Webucator Reviews

1. Great class!!

Tracy Williamson, US Department of Energy, Graniteville SC

2. This is a really good course to start your Oracle career.

Guojian Cai, TD Bank Canada, Mississauga ON

3. Best experience!

Delva Martinez, US Dept of the Interior OSMRE, Denver CO

4. Being able to attend classes remote was such an advantage.

Kathy Rawlings, Edwin JonesCo, Fremont CA

5. This is a great beginners class that provides a general foundation and a first step in learning VBA.

Joe Pfost, Precept Wine, Seattle WA

6. Best Class Ever!

Candi Spicer, Edison Foard,

7. Fun and Infomative. A great class for both Beginners and Advanced SQL users.

Jeremy Mitchell, Granite Telecommunications, Quincy MA

8. Webucator, online courses made fun and easy!

Paul McLaughlin, Premier Source, San Mateo CA

9. While I wasn't expecting to be an expert coming out of this class, I do feel that I was provided with a sufficient overview of WordPress with just enough depth to be able to master it for the task I have to tackle at work.

Patrick O'Shea, Tribune Media Group, Chicago IL

10. With Webucator I was able learn the skills I needed to succeed in my new technology based job.

Elek Cseh, AvTrax, Denver CO

11. Excellent Training, definitely would recommend.

Cristina Alvarez, Miami Children's Hospital, Miami FL

12. This Introduction to Crystal Reports 2011 was exactly what I was looking for in a class. Brian was a great instructor! I highly recommend taking this course.

Alyx Dimino, SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks CA

13. The instructor was informative, patient and truly taught the class where I feel I can use PowerPoint and even as a beginner.

Jasmine Borrego, TELACU Residential Management, Los Angeles CA

14. Connie is a knowledgable high-energy instructor. I will take her classes again in the future!

Heidi Menchaca, Newmeasures, Inc., Boulder CO

15. As a small business we pride ourself on customer service. I received top rate customer service from the instructor that I had. I will definitely take more classes offered.

Karen McNeill, All Coast Therapy, Lady Lake FL

16. This course was very well-paced, easy to understand, and it made building a website seem like less of a daunting task!

Kristen Corey, Iowa Department of Human Rights, Des Moines IA

17. Tracy was fantastic. Learned everything I wanted to know about PowerPoint and will be practicing tomorrow at work on already existing and new presentations.

Pam Tetley, SunGard, Geneva IL

18. This class exceeded my expectations. The instructor was excellent. He was knowledgeable and a great communicator (with a very clear, terrific voice which was a big plus for online classes). This was my first online class and I enjoyed it more than expected.

Sophie Wong, Legislative Data Center, Sacramento CA

19. Great class. Connie is a great instructor.

Vera Scott, n/a, Encinitas CA

20. The course was very helpful, the technology was simple enough to use yet amazing and user friendly. The instructor was really good and very kind and friendly. I am considering other Webucator courses and would recommend Webucator to anyone. Webucator is definitely the best option of further educational class training for me.

Raymond Johnson, n/a, Jacksonville FL

21. Great experience; learned more than I thought possible.

Marilyn Lawler, Jewel Food Stores, Melrose Park IL

22. This course was very helpful in reinforcing and building a solid base of SQL knowledge.

Clifford Hebert, T-Mobile, Bellevue WA

23. The material used and expunged would greatly benefit any one interested in learning excel. The pace and knowledge of the instructor was great

James Moore, Carribbean Utilities Company ltd,

24. Stephanie does a great job facilitating the course through Adobe Illustrator. She knows that program that well. She is informative, professional and fun to be with!

Michael Allevato, The Walt Disney Company, Anaheim CA

25. Webucator made learning the material fun and easy to comprehend. I will definitely request more training from this vendor. Great job Webucator!

Ashley McBride, Hay Group, Arlington VA

26. This was one of the best courses I have every taken. The fact that it was delivered online just puts it "Totally Over The TOP!" AWESOME!

Michael Crawley, Jenai, Wheeling IL

27. Webucators - the best thing since the backspace key.

Eric Robertson, Pennsylvania State Legislative Data Processing Center, Harrisburg PA

28. The Customer Service class is interactive and engaging. I would suggest to anyone with a career in customer service. Excellent Course!

Fran Mosley, Freight Capital, Memphis TN

29. The instructor was great -- flexible to our needs and foibles. Used time well, managing our hiccups. Covered a great deal for an Introductory class. She was excellent at helping us manage our stress levels over this new learning which was complicated (at best) for all 3 of us in the class.

Beth Brannock, ASPCA (NY), Concord CA

30. Great online training.

Monica Smith, Frito Lay, Plano TX

31. I can hardly believe how much I learned in two days. My instructor, Melissa, was knowledgeable, patient, attentive and seemed to really care that we were all "keeping up" with the program. I plan to do another Webucator course as I continue in my education. I highly recommend this program!

Sarah Bazzano, Sonar6, Sausalito CA

32. Excellent quality of instructors and the training exceeded my expectations.

Shane Ketterman, Rewire Digital, Bend OR

33. I'm now advanced in Microsoft Project within 2 days!

Suzanne Hill, PFM Medical, Inc., Carlsbad CA

34. I was skeptical of how much I could learn from an online course. This course exceeded my expectations and the instructor taught in a way that was easy to understand and retain. I was able to talk directly with the instructor just as if we were in the same room. I would definitely recommend this course and the instructor!

Ginger Simpson, Luminex Corp, Austin TX

35. The instructor went beyond my expectations.

Gabriela Egan, Global Impact, Fort Leavenworth KS

36. Great way to learn, I gained a lot.

Richard Auerbach, Personal Memoir Films, Aventura FL

37. Webucator's PL/SQL online class was well worth the time spent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the coursework was detailed enough that I will be able to use it as a reference guide in the future.

Pam Anstey, Vermeer, Ottumwa IA

38. Great classes.

Crisalida Pedro, Wawanesa, Winnipeg MB

39. I was very impressed with both the quality of the material and the excellence of the presenter. I felt like I was studying with a friend.

Lisa Griffin, Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc, San Francisco CA

40. The class absolutely met my expectations, I really learned a lot in just one week.

Laura Lex, Geovera Holdings, Inc., Sheboygan WI

41. If you’re taking a course with Webucator and Connie is your instructor you will learn exactly what is being offered and more.

Joseph Selby, ABM Industries, Houston TX

42. My Webucator class was well done, informative and professional. Top notch material and Instructor. Worth every penny!

David Buck, Fireman's Fund Insurance, New York NY

43. Great instruction, very clear and thorough!

Michael Aguirre, Cogility, laguna beach CA

44. I love that all my questions were answered

Cleveland Madden, NYS Office of Children & Family Services, Albany NY

45. Great class. Very informational and the instructor's knowledge and patience was wonderful.

Pam Babuder, Enterprise Software Development, LLC, Sylvania OH

46. This was an excellent way to learn a program. The instructor was professional and personable and made not only the learning but the explanations for the mistakes made very easy to understand.

Ferne Hassan, AJC, Millburn NJ

47. The class was small and we had wonderful access to the trainer, with a lot of individual attention. The instructor is obviously an expert and was intuitive and quick with an answer or further discussion when we asked questions. The Adobe Connect software was solid which was my main concern. I have been part of many webex and gotoMeeting events that have crashed the server! The chocolates were a nice bonus! ;-)

Margo Palmer, US EPA, Salem MA

48. This was actually better than a classroom environment. I enjoyed being in my own space working with a very qualified and enjoyable teacher. I plan to take all of my intermediate and advanced learning courses through your site. Thanks so very much!

Terry Penn, WebTPA, Irving TX

49. AK made the class much more interactive by using live examples of various Social Media sites. This made the class practical, informative and interesting! This was my first Webucator class and I will definitely be back!

Bill Powers, Bill Powers & Associates, LLC, Mendham NJ

50. I thought the class was very informative and I learned a lot of great tips!


51. I cannot stress enough how helpful this course was! I came into this training not knowing much about the product. Now I feel confident that I can accomplish my company's tasks.

Joe Philippus, Aspect, Brentwood TN

52. Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I really like the online format and feel that it was just as effective (perhaps more so) than actual in-classroom training.

