Microsoft Access Testimonials

These 69 testimonials prove that our clients love our Microsoft Access classes.

You will too!

1. Our Webucator instructor was very informative, accommodating and helpful.

Tonya Wondolowski, Professional Aircraft Accessories (Introduction to Microsoft Access)

2. I was very pleased with the quality of the instruction and the willingness of the instructor to interact with the class and use our company data to practice our new skills.

Jon Clarke, Professional Aircraft Accessories (Introduction to Microsoft Access)

3. Excellent course! Phenomenal instructor!

Emily Wiechmann, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) (Microsoft Access 2016 MOS Certification Training - Live)

4. The Comprehensive Microsoft Access 2016 Training was great! I can't wait to take what I learned and apply it to creating a database for work!

Sara Arps, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) (Microsoft Access 2016 MOS Certification Training - Live)

5. I loved the instructor. She kept it fun, interesting, and I definitely learned a lot from her. I'm excited to put my new knowledge to work!

Kylie Woodruff, San Francisco, California (CA), US, NCVA (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

6. I have enjoyed both courses I have taken and hope to do more.

Rachel Chudoba, OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (OK), US, JUMP Technology Services (Advanced Access - old)

7. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in learning new skills.

Derrick Crawford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Fox Chase Cancer Center (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

8. Excellent course designed to meet the needs of a true Microsoft Access beginner.

Ian Musa, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, Department of Justice (DOJ) (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

9. Webucator always delivers, the course work is spot on and informative.

Garry Green, Quantico, Virginia (VA), US, Marine Corps Operational Test & Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) (Advanced Access - old)

10. This course is a great introduction to Microsoft Access and will give you the tools to start creating your own database! A great instructor with plenty of energy and knowledge!

Ameerah Harris, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Johnson & Johnson (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

11. Great course for understanding the basics and getting you ready to stand on your own two feet with Access.

Nicole Russo, Vernon Hills, Illinois (IL), US, Johnson & Johnson (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

12. I really learned a lot about MS Access and would recommend this course to anyone.

Marcellia Kemp, Bethesda, Maryland (MD), US, Econometrica Inc (Introduction to Microsoft Access - old)

13. The VBA instructor is very thorough, encourages participation in a fun way, and knows the material inside and out!

Heather Mayweather, Cleco (Access Programming with VBA)

14. My Webucator Course introduced me to new concepts and ways to design applications to make my days more efficient. I look forward to another course in the future.

Sonja Shaw, Houston, Texas (TX), US, ABM Industries, Inc (Advanced Access - old)

15. I was impressed with the instructor's knowledge and was so glad that she took the time to answer my specific questions.

Shana Webb, Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), US, Wells Fargo (Advanced Access - old)

16. Instructor was fantastic. She took the time to answer all of our questions.

Phillip Alvarez, Spring Valley, California (CA), US, Rady Children's Hospital (Advanced Access - old)


Andrea Tijerina, San Diego, California (CA), US, Rady Children's Hospital (Advanced Access - old)

18. The place to take future courses.

Eid El-Debes, Richmond Hill, Ontario (ON), CA, CGI (Access Programming with VBA)

19. Instructor is a pro, the best!

Paul Kirsch, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

20. This was worth the time just for the tips and tricks.

Belinda Drygalski, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Sargent & Lundy (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

21. Class was great. So much information. Instructor did an outstanding job in answering all my questions.

Jenny Riley, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen (Advanced Access - old)

22. The Introduction to Access 2010 Class exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

Josh Williamson, Bakersfield, California (CA), US, Nunhems (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

23. I thought this class was well worth the money and the time. Can't wait to take the next levels (3 and 4) of Access 2007. The instructor was able to hold my attention and was able to teach very well.

