Dreamweaver Testimonials

These 15 testimonials prove that our clients love our Dreamweaver classes.

You will too!

1. Webucator provides an in-classroom feel without the desk. You get a hands-on learning environment with excellent instructors.

Kjersten Fisher, Sartell, Minnesota (MN), US, St. Cloud Federal Credit Union (Introduction to Dreamweaver Training)

2. Excellent experience with Webucator.

Phillippe Dessaint-Ash, Gatineau, Quebec (QC), CA, Government of Canada (Introduction to Dreamweaver Training)

3. Course was informative, instructor was engaging, and pacing was perfect. Would definitely take another course with Webucator.

Johnnie Kaldor, Suffolk, Virginia (VA), US, U.S. Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (Advanced Dreamweaver CS6 Training)

4. Really enjoy courses with Webucator. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I love how classes go on regardless of class size!

Andrea Faris, Kansas City, Missouri (MO), US, U.S. Courts (Introduction to Dreamweaver Training)

5. The instructor is very knowledgeable and kept the class moving at a steady pace. He provided great reference materials as well, which I love!

Andrea Faris, Kansas City, Missouri (MO), US, U.S. Courts (HTML and CSS Primer)

6. I've used Dreamweaver before, but never had the background in HTML. This was exactly what I needed -- now I can see the big picture.

Carol Youtz, Boise, Idaho (ID), US, ExecuTrain of Idaho (HTML and CSS Primer)

7. This course was very well-paced, easy to understand, and it made building a website seem like less of a daunting task!

Kristen Corey, Des Moines, Iowa (IA), US, Iowa Department of Human Rights (Introduction to Dreamweaver Training)

8. Affordable and easy.

Joe Butler, Wolfe City, Texas (TX), US, Bonham Chrysler (Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6)

9. Instructor is excellent at explaining the course content. She is patient and I feel like I learned enough for a whole semester of college in two days!

Dustin White, Huntington Beach, California (CA), US, Oracle (Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6)

10. This was my first time using Webucator. I really liked the personalized attention and that the instructor was able to incorporate my website into the classroom demos. It made it much easier to apply some of the concepts as it relates to how I will be using them.

Tammy Rosen, Arlington, Virginia (VA), US, Fur-Get Me Not (HTML and CSS Primer)

11. I had a great experience with my first Webucator class. I was impressed with the pace of the class and the material we covered, and the convenience of being in my own home was very nice.

Yumi Schade, Tumwater, Washington (WA), US, Smart Energy Today (HTML and CSS Primer)

12. I was very impressed and pleased with my Webucator experience.

Sheila Selden, Londonderry, Vermont (VT), US, Black River US #39 (HTML and CSS Primer)

13. Great class. Great instructor.

Vera Scott, Encinitas, California (CA), US, n/a (Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6)

14. The instructor was excellent and provided a great fundamental knowledge of Dreamweaver.

Shannon Bryant, Omaha, Nebraska (NE), US, EnergySolutions (Introduction to Dreamweaver Training)

15. Having the on-site training was invaluable. The instructor knew the material inside and out, and tailored the class to our needs. I highly recommend the training.

Tania Whalen, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey (NJ), US, BD (Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6)