Amy Gilbert, University of Texas HSC, Houston TX

53. Webucator classes are easy and convenient, being online, and the instructors are always experts in their field answering all questions.

Charles Brown, self, New Milford NJ

54. "Wonderful training that I can take information from and apply to work the same day."

Ada Cortes, Regional Water Authority, New Haven CT

55. This class was wonderfully informative and the teacher was patient and helpful!

Jessica Stollenmaier, Disciplined Minds Tutoring, Tampa FL

56. Experienced, patient, informative instructors, great web format, up to date, and relevant information. What more could I ask for?!

Heather Kenworthy, State of Wyoming - DEQ, Cheyenne WY

57. The format and style of Webucator's online training is very fluid and easy to follow, and yet I learned a lot of new content.

Katherine Sas, The Fredric Rieders Family Renaissance Foundation, Willow Grove PA

58. Webucator is a great tool for introducing yourself to Technical Training. Instead of learning on the fly at a job, or on your own, the classes Webucator offers and the level of training is worth the time and money! I highly recommend this type of learning.

April Dickson, IEHP, Redlands CA

59. Very enjoyable way to attend class. I learned a lot and am looking forward to taking another class.

Terri Burrous, United Power Inc, Brighton CO

60. A wonderful, basic, introduction to SQL queries. I look forward to attending the advanced class. Melissa is a wonderful instructor who genuinely cares about her students understanding.

Susan Davidson, Texas Health Resources, Flower Mound TX

61. This course provided a unique mix of in-depth explanation of basics, novelty, challenge, and interactivity.

Assia Alexandrova, City of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale FL

62. The web course are a nice and effective approach to business training.

Robert Stevens, SonyDADC, Terre Haute IN

63. Although I come for a MSSQL background and required to do development with PL/SQL, I found that the class did help make sense of what I was developing. It also helped in transitioning my thinking from TSQL to PL/SQL.

Cheryl McLaughlin, Shamrock Foods,

64. Chris had great information to share and seemed knowledgeable in many different areas, not just project management. Thanks for sharing that knowledge with me in a way that made your class relevant to my situation.

Sandy Lanning, American Century Investments, Kansas City MO

65. The flexibility that Webucator provides is excellent and unique;

Nollie Gildow-Owens, Dept of Interior/BOEM, Tucson AZ

66. AK Stout helped turn our bunch of twits into knowledgeable tweeters

Aaron Gower, Summer Discovery, Roslyn NY

67. Great class on a necessary but little understood subject. I received input from a knowledgeable, personable instructor that tailored the course to my situational needs.

Dennis Cash, Tri County Technology Center, Bartelsville OK

68. I learned a lot about how to use MS Project in a short period of time. This class was a great crash course in the basics that I needed!

Lauren Henry, Booz Allen Hamilton, Annapolis Junction MD

69. Instructor was amazing

Clint Sorensen, Entaire Global Companies, Inc., Duluth GA

70. This is a great way to get the training you need

Gary Hamm, URS Corporation, Denver CO

71. I cannot imagine anyone being more knowledgeable than my instructor on this class...it was like she had written the very programs that she was instructing me on! I feel like I got an entire college semester of education in just two days.

Shelby Coleman, Fresno County Federal Credit Union, Fresno CA

72. Really got a lot out of this class. Loved being in my own environment but also having class and trainer interaction. I will definitely use this provider in the future.

Stephanie Glorioso, Ward & Moore Insurance Services, Temple TX

73. Easy flowing!

Elbert Phillips, Altec Industries, Inc., Birmingham AL

74. "Connie is excellent at explaining the course content. She is patient and I feel like I learned enough for a whole semester of college in two days!"

Dustin White, Oracle, Huntington Beach CA

75. Great Training! Knowledgeable instructor and great course books!

Amy Prior, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN

76. The class was very informative! I thoroughly enjoyed the training!

Jennifer Perez, Jet Aviation Specialist, Inc., Miami FL

77. Our instructor was very friendly and helpful. He answered all of our questions and provided detailed instruction about every aspect of Base Camp.

Gordon Paulson, Connexion Technologies, Cary NC

78. Webucator is a terrific tool. I especially enjoyed the cup of candy that was sent along with my learning materials. Small touches like that are what make the difference when choosing who to use for your online learning.

Rainie Hamel, Harvest Capital Company, Canby OR

79. My instructor really took the time to make sure everyone understood what they needed in order to be sucessful

Robin Anderson, Zurich Insurance Company, Hoffman Estates IL

80. Webucator has great online classes to make it easier to learn new or advance your existing skills from the comfort of your home or office.

William Rosky, Alaska Dept. Of Fish and Game, Juneau AK

81. Wow! The trainer provided an exceptional online VBA training experience that was very friendly and supportive. I could have never learned as much as I did from a manual in such a short amount of time. The examples were professional, practical, and stuck conceptually! Looking forward to another online course or 3 day bootcamp!

Joseph de Foleschampe, Boston MA

82. This the best advanced class ever. The teacher is great.

Carlette Daye, US Census Bureau, Washington DC

83. "If you want to learn Excel there is no easier or better way than with Webucator"

Nicolas Cseke, Cox Communications, Parma OH

84. The instructor for my Introduction to Adobe Premiere class was amazing - she knew all the versions, bugs, quirks, and work-arounds, and was able to teach to the students' needs. I highly recommend this class!

Erica Bonomi, Travelers, Inc., hartford CT

85. A fantastic class! Everything I learned will save time, money and ease frustration!

Allison Barns, NOAA , Seattle WA

86. Great job, instructor had a lot of patience

Nate Goldstein, Republic Services, Indianapolis IN

87. Thanks for a valuable and rewarding experience,

Craig Cunningham, Essilor of America, Dallas TX

88. I learned a lot of very useful information in this one day course and I'm looking forward to putting it into action. I came away with a lot more knowledge that will be very useful.

Terri Tiernan, Framingham State University, Medway MA

89. Great beginning class - enthusiastic instructor kept the class on track and the learning fun~

Linda Motter, Mott Community College, Flint MI

90. This course was extremely helpful and productive! It exceeded my expectations. I would recommend to anyone, and will most likely take another course from Webucator.

Lauren Hettema, Gray Whale, Santa Barbara CA

91. This class was fantastic! The instructor was energetic and engaging. I will definitely keep Webucator in mind for my future training needs!

Golda Maxwell, Beth Israel Medical Center, Bronx NY

92. A solid introduction to Infopath. Good instruction, good practical hands-on exercises to drive home the learning.

Laurie McQuillan, Neighbohood Health Plan, Boston MA

93. Webucator lifted my veil of ignorance that has hung over Microsoft Excel for years.... and I even had fun!

Kevin Martin, InnerSea Discoveries, Seattle WA

94. The quality is great ,the cost is affordable and the classes are convienient to take.

Rosalie Rocco, W.R Berkley Corporation, Greenwich CT

95. This was the most informative and comprehensive course that I have taken!

Wanda Jones, District Government, Washington DC

96. I feel like I know GA inside and out now. I am excited to bring my knowledge back and start applying within my organization.

Kate Ludwig, None, Adams MA

97. All the little details I didn't know, I now know. Empowering!!!!

Lori Higley, Capital Skin Care, Queensbury NY

98. Effective labs.

Edward Manalansan, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX

99. I have taken a few Online programing classes but Webucator is the only one where I feel 100% comfortable with the materiel after the class

Elek Cseh, AvTrax, Denver CO

100. Well organized and presented online class. Would recommend this class,

Donna Wade, University of Oklahoma Law School, Norman OK

101. I learned more than I thought I would. The instructor is very good. She is clear and easy to understand and she really knows her stuff.

Tasha Lockett, Nevada Dept of Taxation, Carson City NV

102. Not only did they provide me with everything I needed, they were so friendly and patient too. I would use Webucator again for any additional courses I needed to take, hands down.

Kelly Johnson, UnitedHealthcare, Savage MN

103. I loved the pace of the class. Great instructor!

Sarah Noelle, Harrisburg Project, Harrisburg IL

104. Great course... You won't be sorry.

Keith Hopson, MillerCoors LLC, Albany GA

105. Truly a phenomenal learning experience.

Doug Wegner, Seagate Technology, Cupertino CA

106. Webucator was easy to set up and I enjoyed the class.

Holly Sprunger, TechLaw, Inc., Golden CO

107. I had an excellent training experience from the Webucator program. The process, trainer and material met and exceeded my expectations. I plan to use Webucator for future courses.