Craig Howell, Richland, Washington (WA), US, Vista Engineering (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

24. I really enjoyed the instructor and working in my own environment with my own computer.

Tammy Reed, FORT WORTH, Texas (TX), US, PDX (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

25. Great class. I can't wait to sign up for the Advanced course.

Daniela DiMiceli, Middletown, New Jersey (NJ), US, n/a (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

26. Excellent Advanced MS Access course!!!

Maja Shkolnik, Toronto, Ontario (ON), CA, Hydro One (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

27. I needed formal training in Access to help run our company's custom database. This course helped explain a lot of procedures and greatly enhanced my understanding of setting up a database.

Douglas Norwood, Olathe, Kansas (KS), US, Custom Storefronts, inc. (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

28. High quality, industry focused instruction in a format that is convenient for working professionals.

Justin Linden, New Lisbon, Wisconsin (WI), US, Walker (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

29. Take this course, it's awesome!

Larry Budd, Boise, Idaho (ID), US, ExecuTrain (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

30. Great training format. Very interactive and lots of hands on exercises. I especially liked the times when we were able to share our desktops for the instructor to give direct feedback on the exercises.

David Schow, Littleton, Colorado (CO), US, tw telecom (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

31. The instructor was excellent instructor. I got a lot out of the class that will definitely help me with Access for my job.

Ryan Bosna, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Premier, Inc. (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

32. I was excited to find this training. The online method worked well with my schedule and allowed me to learn the information that I needed right from the comfort of my own home. The entire process was easy from enrollment to actually taking the class.

Dana Mitchell, Newnan, Georgia (GA), US, Creative Advantage Consulting (Access: VBA Programming Training)

33. The Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010 class was both detailed and informative. It gave a high level view while also getting into specifics on certain aspects that we can use in our everyday jobs. The class was catered to what we wanted/needed to know.

Josh Reich, Delware, Ohio (OH), US, Greif, Inc (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

34. This was a very thorough class. The instructor has a very exceptional knowledge base and ability to make everyone who is willing to learn an expert!

Derek Imig, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV), US, Nevada Army National Guard (Comprehensive Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

35. Have taken both the Intro and Advanced Microsoft Access 2010 classes from Webucator and I have learned so much.

Josh Williamson, Bakersfield, California (CA), US, Nunhems (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

36. Great Class and instructor. More detailed than I anticipated.

Rita Wilson, Tampa, Florida (FL), US, Cornerstone (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

37. Loved the class. Learned a lot. Instructor was awesome. GREAT COURSE.

Deanna Husband, Marietta, Georgia (GA), US, frederick j hanna (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

38. A great alternative to site visits and traveling. My instructor was very knowledgeable and the online meeting interface was simple and easy to use. Everything you need to take the course is provided.

Jill Wack, Warsaw, Indiana (IN), US, DePuy (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

39. The class was excellent.

Lucille Coates, Houston, Texas (TX), US, DePelchin Children's Center (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

40. Instructor knowledge and ability to answer any and all questions was outstanding. Would definitely come here again for my training needs.

Clyde Bower, Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), US, City of Charlotte (Access: VBA Programming Training)

41. I was really happy that in 3 days I could fully immerse myself in Access and learn so many things. The experience has energized me and given me fresh perspective on how to improve our business processes. Webucator is a wonderful experience. I will be back for more!

Julie Pomerville, Plymouth, Michigan (MI), US, DuPont Performance Coatings (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

42. This class is very informative and the instructor was excellent.

Karla Bunyan, Palm Springs, Florida (FL), US, Health Care District of Palm Beach County (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

43. This three-day class is perfect for targeting and improving specific work skills. The instructor was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Rhonda Robinson, Prescott, Arizona (AZ), US, Jacobs Engineering (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

44. This course provided me with an excellent foundation in VBA and I'll be able to use the knowledge regularly.

Aaron Shanahan, Kent, Washington (WA), US, The Robbins Company (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

45. Very enjoyable way to attend class. I learned a lot and am looking forward to taking another class.

Terri Burrous, Brighton, Colorado (CO), US, United Power Inc (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

46. I didn't think I could learn in an online class. I was amazed at how well the information flowed. I would definitely do this again.

