Camtasia Testimonials

These 19 testimonials prove that our clients love our Camtasia classes.

You will too!

1. Webucator was able to provide a useful tutorial on the software requested. I now feel I have a base of knowledge and I am ready to explore using the tool.

Ryan Stalker, Boca Raton, Florida (FL), US, TransUnion (Introduction to Camtasia 9)

2. This class absolutely met my expectations. I love the "we don't cancel classes" policy; as I result, I had a personalized class that allowed me to work at my own pace and ask all of my questions.

Beth Berlin, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, GGP (Introduction to Camtasia 9)

3. Great experience with a skilled and personable instructor.

Stephanie Light, Agricorp (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

4. Great course!

Roger Mayer, New York, New York (NY), US, SUNY Oldwestbury (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

5. This was a very informative and worthwhile class. It was easy to understand, there were lots of examples and we were able to work hands on with our own pieces while he taught each piece.

Teresa Maile, Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI), US, Priority Health (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

6. Webucator provided a very thorough class. The ability to ask questions, have the instructor view my own screen, and practice tasks made it a very valuable learning experience.

Jeannine Little, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, P2 Energy Solutions (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

7. This is my second class with Webucator and both times it has been a very good experience.

Jennifer Mathus, Mesa, Arizona (AZ), US, ARMLS (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

8. Only 3 people in the class and I didn't have to peer at a display at the front of the room or travel lots of miles to get to the class.

Kathryn Kellie, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Elizabethtown College (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

9. I found this class to be worth the money spent. I will be telling my co-workers about the class and how valuable it was.

Jennifer Zamarin, Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), US, NEXCOM (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

10. I absolutely loved the Webucator Instructor-Led course on Camtasia Studio 8! Everything was so well thought out and executed to perfection! I would highly recommend my instructor and I will definitely take a Webucator course in the future!

Marc Armstrong, San Diego, California (CA), US, AAXSYS Technology (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

11. I’d always wanted more formal training and upgraded to Camtasia 8 a few months ago in order to take advantage of training on the newly released version. I’m glad that I found Webucator to fit that need perfectly.

Joe Joyner, Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), US, Tidewater Community College (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

12. Very convenient having all our staff trained at once. We got up and running in no time.

Kirk Trachy, Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA), US, Intuit QuickBase (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

13. I had a fantastic learning experience that surpassed my expectations.

Brad Morrison, Galisteo, New Mexico (NM), US, n/a (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

14. My experience with Webucator was extremely professional and thorough. I would recommend Webucator to anyone seeking quality training led by top-of-the-line Training Specialists.

Kim McMaster, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, McMillan LLP (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

15. The class exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to practicing all the features that I've learned today.

Barb Hoffman, Tempe, Arizona (AZ), US, ARMLS (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

16. The instructor is incredible. I learned a lot. She made it fun and easy to understand. Awesome class!

Cindy Bielke, Eagan, Minnesota (MN), US, Intertech (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

17. Instructor was excellent. So glad we used Webucator among all the vendors we considered.

MIHIR DESAI, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, Dexis (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 8)

18. This was my first time in an on-line class format. I received all the benefits of a "brick-and-mortar" classroom session but at 1/5th of the price!

Wendy Kuhn, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, Dell, Inc. (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)

19. The course exceeded my expectations. Excellent!

Donna Thompson, Chevy Chase, Maryland (MD), US, Goals in Action, LLC (Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7)