Willam Bess, Servidyne, Atlanta GA

108. I would highly recommend this course.

Brenda Curry, PREEMPT CORP, Boonton NJ

109. Great class!

Matthew Mills, SSA, Arlington Heights IL

110. This was my first course with Webucator, and it was phenomenal! Both the instructor and the support staff were great. They take care of you all the way through - from getting your machine set up to take the course, all the way through to the final lab session.

Phil Blunk, Ivie, Bentonville AR

111. The Introduction to Google Adwords was a great class full of information for beginner users! I loved the personal attention I received in this class.

Samantha Mills, mywedding.com, Castle Rock CO

112. Webucator was a thorough and cost-effective way to increase our skill set while meeting our objectives and staying in our office.

Brett Sandlin, Axcess Financial, Cincinnati OH

113. Our instructor was fun and engaging and kept the day moving right along.

Gary Bonnell, State Farm Insurance, Bloomington IL

114. I thought the materials were presented in a highly organized and concise fashion, making it a easy reference tool for the present and future.

Rachel Huffine, TM Forum, Morristown NJ

115. I would definitely use Webucator again.

David Cook, Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services, houston TX

116. Good content for the course title. Activity-oriented approach helps for better learning experience. The instructor is knowledgeable and always willing to help along the way. Never thought that on-line classes would be good enough but now the technology enable this as a viable solution :)

Anthony Chartburut, WellPoint Inc, Thousand Oaks CA

117. Great course!

Nebojsa Gvozden, Department of Child Support Services, Rancho Cordova CA

118. Simple to the point, great instructor and value for money....

Mohit Saran, Customink, Mclean VA

119. The Webucator instructor worked with us to make sure we could use Project as it would apply to our company. Excellent service!!

Tami Wildoner, ITT RRAS, Morgan Hill CA

120. "Great online interactive course."

Sharon Mabry, IDEX Health and Science, Middleboro MA

121. This class has given me the edge I need to grow stronger in my field and make my timelines more manageable.

Susan Bair, Rockwell Automation, Mentor on the Lake OH

122. online experience gave me the ability to focus on the training from my computer and did not have to fly somewhere for a week. The course covered enough materials to get me started with iOS development.

Edwin Alvarez, The Walt Disney Company, Orlando FL

123. The instructor was very knowlegeable and very effective in communicating that knowledge. The class was well-paced and engaging.

Maridi Ufret, NiSource, Houston TX

124. I woud recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about using Crystal reports.

Beth Oren, St. James Healthcare, Butte MT

125. Excellent training that's worth your time.

Terrie Pugh, Terriefic Technology Training, Inc., Virginia Beach VA

126. I would highly recommend Webucator training.

Ann Huckaby, CMC Medical Transcription Service, LLC, Seaside OR

127. As an experienced developer, I admit that learning XSL was made easy by Webucator's course material by explaining the key concepts and using the right trainer. Don't get intimated venturing on your own, take help and save time learning.

Mahalakshmi Dhevarajan, n/a, Santa Clara CA

128. Janie was very helpful in answering my questions. She geared the classes to my situation as well as the others taking the class.

Andrea Shuster, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia PA

129. For those who are remote enough that they don't want to travel for good technical training, or busy enough that it's hard to stick to it on your own, Webucator provides the perfect solution and excellent instructors to get the job done!

Melanie Dalton, Kitsap County Health District, Bremerton WA

130. I've taken several Webucator classes and have never been disappointed. I love the convenience and the quality of the instructors and materials.

Kim Sanders, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna OH

131. Great knowledgeable instructor. Good personality, very friendly. Excellent quality and quantity of the information provided.

John ONeal, Journalnow/Media General, Winston Salem NC

132. This was amazing. I also loved the timing, and that I could complete this course from the comfort of my home. Loved it!

Giselle Curcio, L'Oreal Canada, Whitby ON

133. A comprehensive review of WP3 features with important facts, sufficient details, and good directions to learn more. Attentive to student needs and highly interactive.

Allie Ai, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge MA

134. Great materials to walk away with and the instructor was extremely flexible and considerate of my time.

Andrew Cocos, Brown Shoe Company, St. Louis MO

135. The class actually exceeded my expectations - I thought it was going to be boring at points, but it was hands-on the whole time, and I was actively engaged in the class the whole time.

Angie Wallace, Riverlake Partners, Portland OR

136. Scott's XSLT 2 and XPath 2 class was excellent - I'd happily recommend the class to others.

Patrick Quinlan, Citrix Systems, Lutz FL

137. Mary's approach to teaching is second to none. I like having a workable end product after we put the pieces together in class.

Roy Henderson, Riverside County, Riverside CA

138. XML101 with Webucator took me from zero to sixty for XML in 1 day.

Dustin Cloos, STG Inc, Sierra Vista AZ

139. This was an excellent class. I have taken an Excel in class and this by far was an easier process. I was truly amazed by the online participation and care from the instructor.

Antenette Jermanon, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Modesto CA

140. "Great introduction course! Highly recommended to anyone learning SQL."

Rahul Verma, SAMI Corp, Powell OH

141. Excellence instructor, does a great job making it accessible and understandable.

Kathryn Huntsman, School of Excellence in Education, Fulton TX

142. Great class!

Edward Wesley, Princess Cruises, Valley Village CA

143. Got to have a one-on-one course with a great instructor. I was able to ask specific questions and be a part of the discussion. I highly recommend this course.

Tanya Henkel, American Greetings, Sagamore Hills OH

144. The training is geared towards all learners: visual, hands on, auditory, the pace was perfect, and I am ready to use Project. The instructor was excellent and so was the class size. Perfect!

Leigh Wood, Xerox, Eldridge IA

145. I feel like I now have a basic understanding of the program and am happy I took the course.

Christine Chancy, Miami Country Day School, Miami FL

146. Webucator's Introduction to Captivate provided me with exactly what I needed to create instructional videos for our software.

Joany McCrossen, Peoplefluent, Irving TX

147. Great facilitator very knowledgeable and helpful. Course covered all of the bases and then some!

Erin Schellenberg, Calm Air International LP, Winnipeg MB

148. The course provided an in-depth look at JQuery and Javascript from a programming and development perspective.

Stephan Onisick, Phacil, Huntsville AL

149. The instructor was very responsive to all our questions and concerns and included information, references and links to many helpful external utilities and applications.

Betty Stolwyk, Unicon Group Ltd., Ballwin MO

150. This was a very informative class. I've been an admin for 20 years and while I knew several things covered, it was well worth my time for the things I DIDN'T know.

Casandra Zessin, Farnsworth Group, Inc., Peoria IL

151. Precise, fast, and great way to learn.

Christine Dempsey, SuperMedia, Irving TX

152. Great Class

Joyce Civello, EisnerAmper LLP, Jenkintown PA

153. I loved the class. The instructor was very personable and very accommodating, which made it very fun and enjoyable while I learned.

Kathy Mead, Halliburton Energy Services, Duncan OK

154. Loved Webucator's online course, very informative and GREAT teacher!

Valarie Myers, National Oilwell Varco, Austin TX

155. Well worth the time and price!

Doug Snyder, Physicians of Southwest Washington, Olympia WA

156. I was able to keep up with the intro instructions and feel knowledgeable enough to continue with the intermediate class.


157. Great place to taking training via the web. Look forward to taking another one on a different topic!!!

Alex Guerrero, EMC, Santa Clara CA

158. Instuctor made you feel at ease while teaching you very important information.

Debbie Brewer, LKLP CAC, Inc., Hazard KY

159. Nance P was excellent at teaching Excel 2007!!

Nancy Davis, ERA Elite Group, Realtors, Leesburg VA

160. I'm eager to take new teqniques that hadn't occurred to me and implement them into my web design as soon as I get back to work.

