Business Skills Testimonials

These 23 testimonials prove that our clients love our Business Skills classes.

You will too!

1. Time well spent. Very informative and relevant to any organization or position.

Stephanie Griffin, Raritan (Presentations: Preparing, Developing, and Delivering)

2. Well worth your time.

Donald Velard, Raritan (Presentations: Preparing, Developing, and Delivering)

3. This course helped improve my overall presentation skills and the instructor was incredible!

Samuel Venditti, Raritan (Presentations: Preparing, Developing, and Delivering)

4. Although this training was not in person, the instructor was able to keep all the online participants engaged in a topic that's not always easy to share with strangers.

Eduardo Villavicencio, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, EdVisionIT LLC (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

5. Well done class, top-notch instructor, and an overall great experience. I feel very confident in my ability to pass my exams now.

Jonathon Failing, Boise, Idaho (ID), US, ExecuTrain of Idaho (CompTIA A+ Certification Training)

6. Great training. I would definitely take another class from Webucator.

Linda Castillo, Union City, California (CA), US, Ariat Intl (Change Management Training)

7. I was able to ask specific questions and be a part of the discussion. I highly recommend this course.

Tanya Henkel, Sagamore Hills, Ohio (OH), US, American Greetings (Managing Performance Training)

8. Webucator instructors and tools do an amazing job of emulating a real class room experience, right from the comfort of your home (and pajamas).

Mukhya Khalsa, Juneau, Alaska (AK), US, NOAA Fisheries (Managerial Leadership Training)

9. The course I took helped me understand my job better and gave me a feeling of confidence.

John Mendes, Wagoner, Oklahoma (OK), US, The Canebrake (Managerial Leadership Training)

10. My new perferred way of getting trained.

Chrys Heard, Huntsville, Texas (TX), US, Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) (CompTIA Security+ Certification Training)

11. We found the course material to be expertly put together and the instructor was very nimble on his feet to insure that the course outline, the practical examples and the discussion between management was relevant to our needs. I would recommend the course to anyone dealing with any type of change.

Richard Chaplin, Houston, Texas (TX), US, FMC Technologies, Inc (Change Management Training)

12. Want to make a change or advance in your job? Webucator is a great way to go.

Russell Vaughn, Shawnee, Oklahoma (OK), US, Sac and Fox Casino (CompTIA Network+ Certification Training)

13. Great class on a necessary but little understood subject. I received input from a knowledgeable, personable instructor that tailored the course to my situational needs.

Dennis Cash, Bartelsville, Oklahoma (OK), US, Tri County Technology Center (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

14. Instructor was awesome. Communication strategies she taught will come in handy for any implementation and for all types of personalities. Change management transition strategies were well put. Lots of examples were used to reinforce the concepts.

Mahalakshmi Dhevarajan, Santa Clara, California (CA), US, n/a (Change Management Training)

15. This class was extremely helpful and I was able to get my specific questions answered! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Whitney Webb, Norman, Oklahoma (OK), US, Roderick H Polston PC (Advanced QuickBooks Training)

16. I really enjoyed the online approach to training. The one 2 one approach is excellent!

David Cullum, Hamilton, Ontario (ON), CA, self (Change Management Training)

17. Loved the class and the instructor. Best Leadership Training I have had. Concise and down to earth with specific examples to apply in the workplace.

Marilyn Rachow, Amherst, New York (NY), US, Frontier Science (Managerial Leadership Training)

18. The instructor was very professional and knew the material she presented.

Bret Miller, Ft Worth, Texas (TX), US, Triumph Fabrications - Fort Worth, Inc. (Diversity Workshop for Employees and Managers)

19. The instructor was extremely well versed in the subject matter and made learning a fun and engaging experience.

Julie King, Eugene, Oregon (OR), US, Clearswift (CompTIA Security+ Certification Training)

20. Exceptionally good training, and one of the most economical as well!

Andrew Woodard, Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), US, self (CompTIA A+ Certification Training)

21. Webucator is a great resource. The conferencing interface is fairly seamless, the instructors are very knowledgeable and engaging.

Michael Reynolds, Pollok, Texas (TX), US, n/a (CompTIA Security+ Certification Training)

22. Webucator offered a course that was not only very educational, it was fun!

Mike Linquist, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Gensler (Managerial Leadership Training)

23. Webucator is a good venue for providing training in an online environment which is as effective as actual classroom training. Every experience has been truly beneficial.

Tracy Smith, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Managing Performance Training)