Java Fundamentals Testimonials

These 54 testimonials prove that our clients love our Java Fundamentals classes.

You will too!

1. I've been using Java for several months and Webucator's Intermediate Java course filled a lot of important holes in my knowledge. I feel much more confident going forward and am excited to put what I learned into practice!

Michael Lee, Chicago, Illinois (IL), US, Chicago Trading Company (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

2. I really enjoyed the course.

Michael Douglas, St. Petersburg, Florida (FL), US, GD-OTS (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

3. I found this course to be well worth taking, and I also found the instructor to be extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. The course material and topics covered are a great start to learning Java.

Scott Helfrich, Akron, Ohio (OH), US, Signet Jewelers (Introduction to Java Training)

4. The course material was presented at a good pace and the labs helped me see how the concepts that were presented actually work in practice.

Dan Dougherty, Allentown, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Andesa Services (Java Testing with JUnit 5)

5. My company looked at a few different online courses before eventually settling on Webucator's course. After taking the course, I know we made the right decision.

Arthur Parisi, Allentown, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Andesa Services (Using Java 8's New Features)

6. Equivalent to setting in a classroom. One of the most educational classes I have attended in a long time. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and easy to understand.

Michael Rutherford, Dripping Springs, Texas (TX), US, TJJD (Introduction to Java Training)

7. The Intro to Java course was fast-paced, informative, and thorough. You will get far more out of this course than you expect. I highly recommend it.

Nadine Miner, Albuquerque, New Mexico (NM), US, Sandia National Laboratories (Introduction to Java Training)

8. Very knowledgeable instructor and good material to follow along with.

James McMullen, United States Air Force (USAF) (Introduction to Java Testing)

9. I took Java for Programmers. Having someone with decades of experience in the industry as an instructor is a formidable benefit. We could ask questions about tangential languages, to relate it to Java. Immensely Helpful.

Jeremy Johnson, Juneau, Alaska (AK), US, State of Alaska - Division of Retirement & Benefits (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

10. Great content and instructor - way better than another Java training class that I took in the past. You'll learn more than simply superficial programming. The instructor goes into detail 'underneath the hood'.

Margarete Huang, Advantest (Introduction to Java Training)

11. Great class to truly get a great foundation and good feel for Java programming.

Brent Bullock, Advantest (Introduction to Java Training)

12. Great instructor! Great class!

Brian Skahill, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Introduction to Java Training)

13. Great class. Lots of great information. Amazing teacher.

Stephen Wahrenberger, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, CBC Companies (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

14. This was a great course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who (like me) comes from a C/C++ background and wants to get up to speed in Java.

Greg Thompson, Columbus, Ohio (OH), US, CBC Companies (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

15. Instructor was very engaging and clearly has thorough knowledge of materials (Java 8 new features).

Jonathan Hughes, Leidos, Inc. (Using Java 8's New Features)

16. I was looking for a JAVA crash course and not only did this class meet those expectations, but exceeded them. I gained a richer understanding of the JAVA language which better equips me for my job.

June Ellern, Reno, Nevada (NV), US, IGT (Introduction to Java Training)

17. This training was an excellent introduction into the fundamentals of Java. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to answer questions with the confidence that only an expert could exude. There was a lot of information to cover, but I never felt rushed or like I was falling behind.

Andy Garcia, San Francisco, California (CA), US, IGT (Introduction to Java Training)

18. I learned so much in just one week. I highly recommend Webucator.

Tina Welch, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Foot Locker (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

19. This was a great course!

Andre Fredette, Cary, North Carolina (NC), US, Red Hat (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

20. The class was highly valuable for me.

Kenneth Brewer, Chula Vista, California (CA), US, CareFusion (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

21. Very informative and thorough. The instructor really knows his stuff!

Chris Gabel, Victoria, British Columbia (BC), CA, BC OnLine (Java Security Training)

22. One of the best classes I've taken. I wish this was my Java class during college!

Ramon West, Montgomery, Alabama (AL), US, IndraSoft, Inc. (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

23. I really enjoyed taking the Intermediate Java Programming course. Couldn't ask for better support. The instructor was fantastic. Two thumbs all the way up for the whole experience!

Tyron West, Montgomery, Alabama (AL), US, IndraSoft, Inc. (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

24. Webucator was extremely professional and easy to work with. I interviewed many training providers and Webucator was able to deliver the best, onsite, customized training and the best trainer at the most reasonable price.

Jeff Hegedus, Indianapolis, Indiana (IN), US, Raytheon (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

25. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and feel that it was very educational for me.

Ginri Jordan, Conway, South Carolina (SC), US, HTC (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

26. There is no better place online to get exceptional service and Java techniques, that apply to the real world, than here!

David Martin, Conway, South Carolina (SC), US, Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

27. I'm looking forward to getting back to work so I can start using some of this!

Daniel Richardson, San Antonio, Texas (TX), US, United States Air Force (USAF) (Introduction to Java Training)

28. Explained the material in detail when required.

Mohammad Baig, Sarasota, Florida (FL), US, Andesa Services, Inc (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

29. The instructor did a great job meeting our needs!

Keith Lineberry, Houston, Texas (TX), US, NetIQ Corporation (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

30. Great Training! Knowledgeable instructor and great course books!

Amy Prior, West Lafayette, Indiana (IN), US, Purdue University (Introduction to Java Training)

31. Instructor obviously knows his Java! Not only did he teach the Java language clearly and concisely, but he also covered Object Oriented Programming concepts as well as Best Practices. A very good class. I really enjoyed it!

