and Webucator is by far the best distance learning experience I have used for IT subjects!

Robert W. Heiwinkel, Schertz, Texas (TX), US, AMEDD C&S (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

63. Great facilitator very knowledgeable and helpful. Course covered all of the bases and then some!

Erin Schellenberg, Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB), CA, Calm Air International LP (Introduction to SharePoint 2010)

64. Great training for an affordable price that could be done from anywhere. I saved 850.00 on potential hotel costs if I were to have gone to a live class.

Monique Frazier, Vienna, Virginia (VA), US, Actionet (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

65. This was my first web-based training class and my experience was fantastic! I really learned a lot and would definitely participate in more courses in the future.

Coy Woolard, Washington, North Carolina (NC), US, flanders filters (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

66. Excellent training class, well worth it!!

Steve Link, lucama, North Carolina (NC), US, flanders filters (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

67. First rate! Loved that I could just log into class - the instructor is right there, no traveling, no commuting. It was a great course!

Lisa Robbins, Rockville, Maryland (MD), US, Creative Computing Solutions, inc. (CCSi) (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

68. Online training is great for companies with small training budgets, allows an entire team the ability to get some good hands-on training.

Jennifer Nolan, Oak Brook, Illinois (IL), US, UnitedHealthcare Inc. (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

69. The SharePoint Designer class was very engaging. The instructor was on the top of his game and was very helpful.,

Dwayne Pottet, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, n/a (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

70. The instructor is very knowledgeable. I would definitely take any class with this instructor.

Linda Moon, Kansas City, Missouri (MO), US, U.S. Bank (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

71. The instructor presented the material in a way that made it much less dry than I had anticipated.

Kris Munro, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Society of Hospital Medicine (SharePoint 2007 End User Training)

72. This course was one of the best I have ever attended on line. The instructor was top notch and the course delivered exactly what it said it would. I will use Webucator again and recommend it to others.

Susan Morin, Chapel Hill NC, North Carolina (NC), US, UNC Health Care (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

73. Very well worth my time and money! I will recommend this to my coworkers!

Janet Process, Green Bay, Wisconsin (WI), US, Nsight (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

74. Great Class! Will recommended to others

Antonio Dowsey, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (NC), US, U.S. Army Forces Command (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

75. Great class! Instructor was very easy to follow!

Susan Crement, Elgin, Illinois (IL), US, John B Sanfilippo & Son (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

76. Webucator is a great forum for learning a new tool. I found the instructors very knowledgeable and helpful.

Deborah Clary, san antonio, Texas (TX), US, Clear Channel Communications (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

77. This class is a great overview of all SharePoint can do to facilitate the collaboration needs of your company.

Deborah Clary, san antonio, Texas (TX), US, Clear Channel Communications (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

78. The instructor was well versed in the subject matter and made the learning process an enjoyable experience. In addition to being knowledgeable, the instructor was always considerate and flexible in how we tackled each day of instruction.

David Francoeur, Lacombe, Alberta (AB), CA, AFSC (SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - CWL55003)

79. This class was excellent. A lot of material was covered quickly and concisely.

Kari Brown, Grand Blanc, Michigan (MI), US, HP (MOC 10174 - Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010)

80. This is my second time using Webucator. The instruction is always top notch! The instructors are knowledgeable and have real world experience. I would recommend this for anyone that needs training.

Juan Aleman, Auburn, Washington (WA), US, Social Security Administration (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

81. I've taken several Webucator classes and have never been disappointed. I love the convenience and the quality of the instructors and materials.

Kim Sanders, Gahanna, Ohio (OH), US, Columbus Metropolitan Library (SharePoint 2013 End User Training)

82. Thanks for another great class!

Kim Sanders, Gahanna, Ohio (OH), US, Columbus Metropolitan Library (SharePoint 2013 Power User Training)

83. The Webucator course gave me tools and knowledge that was directly applicable to what I need in my field. I would definitely use them again!

Runjit Chandra, Vienna, Virginia (VA), US, Security Industry Association (SharePoint 2013 Power User Training)

84. The course gave clarity to some things I thought I knew, but now I can do better!

Cathy Rogers-Holmes, Andover, Massachusetts (MA), US, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

85. Best experience.

Chen Yang, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, UT Southwestern Medical Center (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

86. Great course materials, real life labs, a very knowledgeable, helpful, patient instructor. I highly recommend Webucator!

Ashlee Prince, Bellevue, Washington (WA), US, KBA (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

87. The experience was great... will definitely find other courses to take here!

Victor Wilson, San Diego, California (CA), US, ScrippsHealth (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

88. This training was the best of both worlds. I could attend without being totally and completely detached from my work environment. Yet, I could focus on the instruction and content easily due to the excellence of the instructor and the online presentation. It's the finest remote training that I've ever taken. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in learning new technologies and timely topics.

Greg Scarfo, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (MA), US, Aspect (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

89. Class was convenient, informative, had great materials and a great instructor. Would happily do it again.

Omar Mills, McLean, Virginia (VA), US, Freddie Mac (SharePoint Designer 2010 Training)

90. You couldn't ask for a better online class for SharePoint End User Training. I highly recommend Webucator and will definitely use them again.

Erin Loza, Watsonville, California (CA), US, Granite Construction, Incorporated (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

91. First rate training from Webucator.

Daniel Cates, Birmingham, Alabama (AL), US, L. Kianoff and Associates (MOC 10174 - Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010)

92. Instructor was superb in guiding the class through a ton of material.

John Wlaiko, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, Clearview Consultants Inc. (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

93. Taking web classes through Webucator was easy. I would highly recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn about new software and technologies.

Terry Hornaday, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, Dean Foods Company (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

94. This is an excellent site to take training. Instructors are very professional and knowledgeable.

James Chesscher, San Antonio, Texas (TX), US, Booz Allen Hamilton (SharePoint 2010 End User Training)

95. SharePoint 2010 Power User Training was great! The instructor kept things moving and made the class interesting and easy to follow.

Nicole Smolic, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, Connect Ohio (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

96. The training environment is intimate and relaxed, and the Webucator experience seems very complete, from the attentive prep work pre-class to course completion.

Cody Wilson, Davenport, Iowa (IA), US, Mississippi Valley Surgery Center (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

97. Wonderful! Tailored to my learning style! Best external class I have attended in a long time!

Deborah Dean, Frankfort, Kentucky (KY), US, Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc. (SharePoint 2010 Power User Training)

98. Even though this was a distance learning class, it felt very much like we were right in class.

Timothy Bell, Akron, New York (NY), US, Perry's Ice Cream (SharePoint 2007 End User Training)