Business Objects Testimonials

These 14 testimonials prove that our clients love our Business Objects classes.

You will too!

1. Well worth the money for someone who is new to Business Objects and would like a clear, user friendly introduction to all the basic functions.

Randy Wong, Triton (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

2. Very good Instructor!!

Alona Rabin, New York Presbyterian Hospital (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.x)

3. Great instructors! Will train with Webucator again!

David Anders, New York Presbyterian Hospital (SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.x)

4. The instructor did an awesome job with the class. This is training you actually pay attention to.

Joshua Oleszcuk, Johns Hopkins (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

5. Excellent trainer for our SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence course. He was very thorough in his approach to teaching the course. He was both structured and adaptive to the needs of balancing the course manual and the needs of the class.

Asim Francis, Thomasville, Georgia (GA), US, Archbold Medical Center (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

6. Training felt personalized and highly expert! All the content made sense to me, a business user, because the instructor was technically savvy and very clear.

Terrie Linderman, American Medical Association (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

7. Our instucture was very professional, knowledgable, and versatile.

Darrin DeVries, Bronson Healthcare Group (Introduction to SAP BI 4.2 Information Design Tool)

8. A+++ Training

John Lin, Ventura, California (CA), US, County of Ventura (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

9. Great intro to WEBI application. No prerequisites needed to jump into this tool.

Eric Lum, Food and Drug Administration (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

10. This was the very best course I have taken - great pace, great material, great instructor. I gained a lot of knowledge from this course.

Cheryl Bailey, Houston, Texas (TX), US, CVS Health / Aetna (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

11. Very Interactive Sessions.

Namrata Nekkanti, Downers Grove, Illinois (IL), US, Acxiom (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

12. I came into the class with no experience with the tool. I left after 2 days feeling very confident that I can create some very nice reports and graphs as soon as I get back to my desk.

Danielle Rowden, Downers Grove, Illinois (IL), US, Acxiom (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

13. The training provided by Webucator was fantastic. I used what I learned in class immediately following the first day of instruction. The guided hands-on instruction matched my learning style perfectly.

Mark Scheitlin, Longmont, Colorado (CO), US, DigitalGlobe (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)

14. Instructor provided both content and an approach that addressed our technical and business audience. We all gained new insights into the tools and how to used Business Objects at our company.

Sue Daulton, Tacoma, Washington (WA), US, Tacoma Public Utilities (BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 Training)