Craig Cecil, Madison, Alabama (AL), US, Intergraph Corporation (Introduction to Java Training)

32. Excellent class! Would definitely recommend to others. Have wanted to take a good Java class for awhile and now I have done that.

Tanja Davidson, Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), US, NC State University (Introduction to Java Training)

33. The instructor was outstanding. His knowledge and presentation skills were perfect for our Java class.

Dan Wilt, N/A, Pennsylvania (PA), US, U.S. District Court (Introduction to Java Training)

34. Simply put this was the best online class I have ever taken.

Kevin Miller, WPAFB, Ohio (OH), US, NASIC (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

35. Excellent course with good, relevant materials.

Michael Adams, Carmel, Indiana (IN), US, CNO Services, LLC (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

36. Excellent next step from Java for Beginners. Great instruction.

Sean Coburn, Los Angeles, California (CA), US, Intuit (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

37. The instructor moved at a very manageable, easy-to-follow pace. Not only was our instructor always available for additional help but encouraged questions throughout the lecture. Overall a 10/10.

Matthew Coleman, McLean, Virginia (VA), US, Six3 Intelligence Solutions (Introduction to Java Training)

38. Well worth the money! Learned more than expected!

Nick Piscopio, Wayne, Pennsylvania (PA), US, LifeScan (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Training with UML)

39. Online training is a fine learning tool, and here we have a fine team preparing and presenting.

Jeremy Johnson, Juneau, Alaska (AK), US, State of Alaska - Division of Retirement & Benefits (Introduction to Java Training)

40. I have taken a few online programming classes but Webucator is the only one where I feel 100% comfortable with the material after the class.

Elek Cseh, Denver, Colorado (CO), US, AvTrax (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

41. Webucator courses are an excellent learning tool for improving your technical skills. The teachers have incredible work experiences making the training material relevant for today's increasingly complex work assignments.

Maria Costa, sufern, New York (NY), US, vzw (Introduction to Java Training)

42. The class I took was very intuitive as well as a pleasant experience.

Paul Leitold, Horsham, Pennsylvania (PA), US, Catalyst360 (Introduction to Java Training)

43. The instructor did a great job meeting our needs!

Keith Lineberry, Houston, Texas (TX), US, NetIQ Corporation (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

44. The Introduction to Java Training was a great way to bring me up to speed with OO programming in Java. There were plenty of examples and the instructor was always willing to give guidance and help on any questions.

Kingston Ko, Wayne, Pennsylvania (PA), US, MEDecision, Inc. (Introduction to Java Training)

45. The Webucator Introduction to Java course has been a wonderful hands on training course. In just one week I feel more than comfortable with all that Java has to offer. Excellent course. Thank you!!

Edward Booker, Wayne, Pennsylvania (PA), US, MEDecision, Inc. (Introduction to Java Training)

46. The Intro to Java course gave me the clearest understanding of Java structuring that I have been able to find.

William Morris, Zebulon, North Carolina (NC), US, unemployed (Introduction to Java Training)

47. Great Courses, Great Instructors.

Erika Martinez-Burns, Lacombe, Alberta (AB), CA, Agriculture Financial Services Corportation (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Training with UML)

48. Webucator provided a strong base for any Java developer.

David Hinds, College Station, Texas (TX), US, K2Share, LLC (Introduction to Java Training)

49. Webucator is a very good way to learn IT related courseware. The exercises and the accompanying printed material were clear and concise. They are all professional, from the Marketing person to the Support group. The best part was that my instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. If I am to learn something new again, I will definitely choose Webucator.

Nathalie Pante, Humble, Texas (TX), US, Galena Park ISD (Introduction to Java Training)

50. Excellent course materials, very well delivered. I'm definitely going to take more of their classes.

Steve Dubin, Newton, Massachusetts (MA), US, self-employed trainer (Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers)

51. This is my 2nd class with Webucators and my experience was as good as the first one (Java for Beginners). The instructor was good and knowledgeable.The class was good and the labs and activities in the class really help to understand the concepts better.

Oscar Avila, Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM), US, NM Administrative Office of the Courts (JID) (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

52. The trainer had a wealth of information and did a great job presenting the material without reading it to us. He really knows the topic and can communicate it effectively.

Lynne Steele, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), US, Federal Election Commission (Intermediate/Advanced Java (Java 11+) Training)

53. Gave a good base to start learning Java. Now I have a better understanding of how our Java applications work. I feel more confident that I can eventually become a Java pro. I would take more Webucator classes.

Shiju Daniel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), US, City of Philadelphia District Attorney's Office (Introduction to Java Training)

54. The instructor's insight and corporate experience were key in my satisfaction with the course. Excellent facilitator.

Rick Lentz, Annapolis Junction, Maryland (MD), US, ITT Corporation (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Training with UML)