JavaScript Testimonials

These 49 testimonials prove that our clients love our JavaScript classes.

You will too!

1. I really enjoyed the Node.js course. It was very professionally done and I learned a massive amount. I am excited to go off and start building things with everything I used.

Paul Livesey, Beijing, X (xCN), CN, Keystone Academy (Node.js Software Development Training)

2. If you want to learn at a perfect pace with helpful and knowledgeable instructors, Webucator is the way to go!

Gina Halliwell, North Kingstown, Rhode Island (RI), US, Falvey Insurance Group (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

3. The instructor's teaching style made the material interesting to learn. The layout of the training manual made it easy to understand various concepts.

Angela Toppins, Genesco Inc. (Introduction to Angular Programming Training)

4. The instructor patiently and thoroughly walked us through the new paradigms required to develop in Angular. With her real world experience, she was able to support the training with examples that helped our development team learn and understand the language.

Cliff Beckwith, Carolina Container (Introduction to Angular Programming Training)

5. I would really like to express my thanks to the instructors for their time, patience and enthusiasm for teaching this course in a highly professional manner.

Wayne Lombardo, East Hanover, New Jersey (NJ), US, BAE Systems (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

6. Learned more from this class than any other resource.

Jahan Hussaini, Atlanta, Georgia (GA), US, Safe-Guard Products International LLC (Introduction to Angular Programming Training)

7. I learned a lot from this course. The Q&A was amazing!

Hassan Khan, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Morningstar (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

8. I just finished my second Webucator JavaScript oriented class and have been very pleased with the content and the instructor's abilities.

Ben Wesley, Austin, Texas (TX), US, TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

9. Well worth the money. The materials and trainer exemplified enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject matter.

Jennifer Stanley, Rochester, New Hampshire (NH), US, Albany International Corp (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

10. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced.

Greg Bickal, Grant Wood AEA (Node.js Software Development Training)

11. Great pace and the instructors who are awesome at keeping you involved!

DeMario McGhee, Hanover, Maryland (MD), US, OPS Consulting (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

12. One of the best courses I've taken. Excellent instructor.

Michael Slocombe, Comcast Corporation (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

13. My Instructor made the experience of learning programming enjoyable and easy. Kudos!

Kyle Towers, BLM (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

14. This course is great for those wanting to learn JavaScript.

Jamar Meadows, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, CBC Companies (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

15. Great introduction to Angular.js.

Zach Gill, CoBank (AngularJS Training)

16. Great class and material. Instructor was very knowledgeable!

Michael Brown, Frederick, Maryland (MD), US, Johns Hopkins (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

17. In four days this course provided me with the essential tools I needed to do my job well and a wealth of resources at my fingertips as I grow as a web administrator. The interactive learning style is great, I would absolutely take a course with Webucator in the future!

Andrea Shaw, Madison, Wisconsin (WI), US, The Alliance (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

18. I really enjoyed the Intro to JavaScript class. The instructor was very knowledgable and fun!

Daniel Kinnunen, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

19. The instructor did a great job. She was thorough and patient with us as we learned about HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Liliana Torres, Princeton Junction, New Jersey (NJ), US, Local Wisdom, Inc. (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

20. Webucator took the time to customize the training to meet our needs. The instructor was excellent and continued to use examples pertinent to us.

Alex Yohn, Morgantown, West Virginia (WV), US, West Virginia University (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

21. Taking Introduction to JavaScript Training has given me a good basis to continue my interests in JavaScript. I have more confidence now and our instructor was just a constant source of sunshine and encouragement.

Michael Truong, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, The SPi Group (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

22. With Webucator I was able learn the skills I needed to succeed in my new technology based job.

Elek Cseh, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, AvTrax (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

23. The demos were good and challenging. The instructor was very enthusiastic and passionate about JavaScript.

Robert Dove, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, Grange Insurance (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

24. I have taken several online classes, but this instructor-led one finally got the information to make sense in my head.

Sharon Logan, Richmond, Virginia (VA), US, Henrico County Public Library (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

25. Good course covering many JavaScript features and real-world issues with browser compatibility and work-arounds.

Larry Talley, Juneau, Alaska (AK), US, NOAA Fisheries (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

26. This was my first class with Webucator. They were professional and comparable to any of my corporate sponsored classes. The pace of the class was great and the instructor well informed of the class materials.

