Illustrator Testimonials

These testimonials prove that our clients love our Illustrator classes.

You will too!

1. The instructor was great! I liked that she asked about my learning style and if I'd like to follow along or learn a different way.

Michael Burmesch, Milwauikee, Wisconsin (WI), US, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (Advanced Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training)

2. The Advanced Illustrator Course was fast paced but easy to follow and whenever I had a question, the instructor took the time to go over the section in detail.

Jenny Green, Gaithersburg, Maryland (MD), US, Edgewood Management Corporation (Advanced Illustrator CS6 Training)

3. I learned so much more in this short course than I expected. I will definitely be returning to Webucator for my future computer learning!

Abbie Ellis, Boley, Oklahoma (OK), US, Gypsy Valley (Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training)

4. The program is very in-depth, but the instructor makes you feel at ease no matter where your skill level falls. She made the class very comfortable.

Cindy Seidler, GUY Engineering (Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training)

5. The best instructor!

Liz Hancock, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), US, The Digging (Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training)

6. There's no better way to get started with Adobe Illustrator.

Nick Nokes, Alexandria, Tennessee (TN), US, DTC Communications (Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training)

7. I found the class to be very informative. The instuctor was amazing. I will go back to Webucator with out a doubt the next time I require any software training.

Tammy Haines, Ottawa, Ontario (ON), CA, Creo Marketing Inc. (Introduction to Illustrator CS6 Training)