Google Analytics Testimonials

These 39 testimonials prove that our clients love our Google Analytics classes.

You will too!

1. Great course! Instructor was very supportive and easy to understand as she walked us through the program.

Kimberley Barnes, Kelowna, British Columbia (BC), CA, British Columbia Wine Institute (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

2. The advanced Google Analytics class was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Paulette Dashiell, Hunt Valley, Maryland (MD), US, Social Security Administration (Advanced Google Analytics)

3. Excellent trainer! She understands the material and how to teach it. Very impressed.

Ben Peacock, Academic Travel Abroad (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

4. I recommend using Webucator for your training needs whether you work in a non-profit or for-profit environment.

Ayanna Green, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, The Salvation Army (Advanced Google Analytics)

5. A great primer for using Google Analytics. Even as a more experienced user, I have a long list of things I will make adjustments to to improve my website tracking.

Daniel Gering, Oregon City, Oregon (OR), US, Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

6. Excellent quality of instructors and the training exceeded my expectations.

Shane Ketterman, Bend, Oregon (OR), US, Rewire Digital (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

7. The content of this online course was excellent. The pace and help from the instructor was spot on.

Amy Cole, Little Rock, Arkansas (AR), US, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service (Advanced Google Analytics)

8. Great instructor: knowledgeable, organized, funny and patient. I'm going to be providing essential analysis to my organization starting now.

Meg Godfrey, Union City, California (CA), US, Finelite, Inc. (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

9. This class was better than expected. It was great to watch the instructor use Google Analytics, so I could follow along.

Dana Nourie, SAN JOSE, California (CA), US, VMWare (Advanced Google Analytics)

10. This was my first experience with Google Analytics, and now I have a pretty good idea of how to set up GA, create useful and meaningful reports, and especially how to use GA data to determine if my organization's social marketing strategy is generating any real increase in traffic.

Catherine Liberatore, Sacramento, California (CA), US, Sacramento Life Center (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

11. Well worth the money.

James Corrigan, islandia, New York (NY), US, Whitsons (Advanced Google Analytics)

12. I really enjoyed the introductory course and will most likely consider taking a more advanced course with Webucator.

Elena Pimenova, Boise, Idaho (ID), US, MarkMonitor (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

13. I feel like I know GA inside and out now. I am excited to bring my knowledge back and start applying within my organization.

Kate Ludwig, Adams, Massachusetts (MA), US, None (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

14. I am so pleased with the information I received in my Google Analytics course. It felt like bootcamp - Now I can return to my organization confident that I can make real strategic changes and optimizations to our website.

Kate Ludwig, Adams, Massachusetts (MA), US, None (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

15. Webucator has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Kristin Pemstein, Sacramento, California (CA), US, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

16. From the very beginning of the class I found myself saying, "oh wow!" The instructor was SO knowledgeable, and was very flexible, covering the topics we needed and answering our questions.

Sarah Bailey, New York, New York (NY), US, Hachette Book Group (Advanced Google Analytics)

17. You could easily tell that our instructor knew Google Analytics very well. We didn't ask one question that she didn't have a solution to! I'd overwhelmingly recommend her as a GA instructor!

Claire Alloway, San Francisco, California (CA), US, Intrax (Comprehensive Google Analytics Training)

18. Very beneficial. I will take more classes in the future.

Loria Heerensperger, Lynnwood, Washington (WA), US, Washington Dairy Products Commission (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

19. The combination of professional-level training materials and a live instructor are invaluable in explaining some of these more advanced topics.

Tom Eldredge, Middleburg, Florida (FL), US, CUnet, LLC (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

20. This class definitely got me up and running. I am already signed up for the advanced class.

Tahnya Huneidi, Vancouver, Washington (WA), US, Clark College (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

21. The instructor did a wonderful job teaching a difficult subject. I feel much better after taking this class, and I can take this information back to my office and use it right away. Thanks so much.

Ashley Burross, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, MSEC (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

22. Google Analytics is constantly changing. This class helps get the basics under your belt so the changes are easier to work through.

Michelle Cable-Collins, Norcross, Georgia (GA), US, FIS (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

23. Very useful and helpful training.

Alex Perez, Orlando, Florida (FL), US, Travelclick (Advanced Google Analytics)

24. Great course for anyone wanting to learn more about Google Analytics and how to use it.

Dave Jons Jons, Bonner Springs, Kansas (KS), US, Dairy Agenda Today (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

25. The experience was excellent and I would highly recommend it to others. Looking forward to taking another course in the near future.

Scott Braun, Matthews, North Carolina (NC), US, Tangible Solutions, Inc. (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

26. Intelligently presented training with a talented and informed instructor made this training a valuable experience.

Teresa Krueger, Bridgewater, New Jersey (NJ), US, Brother International Corporation (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

27. Enjoyed the class! Great instructor and interesting material. Would defintely sign up for other classes with Webucator.

Anita Abbatacola, Park Ridge, Illinois (IL), US, American Society of Anesthesiologists (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

28. It was fantastic to learn and get comfortable with Google Analytics wearing my slippers.

Cliff Arceneaux, Jemison, Alabama (AL), US, n/a (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

29. I really like Webucator. Instructors are very knowledgeable and adapt to the way the class is going depending on the attendees. A lot of good stuff and tips.

Gerardo Melendrez, Henderson, Nevada (NV), US, Global Payments (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

30. The Introduction to Google Analytics was comprehensive, clear and provided step-by-step examples based on real world scenarios.

Crystal Davenport, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, PCA (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

31. My instructor was knowledgeable and patient. I learned more in 2 days than I could have done on my own in weeks. I feel ready to use this tool in my daily life and improve my business website as a result.

Kathleen Mortimer, weston, Massachusetts (MA), US, n/a (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

32. Webucator has surpassed all of my expectations! After attending two very different classes, I can easily say that I've learned a lot, enjoyed the instructors and the platform fits my lifestyle and needs.

Danielle LeBlanc, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, WWF-Canada (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

33. Instructor was amazing.

Clint Sorensen, Duluth, Georgia (GA), US, Entaire Global Companies, Inc. (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

34. The class was exceptional. I was surprised at how effective online training could be.

Clint Sorensen, Duluth, Georgia (GA), US, Entaire Global Companies, Inc. (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

35. The trainer is an extremely competent and thorough instructor who takes time to explain concepts in detail as well as provide real world implementation advice. I highly recommend his courses in Google Analytics for those who are looking to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Aaron Stoddard, Vista, California (CA), US, Amron International (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

36. The class was very helpful and definitely helped me get a better understanding of how Google Analytics works.

Tiffany Mullin, Orlando, Florida (FL), US, DaynerHall (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

37. This is a great class for beginners and for those people who are looking to brush up on their skills. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.

Neil Gogate, Torrance, California (CA), US, OGM (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)

38. The two courses I took this week were great. The interactive classroom delivery and the amount of content was a great help to being able to absorb the most that I could and learn more than I had expected.

Michael Schuler, Maple Grove, Minnesota (MN), US, Schuler Shoes (Advanced Google Analytics (v4))

39. The Google Analytics course gave me a great foundation to be able to examine the data we've already collected and optimize future data collection so that I can fully utilize the powerful feature that GA offers. I was able to get a great handle of the technology through the examples and exercises in this course.

Michael Schuler, Maple Grove, Minnesota (MN), US, Schuler Shoes (Introduction to Google Analytics Training)