Lisa Darrah, novi, Michigan (MI), US, Autodesk, Inc. (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

27. Fantastic Instructor. I did not think an online course could be this fun.

Ahmed Shariff, Mississauga, Ontario (ON), CA, Katz Group Canada (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

28. For programming specific courses, I would say that this is better than in-class instructors. The feedback that can be given and received from other students when screen sharing is invaluable.

Mike Chan, Ottawa, Ontario (ON), CA, Elections Canada (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

29. Thanks for the training. I will definitely be considering Webucator for my future training needs.

John Langley, New Haven, Indiana (IN), US, Sharetec Systems, Inc. (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

30. My learning experience was flexibly tailored to fit my particular needs of managing websites and understanding the languages of website development. The course material is content rich and I was given extra material for future reference ...Thanks!

Rob Rogers, Napa, California (CA), US, devi mandir (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

31. Webucator was easy to set up and I enjoyed the class.

Holly Sprunger, Golden, Colorado (CO), US, TechLaw, Inc. (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

32. Webucator is really exceptional in providing high-quality technical training courses. Every time we take a class with them, we are assured of getting our money's worth because of excellent instructors. Classes are well-organized and the course materials are very informative and easy to follow.

Rey de los Reyes, Richmond, California (CA), US, Social Security Administration (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

33. The Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript class is great for beginners who have had some exposure to editing website content. I definitely got my money's worth! The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Keisha Rivers, Lancaster, Texas (TX), US, HyperCube (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

34. Webucator is a great way to focus on a skill and come away with valuable, working knowledge.

Brad Johnson, Berkeley, California (CA), US, Democratic Direct (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

35. The instructor did a fabulous job for having a class full of people with all different skill levels! I highly recommend this class!

Michelle Taylor, Golden Valley, Minnesota (MN), US, UnitedHealthcare Inc. (Introduction to JavaScript Training)


Ashok Chhetri, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), US, n/a (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

37. I have taken several classes from Webucator and each time I have come away with increased knowledge and skills that I can put to use right away.

Gary Staggs, PORTLAND, Oregon (OR), US, Intel Corporation (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

38. By far the best online learning experience I've ever had!

Tirso Bustamante, Nipomo, California (CA), US, n/a (Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

39. Can't wait until next class.

Carlos Agosto, Corona, New York (NY), US, non (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

40. Fantastic class! Perfectly paced. Thank you.

Erica McCarty, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (NJ), US, L'Oreal USA (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

41. I truly enjoyed my Advanced Javascript Programming class. The instructor's breadth of information added credibility for the training and the trainer. I did come away with a better understanding of Advanced JavaScript techniques and I feel that those skills will only further enhance my job performance. Great class.

Wanda Garcia, Columbia, Maryland (MD), US, Howard Community College (Advanced JavaScript Programming)

42. A great value with straight to the point education.

Jimmy Frost, Gilbert, Arizona (AZ), US, Infusionsoft (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

43. My experience with the online class was very detailed and fun. The 3 days went very fast but were informative.

Steven Kelley, Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI), US, ProQuest (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

44. Introduction to JavaScript is a great class with material that is easy to use and learn from. Information for the online class setup was detailed and precise so that you are ready to start training on schedule. Compared to another online course that I took from another company, Webucator is world class with their customer service, trainers and training material. Thank you.

Shelly McCray, Wichita, Kansas (KS), US, self-employed trainer (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

45. The trainer was fun and very knowledgeable in her craft. She made the course easy and fun to learn.

Linda Tom, Redondo Beach, California (CA), US, Teleflora, LLC (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

46. The instructor rocks. She is the best online instructor I have ever had. I got more out of this class than I could have possibly imagined. I am looking forward to the advanced class.

Tasha Lockett, Carson City, Nevada (NV), US, Nevada Dept of Taxation (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

47. The JavaScript introductory class was very good, mostly due to the very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor.

Carol-Ann Manfria, Mahwah, New Jersey (NJ), US, Stryker Orthopaedics (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

48. Webucator completely demystified the otherwise ambiguous nature of JavaScript and presented it in scenarios that were easy to follow and germane to modern-day business needs. The instructor exerted every effort to ensure the students' comprehension and enjoyment of the class materials. I would highly recommend Webucator as a primary training opportunity.

Jeffrey Shoemaker, New Castle, Delaware (DE), US, HSBC (Introduction to JavaScript Training)

49. The instructor had an excellent way of explaining the topics from the manual. This class was exactly what I was looking for.

James Porzse, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN), US, CIBER (Introduction to JavaScript Training)