John Longstaff, Indian Health Service, Rockville MD

161. Excellent value for the money, great instructor (Nance Pilowa), wonderful experience and support. Highly recommend!

Vi Monroe, West Pharmaceutical Services, Scottsdale AZ

162. Well worth the time and money.

Wayne Turner, UTHouston Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences, Houston TX

163. Connie's VBA course was beyond my expectations.

Jasmine Anderson, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

164. This is my second of Advanced PowerPoint training and being new to creating presentations, found this was the properly paced training and everything in the manual came together so that at the end of the day felt I was prepared to begin working on my own.

Tom West, Corizon Health, Brentwood TN

165. I really enjoyed this webinar because of the personal classroom feel and the experience of the instructors.

Angela Hauke, Global Endowment Management, Charlotte NC

166. I absolutely loved the Webucator Instructor-Led course on Camtasia Studio 8! Everything was so well thought out and executed to perfection! I would highly recommend my instructor and I will definitely take a Webucator course in the future!

Marc Armstrong, AAXSYS Technology, San Diego CA

167. I've never worked with SQL. The instructor did a great job in giving me a foundation to launch from.

Jeanne Vickery, Insight (KY), Louisville KY


Jasmine Caruthers, n/a, PELHAM AL

169. I had a fantastic learning experience that surpassed my expectations.

Brad Morrison, n/a, Galisteo NM

170. This was the best instructor lead online class that I have taken.

Craig Cecil, Intergraph Corporation, Madison AL

171. I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much we enjoyed our instructor. She was very knowledgeable, funny, people oriented, and patient when necessary. I would rate her on a scale of one to ten for an instructor as a fifteen! I would take classes again just to have her as an instructor. Thanks so much - all of us from the Mesa group enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

Debra Lillevold, DCMA Boeing Mesa, Mesa AZ

172. Connie is an excellent teacher!

Gene Mitchell, US Courts, Shreveport LA

173. This is the second class I have taken with Webucator and each time I can easily learn within a short period of time and take back what I have learned to my job and apply immediately to my daily tasks.

Elen Ziebell, NoteWorld Servicing Center, El Dorado CA

174. Very interesting, learned some great tips and tricks about illustrator that I had not been able to find out on my own previously.

Kristen Gibson, MDwise Inc., Indianapolis IN

175. This is a great class for beginners! It's easy to follow along with the instructor, the book is well prepared and inclusive and the class sizes are small so that everyone gets attention from the teacher when they need it.

Kim Tosi, Granite Telecommunications, Quincy MA

176. Overall great class, instructor was well prepared and able to produce a great product in an online format.

Jennifer Yelle, n/a, Arlington VA

177. Great introduction and overview of HTML5.

Dan Lawless, Inceed, Denver CO

178. Webucator and my Instructor tailor made training for me and my company. This was well worth the time.

Chris Garner, Animal Health International, Visalia CA

179. If you've ever seen a Web site with nifty animation and wondered how it's done, this course is a great first step to introducing you to a world where all that neat stuff can be within your reach.

Ralph Goonan, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi TX

180. Great course!

Zibing Wang, Center for Prostate Disease Research, Rockville MD

181. Excellent way to learn new software and programs. Exceeded my expectations.

Jeff Foster, NetJets, Columbus OH

182. If you need to get up to speed on Cold Fusion quickly, this is a great way to do so. Well worth the cost, both in terms of time and money.

Eric Sprague, O'Brien & Gere, East Syracuse NY

183. It was a great course. I feel empowered and encouraged to apply the creatvie ways and initiatives I learned in the course of the day. Very well done. Loved everything about it.

Luise McCaffrey, Theta, Los Angeles CA

184. The instructor was very methodical and patient in teaching our course. I would highly recommend over a self-paced class.

Stephanie Carola, Teleflex, Morrisville NC

185. Terrific class!! Very informative and educational. Very happy to have taken it!

Christina Garcia, Organizational Strategies,Inc., Lexington Park MD

186. This is a fabulous company. From the customer support , to the technical support to the instruction - it was all a totally first class experience.

Nancy Newenhof, Port of Seattle, Seattle WA

187. Fantastic results in a very quick time, great techniques to discover and keep practicing!

Maria Leonova, n/a, Chicago IL

188. The online classroom had so many ways to get help and ask questions. It was like being in a live classroom. The teacher is great and was very helpful in every way. The online classroom was a great benefit.

Todd Marcy, Allied Media, Fenton MI

189. A great value with straight to the point education.

Jimmy Frost, Infusionsoft, Gilbert AZ

190. Webucator is a training company that I would recommend to anyone that needs computer software training. It is afforadble, easy to access and the instructors are great!

Kathryn McKelvey, National Church Residences,

191. This was my first online class session and the instructor made the material easy to understand. The class was very interactive and enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing to heighten their skills and knowledge.

John Schotta, SEQSR, LLC., Foley AL

192. "This course was amazing. The instructor was great. She allowed lots of interaction with her and was a true teacher."

Kimberlie Frazier, CEC Entertainment, Irving TX

193. The instructor made learning easy even with complex concepts.

Lynn Scheffner, Dept of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, Kansas City MO

194. The Introduction to PHP class gave me a good foundation for exploring PHP further, and Connie is a terrific instructor!

Karen Schwartz, college of william & mary, Norfolk VA

195. This course gave me a powerful understanding that will start a new journey in my current employment! I will be taking more courses. Thanks Webucator!

Jared Pope, ADT, Newnan GA

196. The teacher explained things well and, when I asked questions beyond the immediate scope of the course content, was able to answer them to a level that indicated broad and deep knowledge of the technology.

Hans Heilman, No Company, Lexington MA

197. Took the course sitting in front of my computer in Switzerland. I've learned much more than the course book had made me expect. My teacher Laurie not only answered questions directly referring to Google AdWords but also led me to see things in the context of Google Analytics and organic search. She's a great teacher.

David Hertig, Promoganda GmbH, Effretikon

198. Webucator online classes are just as good as an in-person training.

Tina Arnoldi, Coastal Community Foundation, Charleston SC

199. Wonderful. The trainer was a joy. She was personable, friendly, and a dream to work with. I loved how hands-on this class was.

Jennifer Smith, Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc., Pittsburgh PA

200. I strongly recommend this training to anybody who is thinking of using WP for blogging or building websites.

Olaf Fischer, Kushi Institute, Becket MA

201. A very effective customer service training class! I I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Mark Stenger, YouDecide.com, Duluth GA

202. Terry is very thorough in the subject matter and was able to explain exceptionally well how to use sql and sql expressions which were of particular interest to me.

Debbie Zweifel-Yaciuk, NERA Economic Consulting, White Plains NY

203. This training exceeded my expectations in every way and I am anxious to register for the advanced class.

Kathy Keller, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Austin TX

204. I am happy I took this course with Tia as the instructor. The materials were easy to use, but she made it easier for me to understand. This is a good way to take SQL classes or any other database classes. Thank you

Antoinette Arriola, CFHC, Los Angeles CA

205. The instructor was masterful in taking dry knowledge and making it personable, applicable and fun. The flow of information was spot on to the thinking process from subject to subject. Questions were naturally answered as they formed in my head, and beyond that the instructor was able to help me relate the matter to real life events in order to fine tune my clarity.

Chris Galante, CDG, A Boeing Company, San Diego CA

206. Excellent educational tool.

David Zeaman, Isis, Jackson Heights NY

207. The instructor is very capable and was very effective in her delivery. She made what could have been a difficult subject, easy to comprehend.

Pat Bynoe-Clarke, Caribbean Utilities Company,Ltd,

208. Webucator is really exceptional in providing high-quality technical training courses. Every time we take a class with them, we are assured of getting our money's worth because of excellent instructors. Classes are well-organized and the course materials are very informative and easy to follow.

Rey de los Reyes, Social Security Administration, Richmond CA

209. Great training. I would definitely take another class from Webucator.

Linda Castillo, Ariat Intl, Union City CA

210. The Google Web Toolkit Beginner course covered the basics very well and gave me a solid foundation to begin working with it immediately.

Matthew McLarty, Rolled Alloys, Inc., Temperance MI

211. Silverlight is a complex technology and finding authentic subject matter experts is difficult. Based on previous poor experiences attending training in niche technologies, my expectations were low. The trainer surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds; he is a Silverlight guru and it shows in his confident presentation style and command of the material. Please accept my recommendation – if you are looking to leverage Silverlight, a wise investment would be having Webucator train your group.

