Acrobat Testimonials

These 12 testimonials prove that our clients love our Acrobat classes.

You will too!

1. An excellent introductory course for Adobe Acrobat Pro! I learned far more tools and uses for Adobe Acrobat Pro than I expected to!

Crystal Pavloski, Sterk Family Law (Introduction to Acrobat DC Training)

2. This was my first experience with Webucator and the instructor's skill set exceeded my expectations for the cost of the training.

Tammy Long, Houston, Texas (TX), US, Susman Godfrey, LLP (Acrobat XI Training)

3. The instructor kept asking if the class was meeting our needs, if the pace was good and if we understood what we were learning.

Debra Rutten, Ridgecrest, California (CA), US, WYLE (Acrobat X Training)

4. Webucator has provided the best software instruction experience I have ever had, by far.

Amanda Dobbs, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO), US, Northrop Grumman Corporation (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

5. In depth training. The instructor focuses on what you want or need to learn. Training is as fast or slow paced as you need it to go.

Dianna Carter, Juneau, Alaska (AK), US, NOAA Fisheries (Acrobat X Training)

6. This was my first experience with Webucator, and I sure hope it's not my last! It was a great way to learn, with a class of three people and one very knowledgeable trainer. I feel confident in what I have learned, and I would absolutely recommend Webucator to anyone thinking about taking a class.

Becky Phillips, Bremerton, Washington (WA), US, self-employed trainer (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

7. I will recommend this training to my co-workers.

Roy Neumann, Bremerton, Washington (WA), US, United States Navy (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

8. The instructor was dynamic and had a profound knowledge of the subject matter. She kept the class on target, but took the time to explain key concepts thorougly and thoughtfully.

Kathleen Burns, Boston, Massachusetts (MA), US, Jenzabar, Inc. (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

9. I will not hesitate to come back to Webucator to learn other Adobe software products. This class was actually more productive and effective for me than training sessions I have attended in person.

Kathryn R Suchy, Lubbock, Texas (TX), US, Rawls College of Business/TTU (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

10. I recommend taking this class. It is informative and well organized. I learned A LOT! I also loved the instructor - she was a great teacher and very helpful.

Jana White, Mount Vernon, Texas (TX), US, Jordan Health Services (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

11. This was ABSOLUTELY the best class experience I have ever had. The instructor did a wonderful job in tailoring the training to my needs. This program is going to save me so much time and increase my productivity.

Harriett Westmoreland, Harriman, Tennessee (TN), US, The Labor Institute (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)

12. My trainer was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She was very courteous and encouraged learning. She was able to effectively answer any questions I had and I learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. The set up between the book, computer, and audio is ideal for learning. You get hands on experience while under the supervision of an expert. I will gladly recommend this training to others.

Kristin Huddy, Trenton, New Jersey (NJ), US, New Jersey Department of Children and Families (Adobe Acrobat 9 Training)