Oracle Testimonials

These 33 testimonials prove that our clients love our Oracle classes.

You will too!

1. This introduction to Oracle/SQL was very informative and the trainer was great in pacing out the training for the 2 days.

Charles Luca, Harvard University (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

2. This class is a must-have for anyone who will be using SQL.

Jessica Perreault, Harvard University (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

3. The instructor did an excellent job of demonstrating how to maneuver within the system, to copy and paste easily, to view the data, save the data, change it, find errors and fix them. I gained a comfort level because of her style of teaching that will benefit me in my work for my organization.

Add on for Maggie Billing, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

4. The trainer was awesome and very knowledgeable.

Andrew Barsness, FedEx Ground (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

5. I got so much more from the class than I expected.

Jim Lindstrom, FedEx Ground (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

6. Lots of great information for anyone new to Oracle or Toad.

Erick Wilds, Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) (Introduction to Oracle and TOAD for End Users)

7. I found the Oracle 11G R2 class to be exceptional in it's subject matter. It will allow me to get started with my new responsibilities at work right away.

David Metz, (Oracle Database 11g R2: Administration I)

8. Great class.

Tracey Roberson, Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

9. The classes provided have been great. I can surely say they've increased my knowledge in regards to Oracle and PL/SQL.

Robert Kline, Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) (Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL III - Advanced Programming and Tuning)

10. Very informative.

Geneva Riordan, Alamogordo, New Mexico (NM), US, 796 Test Support Squadron (Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop)

11. Best Class on PL/SQL.

Paul Nuber, Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS) (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

12. Great course - very informative material and excellent instructor. I will surely come back for more courses.

Huong Le, Augusta, Georgia (GA), US, City of Augusta (Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators)

13. I learn better in a real classroom environment. However, my Webucator learning experience was even better than a real classroom environment.

Tingan Weng, Fairfield, California (CA), US, Solano Community College (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

14. The class was informative and well structured. I appreciate the teacher's willingness to share her knowledge and experience with me.

Brian Stott, Phoenix, Arizona (AZ), US, Shamrock Foods Company (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

15. I feel that I could effectively administer an Oracle database with the knowledge and skills gained.

Stoney Brooks, Murfreesboro, Tennessee (TN), US, Middle Tennessee State University (Oracle 12c Database Administration Training)

16. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend

Gary Hall, McHenry, Illinois (IL), US, Brake Parts Inc (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

17. Very informative and the instructor's willingness to discuss real world issues was invaluable.

Mike Funck, Guelph, Ontario (ON), CA, PerkinElmer Canada (Introduction to Data Modeling)

18. Very pleased with the attention to details. Webucator made sure the training was exactly what we wanted. A great experience!

Staci Redden, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, KPMG (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

19. This is a really good course to start your Oracle career.

Guojian Cai, Mississauga, Ontario (ON), CA, TD Bank Canada (Oracle 11g Database Administration Training)

20. Easy flowing!

Elbert Phillips, Birmingham, Alabama (AL), US, Altec Industries, Inc. (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

21. Very good online class. It provides you with real-world examples and shows you how to solve them.

Ying Sun, ANN ARBOR, Michigan (MI), US, University of Michigan (Oracle 11g Database Administration Training)

22. Very good online class. It provides you real-world examples and shows you how to solve them.

Ying Sun, ANN ARBOR, Michigan (MI), US, University of Michigan (Oracle 11g Database Administration Training)

23. A solid and comprehensive overview of PL/SQL for software developers who use PL/SQL in their applications.

Paul Darrough, Wichita, Kansas (KS), US, Bombardier Aerospace (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

24. The instructor was great. He covered the material well, provided assistance when users had issues and also answered hypothetical questions

Jill Rice, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, P2 Energy Solutions (Introduction to SQL Training Using Oracle)

25. Outstanding instructor. He has excellent subject knowledge and teaching skills. He is flexible and willing to walk the extra mile.

Xiao Ye, OMAHA, Nebraska (NE), US, ACI (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

26. I am happy I took this course. The materials were easy to use and the instructor made it easier for me to understand. This is a good way to take SQL classes or any other database classes. Thank you.

Antoinette Arriola, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, California Family Health Council (Introduction to Data Modeling)

27. Webucator's PL/SQL online class was well worth the time spent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the coursework was detailed enough that I will be able to use it as a reference guide in the future.

Pam Anstey, Ottumwa, Iowa (IA), US, Vermeer (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

28. Excellent training course. I was able to learn so much through the interactive webinars!

Ray Madara, Trenton, New Jersey (NJ), US, The Hibbert Group (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

29. Thank you. This class extended my knowledge of the SQL Database language.

Christine Vivar, Attleboro, Massachusetts (MA), US, Tharperobbins (Introduction to Data Modeling)

30. Learning Oracle was made simple.

Mahmood Ahmed, Richfield, Ohio (OH), US, Snap-on Business Solutions (Oracle 11g Database Administration Training)

31. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot in a short period of time. I'm looking forward to applying the knowledge that I have gained to our environment.

Jamie Doyal, Topeka, Kansas (KS), US, KFMC (Oracle PL/SQL Training - old)

32. The Webucator class for DDL was extremely helpful and the instructor did an excellent job with explaining key concepts.

Tarun Reddy, Vienna, Virginia (VA), US, NA (Introduction to Data Modeling)

33. This is the 21st century training at it's best. Documentation is perfect. Training material is perfect. Examples and class environment exceeded my expectations. I made a great leap forward to keep up with today's technology in just a week!

Daniel Hudsky, Austin, Texas (TX), US, BMC Software, Inc. (Oracle 11g Database Administration Training)