Daniel Bullington, VHDA, Richmond VA

212. My new perferred way of getting trained.

Chrys Heard, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Huntsville TX

213. Class was great. So much information. Melissa did an outstanding job in answering all my questions.

Jenny Riley, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen, P.C., Chicago IL

214. Webucator will exceed your expectation of online training.

Anthony Calhoun, PepsiCo, Inc., Hillside IL

215. The course material was easy to follow, and the Instructor was excellent. She was easy to understand and went at a pace that I could follow. I really enjoyed the class.

Jackie Cote, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Hamilton ON

216. "Introduction to JavaScript" taught by Connie is a great class with material that is easy to use and learn from. Detail information for the online class setup was detailed and precise so that you are ready to start training on schedule. Compared to another online course that I took from another company, Webucator is world class with their customer service, trainers and training material. Thank you.

Shelly McCray, Self-Employed Trainers, Wichita KS

217. I feel like I learned everything I needed to about QuarkXPress, plus some extras, in an Introductory course.

Brooke Walthall, Direct Solutions International Inc., Dallas TX

218. Excellent training, tailored to the participants, delivered in the comfort of my own home...well done.

Andrew Wharton, Optimal Performance Associates, Miami Beach FL

219. Great Introduction class, I can't wait to sign up for the Advanced course.

daniela dimiceli, n/a, staten island NY

220. Excellent course! Learned alot of great information, and even a few new short cuts! Instructor was fantastic, and I definitely recommend this course!

Nathan Boyce, VF Outdoor, Inc., Appleton WI

221. This course has been very informative and the instructor makes it absolutely enjoyable.

Christopher Smith, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke NC

222. Technical training made simple.

Mei Tai, Walmart, Bentonville AR

223. I liked that I can easily speak to the teacher and have an answer straight away. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Customer service is also great. There was no waiting time.

Lady Ann de Borja, Thieme Publishers, Denver CO

224. Lots of good knowledge that you can apply right away.

Shane Walker, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs CO

225. Excellent experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. The software to access the class worked very well and was easy to setup.

John Larsen, n/a, Moorpark CA

226. Dell Payne is an excellent instructor. Even though I am a mainframe programmer, I was able to grasp everything that he taught me for this course. I will definitely recommend him and Webucator to my officemates. Thanks very much, Dell and Webucator. You're the best!

Rey De Los Reyes, Social Security Administration, Richmond CA

227. This was my first time using this type of educational tool and I have to say it was very efficient. No expensive travelling costs but I could still ask questions.

Lynie Spencer, Baptist Primary Care, Jacksonville FL

228. Better education than you can find at high priced universities!

Jonathan Higdon, Verizon Wireless, Wilkes-Barre PA

229. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Instructor was fantastic, helpful. answered any and all questions. Explained things in a manner that was easy to understand. The course materials were great & very complete. I am looking forward to taking more classes with you.

Julie Lundsted, city of columbia, columbia MO

230. The Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript is great for beginners who have had some exposure to editing website content. I definitely got my money's worth! The instructor was very knowledgable.

Keisha Rivers, HyperCube, Lancaster TX

231. Webucator's XSLT and FO classes far exceeded my expectations. Even though the classes were done on the web, it seemed like the instructor was on site with us. The hands-on training with a live instructor to answer questions was priceless. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable subject experts. I have taken two classes so far from Webucator and I will be taking another one next month.

Tonya Zanotti, Raytheon, Tucson AZ

232. Laurie was/is the perfect blend or understanding and expertise that you need when trying to learn Google Analytics.

John Packowski, TRX, San Francisco CA

233. I really like Webucator. Instructors are very knowledgeable and adapt to the way the class is going depending on the attendees. A lot of good stuff and tips.

Gerardo Melendrez, The Magic Software, Henderson NV

234. Instructor was extremely well-versed in the software and gave us a perfect combination of the basic tips and shortcuts, adding in tailored tasks specific to each of her students' separate tasks/needs. I would definitely recommend Webucator!

Marissa Dickson, Lockheed Martin, Houston TX

235. I would recommend this course for new users who are looking to gain fast track understanding of the features available within Basecamp.

Dennis Brown, Weiler Corporation, Cresco PA

236. I highly recommend this class to anyone that needs to enrich their presentations and build powerful decks for their clients.

Jordan Walters, DealerTrack, Atlanta GA

237. Webucator online training using WebEx works great! There seem to actually be fewer technical difficulties and disruptions overall than in traditional class trainings. Group discussions work well and the ability to share and display other trainee screens can help the whole class. Not having to travel to a training center was also a bonus!

Paul Gettmann, LexisNexis, Bellevue WA

238. Amazing instructor. Very hands on. I Would highly recommend Webucator!

Norma Lagares, Softchoice, Cumming GA

239. A semester's worth of class in one solid, easy-to-follow, day!

Nathan Woolard, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond OK

240. This was my first Webucator class and I wasn't sure what to expect but the price was right and the course schedule fit my schedule. I'm really impressed and will be back for more!

Randy Berner, Comptroller of the Currency, Washington DC DC

241. I felt like I had one-on-one instructor time even though it was held online. A convenient and creative way of learning.

Natascha Syre, Smithsonian Institution Office of Contracting, Arlington VA

242. Great Course for a "newbie" or someone needing a refresher. Covers all the basics with some beneath the covers ex-poser.

Jake Hofer, DocuTAP, Sioux Falls SD

243. Trainer was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with us beginners! She allowed us to stop her and would teach us little shortcuts that were important to our daily projects!

Jennifer Burk, KIA Insurance Associates, Bakersfield CA

244. Great introductory course that can be taken anywhere in the world!

Ryan Ziskind, Steward Health Care, Westwood MA

245. Covered many topics that I will be using in the future. The training was hands-on with the ability to show the instructor where I was and what I was doing, so that I would be able to stay on course.

Lila Cleveland, UMass Amherst, Amherst MA

246. It definitely met my expectations and a little more. As an added bonus we used my company's web site to use as a reference for some of the things we were talking about in class. Wonderful!

Amy De Bard, KPMG LLP, Fort Lee NJ

247. The class was very informative and helpful.

John Froio, Community Legal Services and Counseling Center, Cambridge MA

248. Having an instructor while doing hands-on practice was very beneficial. I look forward to taking another class or two.

Ashley Dermitt, D & R Technical Solutions, Inc., Endicott NY

249. I liked the instructor. I liked the book. I liked the way the instructor, Brian Shockley, and the facilitator, Denise Arceneaux, ensured that my PC and I were both 100% ready to take an online class far in advance of it starting. I liked the many reminders to check in on the website to do all the software and hardware prep work. It was all managed very well!

Jessica Short, City of San Jose, San Jose CA

250. I highly recommend the experience!

Kent Smith, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Tallahassee FL

251. They work at your pace, and are willing to go above and beyond to assist you in any way.

Dianna Carter, DOC NOAA NMFS, Juneau AK

252. The Intro to XML Training class was a great fit for me. We were able to delve into areas that were more pertinent to my situation while still covering the entire lesson.

Doug Hammack, Alliance Laundry Systems, Ripon WI

253. Great class! Covers alot of essential functions of SQL Express. Tia is thorough and was available to answer any questions I had!

Mouni Rezgui, Universal American, Houston TX

254. I'm 100 percent satisfied :)it's just worth it

Chouheiba AMAMI, Combined Insurance, thornhill ON

255. This is not what I expected for a webinar. I loved that the class size was so small and was able to have as much interaction with the insturctor as we did. Instructor did an amazing job! I Definitely would recommend Webucator to my co-workers and friends.

Kimberly Hernandez, Colorado Dept of Local Affairs, Denver CO

256. One of the best online classes I have ever taken.

Jason Rhea, Alliance Technology Group, Hanover MD

257. Connie is a great instructor. She is very patient. She goes above and beyond to search answers to questions from students and provided links to reference materials or tutorials.

