Python Testimonials

These 18 testimonials prove that our clients love our Python classes.

You will too!

1. Excellent training with a great deal of useful information and examples to work with.

Michael Civovic, CVS Health / Aetna (Data Engineering with Python Training)

2. This Python class is great for any developer who is proficient in another language to get hands on practice and see the difference between the two. The resources from this class will continue to help move you forward after class.

Haley Parrott, CVS (Data Engineering with Python Training)

3. Great course. It was just what I needed to get started.

Zachary Osborne, Sanford, North Carolina (NC), US, First Citizens Bank (Introduction to Python 3 Training)

4. The instructor is really knowledgeable and can answer any question you throw at him!

Aldrin Lumbreras, NIWC Pacific (Python Essentials)

5. Whether master or novice, the Python Essentials course provides a structured, concise walk-through of the language with useful examples and a combined lecture and hands-on lab approach. This course proved to be incredibly valuable in understanding how the language operates and most importantly, how to use it effectively.

Stephen Pease, NIWC Pacific (Python Essentials)

6. This class has been by far the best I have attended for distance learning environments. Content is well developed and walks through the process of developing programs .

Nathan Ward, NIWC Pacific (Python Essentials)

7. Great way to get acquainted with the world of Python.

Chauncey Willard, Austin, Texas (TX), US, Spectrum (Introduction to Python Training)

8. The professor was excellent - extremely knowledgeable and helpful, having both depth and breadth of experience. The topics covered were very pertinent to understanding the basic fundamentals of Python, and overall the structure was thoughtfully organized.

Sabeeh Khan, Bensalem, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Personal (Introduction to Python Training)

9. I was hoping for a bootcamp to learn the basics of Python, and that's exactly what we got. Great job!

LaToya Moseley, Humana (Introduction to Python Training)

10. The instructor was the best! His combination of knowledge, explanatory flexibility and people skills are fantastic.

Timothy Cook, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) (Introduction to Python Training)

11. Great class.

Jerry Seibert, Detroit, Michigan (MI), US, Detroit Medical Center (Introduction to Python Training)

12. Our instructor was fantastic! He taught us many real world examples of how to start tackling our problems!

Jeff Butler, Cradlepoint (Introduction to Python Training)

13. I highly recommend this class.

Vincent Dinh, NIWC PAC (Introduction to Python Training)

14. Recommend. Gets to the nuts and bolts of Python. Good introductory course.

Kristina Murphy, Frederick, Maryland (MD), US, Leidos, Inc. (Introduction to Python Training)

15. Great class! I would recommend the class to anyone interested in wanting to learn Python.

Gary Woolfolk, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, Fannie Mae (Introduction to Python Training)

16. This is a great course. It provides a thorough grounding in the Python language to serve as a foundation for future learning and experience.

Daniel Stutzman, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, School of Art Institute of Chicago (Introduction to Python Training)

17. Fantastic instructors! The one I had was knowledgeable, professional and caring. He insured that every student's questions were answered in a manner that they understood. The environment set by the instructor made this one of my best learning experiences in my life!

Daniel Hansen, Leidos, Inc. (Advanced Python Training)

18. Great course, pace, and good for introductory or refresher. Only problem with an on line course is having to make your own cookies for break.

Jason Peery, Kansas City, Kansas (KS), US, Epiq (Introduction to Python Training)