Mary Harald, Chisago City, Minnesota (MN), US, Ecolab, Inc. (Access: VBA Programming Training)

47. This was my first time using Webucator and I enjoyed the experience. I learned so much in 3 days.

Jenny Riley, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

48. Webucator offers a great learning experience for the busy professional who needs to keep up with different programs and technologies.

Maria Suarez, El Paso, Texas (TX), US, Emergence Health Network (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

49. There is no better way than through Webucator to maintain your education in this fast paced world!

Sean Gilmore, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

50. Far superior to other classes we have taken!

Debbie Kurzhals, St. Louis, Missouri (MO), US, Power Engineers (Advanced Access - old)

51. This was my first Webucator class. The class was great and the instructor was fabulous!

Tiffany Schroeder, Beloit, Kansas (KS), US, MCPC (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

52. Great training experience!! Instructor ROCKS!!!

Jolynn Kuser, Irving, Texas (TX), US, Boy Scouts of America (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

53. Webucator - a great way to learn and still be at the office.

Sharon Callahan, Cleveland, Ohio (OH), US, Case Western Reserve University (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

54. Best online class ever.

Antonio Baxter, Sacramento, California (CA), US, California Department of Public Health (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

55. A semester's worth of class in one solid, easy-to-follow, day!

Nathan Woolard, Edmond, Oklahoma (OK), US, University of Central Oklahoma (Access: VBA Programming Training)

56. This the best advanced class ever. The teacher is great.

Carlette Daye, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, US Census Bureau (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

57. Great class!!

Tracy Williamson, Graniteville, South Carolina (SC), US, DOE-SR (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

58. Best web class I have ever been part of! Thank you Webucator!

Rebecca Fair, LeMoyne, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Eastern District of the EFCA (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

59. Excellent instructor. Full of enthusiasm. Great course.

Tracy Williamson, Graniteville, South Carolina (SC), US, DOE-SR (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

60. Really enjoyed the Webucator system and how the class was delivered.

Curtis Corder, Lubbock, Texas (TX), US, Xcel Energy Inc. (Access 2010 Programming with VBA)

61. Extremely helpful course. Great instructor!

Steve Dorsey, Jacksonville, Florida (FL), US, Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida) (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

62. Way to go! Easy to log on and easy way to learn!

Andrea Tijerina, San Diego, California (CA), US, Rady Children's Hospital (Advanced Microsoft Access 2010)

63. This is a very informative and easy class to learn!

Annette Rangel, Dallas, Texas (TX), US, Parkland Memorial Hospital (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

64. Introduction to Access was an excellent class, and thoroughly enjoyable! The class size was small enough to get personal attention, and even though I have had some exposure to Access, I learned a lot. The instructor was knowledgeable enough to give tips and explanations that went beyond the lesson books.

Carrie Armenta, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, Oaktree Capital Management (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

65. How Cool Is That! To be able to learn an entire program in 3 days right from your desk or home office!

Carol Ann Nash, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

66. Great way to Train! A very comfortable setting for learning new information.

Mary Lynnes, Lake Forest, Illinois (IL), US, Trustmark Companies (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010)

67. Excellent instructor, does a great job making it accessible and understandable.

Kathryn Huntsman, Fulton, Texas (TX), US, School of Excellence in Education (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

68. This will enhance my abilities greatly. I am looking forward to using what I have learned in this course to make my data needs much easier to handle. I feel the course was very detailed and I especially enjoyed the hands-on learning.

Patricia Seaney, Spring Valley, California (CA), US, Rady Children's Hospital (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)

69. I came in with questions and the instructor took the time to go over those areas with extra care when they were addressed within the curriculum. I also had a question that was not intended to be covered, but she still took the time to go over the topic with me and explain it as thoroughly as if it were part of the course!

Amanda Furtado, Nantucket, Massachusetts (MA), US, Nantucket Community Sailing (Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007 Training)