Gaosheng Her, Kaiser Permanente, Fresno CA

258. Very Helpful! I recommend this class to all, even beginners, as this is what I am and feel I have learned a lot!

Stephanie Gischel, Trident USA Health, Sparks MD

259. Tracy is a great instructor! Very knowledgeable!

Cynthia Johnson, RIX Industries, Benicia CA

260. This was my second course with Webucator and I found the instructor and manuals to be thorough, clear and extremely helpful. Quality and excellence! Thank you!

Yukiko Johnson, Northern Tier Oil Transport, Stanley ND

261. Great class and a great value. Three days packed with information and hands-on experience with the product and concepts covered.

Sandy Buechley, Patagonia, Inc/Lost Arrow Corporation, Ventura CA

262. Excellent course on Excel VBA. The materials and the information provided by the instructor were fantastic!

Amanda Quezada, Cadence Design Systems, San Jose CA

263. This three-day class is perfect for targeting and improving specific work skills. The instructor was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Rhonda Robinson, Jacobs Engineering, Prescott AZ

264. Webucator definitely made a great impression on not only myself but the owner of the company I work for. Nance P. was a fantastic teacher and I definitely would use Webucator and Nance again for any future training!

Alisha Zachariah, Mr. Electric of Red Deer, Sylvan Lake AB

265. I highly recommend Webucator. I had a fantastic experience with a wonderful instructor!

Pam Tetley, SunGard, Geneva IL

266. I was really impressed with the training I received, and with the instructor. The online experience was amazingly smooth. I was able to follow along with the book during the class, and the labs were excellent. I would definitely recommend Webucator!

Brian Collins, INTEGRITYOne Partners, Washington DC

267. Taking this course definitely moved my ability to a new level. I can't wait to create some great presentations. Melissa was great.

Karen Dunnigan, URS Corporation, Austin TX

268. Easy to register. Easy to contact. Easy to follow along. Makes easy to learn.

Nikita Bolden, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta GA

269. Taking this training online was as good as physically attending a classroom. I fully recommend it!

Jose de Jesus Carranza Martinez, Celanese, Mexico City ME

270. I found Webucator to be a great resource for training and look forward to future courses.

Charles R. Piland, Elon University, Elon NC

271. Advanced MS Office Excel was very structured and well organized.

Jennifer Scott, Culinary Health Fund, Las Vegas NV

272. Webucator is a good venue for providing training in an online environment which is as effective as actual classroom training. Every experience has been truly beneficial.

Tracy Smith, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (FL), Tampa FL

273. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient. I will definitely be using Webucator for continued training for my employees and myself in the future.

Travis Arthur, Ply Gem Windows, Rocky Mount VA

274. Webucator educates and provides excellent service for those who are interested.

Ragan Evans, n/a, Williamston SC

275. Webucator's beginning SQL class gave me a excellent foundation, and made me excited to learn more. The instructor was excellent, and she made sure we all understood the concepts before she moved to the next section.

Kristine Lemanski, IRG Holdings, LLC, Littleton CO

276. I was very pleased with the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for training

Debra Rogers, Essco Calibration, chelmsford MA

277. The class was very informative and I will be able to apply what I've learned to the work that I do daily. I enjoyed learning more about DIV tags and I also enjoyed the fact that I can take the class from home.

Cristin Davis, Insight, Tempe AZ

278. Webucator proves to be an efficient and effective tool to meet the most demanding needs of its students.

Everett Hinson, IDMI, Grand Prairie TX

279. The online classes I took were small, so it afforded plenty of one-on-one question and answer. The instructor was always willing to stop and thoroughly answer each question before continuing.

Greg Wilson, Kronos inc, Rocklin CA

280. Things went smoothly and the instructor was helpful.

Casey Samoore, AAII, Chicago IL

281. Great way to get that extra edge in formula and parameter setting functionality - this should be required training for anyone using Crystal!

Nancy Fernandes, BayCoast Bank, Swansea MA

282. This course exceeded my expectations by far. I will definitely be recommending this course to all my colleagues and friends!

Erin Bowers, LQ Management LLC, San Antonio TX

283. The two courses I took this week were great. The interactive classroom delivery and the amount of content was a great help to being able to absorb the most that I could and learn more than I had expected.

Michael Schuler, Schuler Shoes, Maple Grove MN

284. The course was an impressive manifestation of excellent teaching mechanics and principles that did not sacrifice quality while sating an appetite for an on-demand learning experience.

Evan Perlo, Solomon Perlo, MD, Inc., Los Angeles CA

285. The Essentials Class for Captivate 7 was great for a beginner like myself! The instructor was thorough and helped meet my needs to begin creating projects for our company!

Danielle Mincks, Wells Fargo,

286. The instructor was wonderful! Interesting, fast paced, knowledgeable. He has it all.

George Rison, U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development, Washington DC

287. "Exceptional job by the instructor teaching HTML. I look forward to my next class and instructor."

Gabriel Solis, Business Data Inc., Suwanee GA

288. I would certainly recommend using Webucator for your training needs whether you work in a non-profit or for-profit environment.

Ayanna Green, The Salvation Army, Dallas TX

289. Webucator is a great way for busy professionals to get training without being away from the office.

Margaret Smith, Stryker Orthopaedics, Mahwah NJ

290. My instructor knew the program inside and out. She was able to answer all questions that were asked. It was just like having a teacher in the same room as you.

Sarah Gamache, Portland Pie Company, Scarborough ME

291. Great experience; learned more than I thought possible.

Marilyn Lawler, Jewel Food Stores, Melrose Park IL

292. What a convenient way to take an instructor-led, high quality course. I learned so much and did it all from the comfort of my home. Plus my employer didn't have to pay travel expenses!

Dora Calderon, Premier Research, Austin TX

293. Class was convenient, informative, had great materials and a great instructor. Would happily do it again.

Omar Mills, Freddie Mac, McLean VA

294. I learned more than I expected and I have materials to refer back to. I don't think I could have had a better experience, even if it were in person.

Christopher Martinez, American Home Maintenance, Tucson AZ

295. The course that I took from Webucator was awesome! It provided me with the knowledge and hands-on experience to effectively do my job.

Deyonne Parker, Home Depot, Atlanta GA

296. Webucator completely demystified the otherwise ambiguous nature of JavaScript and presented it in scenarios that were easy to follow and germane to modern-day business needs. The instructor exerted every effort to ensure the students' comprehension and enjoyment of the class materials. I would highly recommend Webucator as a primary training opportunity.

Jeffrey Shoemaker, HSBC (DE), New Castle DE

297. The instructor was patient and knowledgeable and course material was quite thorough. I would highly recommend training with Webucator.

Henry Johnson, definitive logic, Arlington VA

298. Webucator offered a course that was not only very educational, it was fun!

Mike Linquist, gensler, Denver CO

299. I would definately recommend webucator courses.

Debbie Wood, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Victoria BC

300. Nance was great! She had the patience of the saint and made something as complex as InfoPath as seamless as the alphabet! I would recommend Webucator's InfoPath 2007 course to anyone without reservation.

Keisha Robinson, Medco Health Solutions, Inc., Bethesda MD

301. I have done a lot of SQL queries but still got a lot of valuable information and insight from the "Introduction to SQL". Great job, Tia!!!! Thank you.

Alexander Tsui, Universal American, Houston TX

302. Webucator is a great way to focus on a skill and come away with valuable, working knowledge.

Brad Johnson, Democratic Direct, Berkeley CA

303. Loved the online environment and teacher!

Lindsey Siehda, First State Bank, Saint Clair Shores MI

304. Instructor was great! Information was very well explained and helpful.

Debra Maschino, Nasco, Atlanta GA

305. Kudos! Brian is an excellent instructor and Webucator provides an incredible training experience - from initial contact through completion of course. This group is insightful and offers customer service extraordinaire! I am looking forward to participating in further training opportunities.

Kelly Cruz, US District Court, District of Arizona, Tucson AZ

306. Super class with one on one instruction. My instructor was polite, patient and a pleasure to work with.

Art Mcleod, Contitech, Bowmanville ON

307. Lots of info! Our instructor clearly understood the concepts well.

George Promenschenkel, Northwoods, Dublin OH

308. I have taken 4 classes through Webucator. Their staff is wonderful! The instructors are very knowledgeable. I love the feeling of being in a classroom setting without having to travel. I can even take the classes from my home which makes it very nice!!

Maria Jaul, wyle laboratories, Ridgecrest CA

309. This class exceeded my expectations and the instructor definitely knew his stuff...Enjoyed the class...

Yvonne Moore, Elmers Products Inc, Westerville OH

310. By far, the best SQL training I have taken.

Lillian Marshall, Blinn College, Brenham TX

311. Our Instructor Bryan is a very good instructor and very patient with his students.

Renita Burke, Alaska Division of Retirement & Benefits, Juneau AK

312. Of all software courses I have taken, this has by far been the best!

Stacy Ahrens, Cleveland Clinic, Lakewood OH

313. Captivate 5 advanced course really put me in a better position creating my videos and testing the student

Gary Talvacchio, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, williamstown NJ

314. Mel is an excellent instructor and very well versed in the MS Word training. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a better understanding of MS Word.

Michael Dietz, Policy Studies Inc, Denver CO

315. Webucator is very professional and does a wonderful job in communicating information. I highly recommend taking a course through them

Tabitha Poore, Benchmark Community Bank, Kenbridge VA

316. The instructor rocks. She is the best online instructor I have ever had. I got more out of this class than I could have possibly imagined. I am looking forward to the advanced class.

Tasha Lockett, Nevada Dept of Taxation, Carson City NV

317. Nance was a very thorough, knowledgeable instructor. Very patient and very good at making us understand everything. Would definitely take additional classes.

Dorothy Ferrell, KIA Insurance Associates, Bakersfield CA

318. Tia (Instructor) really knows what she's talking about, good sense of humor, kept my attention, and made it clear.

Ryan Milton, MVS USA, Hawthorne NJ

319. Instructor brought a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge in the course. I highly recommend this instructor.

Chris Morrison, Central Ohio Technical College, Newark OH

320. I knew some PowerPoint, but I needed a lot of "fill in the gap" type info, so this was perfect. I also liked that Steve included some of his own helpful "shortcuts" for the class to use.

Julie Tuggle, Carolina Buyer's Agent, Charlotte NC

321. Outstanding. I now love Visio, when before I had no confidence to move forward.

Marjorie Desmond, PDC Energy, Bridgeort WV

322. I felt like I got a great intro to JavaScript. My HTML knowledge is not a solid as it should have been prior to taking this course. Once I improve my HTML skills, I plan on taking this class again to help me absorb the information presented here.

Jammie Halstead, Dharmacon INc, Lafayette CO

323. The Intro to Java course gave me the clearest understanding of Java structuring that I have been able to find.

William Morris, unemployed, Zebulon NC

324. I have taken several classes from Webucator and each time I have come away with increased knowledge and skills that I can put to use right away.

Gary Staggs, Intel, Portland OR

325. Great course, very illustrative and a very fast way to understand and put to work MS project. Instructor was very helpful and answer all of our questions.

Carlos Bautista, Bullet Line , Hialeah FL

326. Webucator allowed me to complete my training with a live instructor from home without the distraction of the office or a conference room!


327. Great class, learned a lot!

Helen MacDonald, PTI Technologies, Oxnard CA

328. Great course materials, real life labs, a very knowledgeable, helpful, patient instructor. I highly recommend Webucator!

Ashlee Prince, KBA, Bellevue WA

329. Intro to SQL; You will learn the basics and feel comfortable in using SQL by the end of the course.

Juan Rosario, CHEP, Orlando FL

330. Great overview of Apache HTTPD! Perfect for those who are Apache newbies.

Ted Kaczerski, SunGard, Wayne PA

331. This was my first online class with Webucator I'm sure it won't be my last.

Robert Hawthorne, Firebox Training, Union NJ

332. I highly recommend this course if you need to get an understanding of SharePoint 2007.

Carl DeLage, Capgemini, Dearborn MI

333. I probably have the most knowledgeable Excel Instructor. He seems to be a perfect fit.

Mary Reynolds, n/a, Hampton VA

334. Loved the class. Learned alot, instructor was awesome. GREAT COURSE

Deanna Husband, frederick j hanna, Marietta GA

335. I really enjoyed this course. It was a great refresher!

Danielle Bender, PeopleTec, Huntsville AL

336. The instructor was very helpful and she explained everything. I look forward to the other trainings. I can now apply what has been learned to my job.

Andrea Shuster, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia PA

337. This class went above and beyond my expectations! The instructor was not only knowledgeable but made the class fun. I am now ready to tackle my data with confidence.

Kate Falconer, Hecla Mining Company, Indian Hills CO

338. As a company, Webucator exceeded my expectations for online training. I have been in in-person classroom settings and didn't receive anywhere near the service that I received from Webucator.

Marlys Battema, Self-Employed, Greenwood IN

339. Excellent course, the trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Robert Watts, Lubrizol, Derby OH

340. For online web instruction Webucator is outstanding! The class instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and available even after you've completed the class!

Judith Scifres, NORAD and USNORTHCOM/J2, Colorado Springs CO

341. Take this course, it's awesome!

Larry Budd, ExecuTrain, Boise ID

342. This was my first on line instructor led training class and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the comfort of my home. The pace was great and the hands on labs were excellent. Instructor was very knowledge with course content.

Debbie Stearns, Raytheon Systems, Mesquite TX

343. The class was great. I learned alot and will more than likley go back to Webucator.

Jessica Reeves, Coast Central Credit Union, McKinleyville CA

344. High quality, industry focused instruction in a format that is convenient for working professionals.

Justin Linden, Walker, New Lisbon WI

345. I highly recommend Webucator! The Adobe Illustrator intro class was very high quality and a good value for the money. The instructor was very knowledgable about the program, and gave individual assistance when needed.

Melissa Montanez, Angel Bracelets, Austin TX

346. I'm thankful that Webucator does not cancel classes because of low attendance. I was able to achieve a personal and interactive experience that feels more valuable.

Lindsey Lee, Osceola County Board of County Commissioners, Kissimmee FL

347. Excellent class, very instructive. Definitely will return for future needs.

Joseph Fajardo, BULLET,

348. Our instructor was great and the course format was perfect - pacing and materials were spot on!

Kristi Grant, ntelx, Woodbridge VA

349. Overall, the class was easy to follow, and very informative. The teacher was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jonda Faucher, Asurion, Nashville TN

350. I would recommend Webucator for any of your online IT training needs as they are very thorough in their training.

James Morgan, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Lewisburg WV

351. Very informative!

Greg Galluzzi, Covanta Energy, Morristown NJ

352. What a great way to learn FrameMaker! I would highly recommend this class to anyone needing a first instruction to FrameMaker or who needs a review. The instructor gave many best practices throughout the course which were as valuable as the the basic instruction itself.

Davee Kaplan, C3 Networx, Chula Vista CA

353. Very impressed with the registration process, course set up and course delivery. Instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Laura Williams, Pierpont C&TC, Fairmont WV

354. Very cost effective way to get professional training using the most state of the art technology.

Sean Finnigan, Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group, Grass Valley CA

355. For the IT professional without the capability of giving up 5 days of their time to take a class, this 2 day class and method was just has helpful and convienient to my schedule.

Jeffrey Wright, Thomson Reuters, Boston MA

356. Great class! Very useful & practical applications! Excellent instructor !!!

Janet Dobbs, Motorola, covington GA

357. Class was very informative. Knowlegable instructor.

Gayle Nybo, Midwest Assistance Program, New Prague MN

358. The class exceeded my expectations and i'm looking forward to practicing all the features that i've learned today.

Barb Hoffman, ARMLS, Tempe AZ

359. Really enjoy the courses with Webucator, David is very knowledgeable and helpful. I love how classes go on regardless of class size!

Andrea Faris, Federal Court, Kansas City MO

360. The online format worked perfectly. The instructor made learning about FrameMaker's power, flexibility, and efficiency an exciting process.

Melissa Adams, None, San Diego CA

361. I found this class to be worth the money spent. I will be telling my co-workers about the class ans how valuable it was.

Jennifer Zamarin, Navy Exchange Service Command, Virginia Beach VA

362. "At the end of the course I felt as if I could immediately use the knowledge gained in a real world application and be successful."

Roseann Tracy, RJT Advantage, LLC, Ann Arbor MI

363. A very comprehensive class for the time alloted

Jason Ruark, E&J Gallo, Modesto CA

364. I wanted to take an in-classroom course because I thought I needed hands-on training and personal attention from the instructor. With such a small number of people in the class and the ability to talk to the instructor via the headset, I was able to get exactly what I needed. It was just like being in the classroom but better - I didn't have to leave my office! I was absolutely thrilled with the experience and am telling everyone in my company that this is the kind of training they should take should they require anything in the future!

Shannon Bray, ADM Corporation, Middlesex NJ

365. "Patricia and the Introduction to Microsoft Excel far exceeded my expectations. Great class! Phenomenal instructor!"

Nancy Benford, Livingston International, Itasca IL

366. This was my first time using Webucator's online training service. It won't be my last.

Robert Srigley, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay ON

367. The class helped in learning to apply Excel 2013 to everyday tasks related to my job.

Greg Hulbert, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO

368. I loved working from home and experiencing the professionalism of an instructor-lead class.

Kellee Lostaunau, International Accreditation Service, Inc., Whittier CA

369. I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to master the basic concepts of PowerPoint. I can now build presentations and I thought it would be much harder but the instructor made it so easy!

Nick Alexander, Associated Global Systems, Atlanta GA

370. I learned a lot of useful info that I already know I'll be able to apply to applications I'm currently developing/supporting.

Chris Gabel, BC OnLine, Victoria BC

371. Best online (or attended) class experience! By the end of this 1 day class, I felt confident, efficient and ready to translate my excel training to the office!

Leigh Vavrik, ORBIS Corporation, Oconomowoc WI

372. "Webucator's instructors are knowledgeable and humorous at the same time. I learned so much more as a WordPress user than I did, taking our sites to the next echelon."


373. The Introduction to HTML class was very informative and useful. David was very thorough. The content was a lot, but just the right amount for an HTML beginner.

Jennifer McGee, Covidien, Mt. Laurel NJ

374. Webucator has been a staple in my motion graphics career change, Stephanie has managed to get me up to speed in... lightening speed, I can't recommend more highly!

May Yam, n/a, San Jose CA

375. Taking the Excel 2010 class online with Webucator was so easy! I will absolutely take another class through Webucator.

Crystal Evans-Taylor, McGahee & Associates, Inc., Crosby TX

376. This was very easy to follow with our instructor. Very informative, taught me some new tricks.

Kristi Varney, HealthAlliance Hospitals Inc, Leominster MA

377. Good Instructor and hands on training.

Qamar Jafery, Novell, Inc., Provo UT

378. The class was excellent - convenient format, terrific instructor, well paced.

Allison Kirk, VitalChek, Springfield TN

379. Stephanie is an incredible instructor. I learned a lot. She makes it fun and easy to understand. Awesome class!

Cindy Bielke, Intertech, Eagan MN

380. the teacher over meet my expectations and i would recomend her to others

Hakim Hazaimeh, BAKERHUGHES, Suger Land TX

381. Excellent training class, well worth it!!

Steve Link, flanders filters, lucama NC

382. The Intro to Social Media Course that I took was super informative. AK Stout was a very knowledgeable instructor and answered all questions asked. The whole experience was great from the initial ordering of the course, dealing with course time changes and questions. The Webucator staff were excellent at assisting me with getting set up. Thanks!

Luya Rivera, Middletown Rancheria, Hidden Valley Lake CA

383. I have taken several online classes, but this instructor-led one finally got the information to make sense in my head.

Sharon Logan, Henrico County Public Library, Richmond VA

384. Well structured and a fun environment to learn something new!

Kay Anna Boykin, YourIT, Bethany OK

385. Webucator really helped me become more familiar with Crystal Reports. I hope to take another course from Webucator.

Gary Lackey, Brazosport College, Lake Jackson TX

386. Great class and instructor. Would take more classes with her!!!!

Brenda Redd, A. L. Duck Jr., Inc., Zuni VA

387. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never taken any online courses for this type of design software. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of work we covered in 3 days and the ease of communitcating with the instructor. I was concerned that it would be difficult to learn online but I was pleased with the entire process. Although I'm certainly not an expert in the software after 3 days, I learned a tremendous amount and enough to continue using what I learned to further my knowledge.

Jennifer Salvador, Nevada Federal Credit Union, Las Vegas NV

388. Donna was able to communicate the information using examples that I was able to relate to. She didnt talk over our heads.

Bill Levy, CoWorx Staffing Services, Watchung NJ

389. The pace of the Intro to SQL class was great and the course covered many very useful topics that I will be able to immediately put into practice at my job.

Janine OSullivan, AGCO Corporation, Alpharetta GA

390. I really enjoyed every moment with my instructor. She always made me feel welcome and like I was on track.

Kellie Fedele, DeVry Inc, Oakbrook Terrace IL

391. Very engaging and knowledgeable instructor.

Kyla Moyer, Goodrich, Twinsburg OH

392. Tia is an awesome trainer. She has excellent communications skills as well as extensive real world experience. The material in the text book was supplemented by relevant examples that clarified even the difficult and complex topics.

James Jackson, AGCO, Duluth GA

393. Based on the course I took, Advanced SQL with Oracle, I could recommend this course to my friends and co-workers.

Kaitong Johnson, CWT, San Antonio TX

394. It was very hands on and my instructor was great with our questions and concerns!! She would go out of her way to make sure I understood everything!

Celia Hoyer, Cognex, Natick MA

395. The class was excellent! The instructor was very knowledgeable and I was able to learn new skills that I can use in the workplace. This was well worth the time and money, best of all I did not have to leave home.

Heather Abbott, USA Cycling, colorado Springs CO

396. Great course for anyone wanting to learn more about Google Analytics and how to use it.

Dave Jons Jons, Dairy Agenda Today, Bonner Springs KS

397. The Webucator online course is a time saver. I was learning a software program in my office while doing work in between lessons.

Patricia Osborne Randolph, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, King of Prussia PA

398. Best course ever!!! Time flew by with helpful information. Fun interaction and my instructor was super awesome!! Thanks to this course, I can now hold my own in the office I work in.

Chris Cochran, Craftworks-Old Chicago, broomfield CO

399. a very well run remote learning course

Jody Bigelow, PhycoTech, Inc, Saint Joseph MI

400. Best instruction for all levels!

Kirsty Dickson, St Marks College, Vancouver BC

401. The course really gave me the jump start that I needed to begin understanding MS Project!

Roberto Goodbar, VITAS Healthcare, Miami FL

402. The instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. She kept the class moving at a good pace while still taking time to answer all questions.

Robert Romano, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC, Middlesex NJ

403. Explained the material in detail when required.

Mohammad Baig, Andesa Services, Inc, Sarasota FL

404. World Class Service

Mike Egler, Veolia, Temecula CA

405. Lots of great information was shared during the Social Media class. Webucator is great at handling all of the logistics of the course (registration, login, materials provided). I look forward to taking future classes.

Beth Dupell, ecm design, Exeter NH

406. Excellent class, instructor was great.

Steve Baker, IP Convergence, Argyle TX

407. I have been trying to teach myself VBA for a while and this class really filled in the blanks in my knowledge.

Megin Garrett, Hatch Mott MacDonald, Renton WA

408. I definitely recommend Webucator as a strong and influential way to learn new systems.

Kim Lacombe, Walmart,

409. Webucator did a fantastic job of making me a Crystal Reports fan AND user for life.

Alexa Beshara, Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing NJ

410. This course provided me with much more than the "how-to" write AJAX code but really sparked my imagination to a whole new universe of possible reasons to use AJAX.

William White, HCCMIS, Indianapolis IN

411. The classroom was very comfortable and I did not feel rushed. I will recommend this class to colleagues. The manual and sample databases are great and they help reinforce what you learn. They will be a nice reference tool in the future as I start to use Access. I now have a better understanding of Access basics and feel comfortable moving forward to the next class.

Karita Watters, Health Carousel LLC, Cincinnati OH

412. The instructor was extremely well versed in the subject matter and made learning a fun and engaging experience.

Julie King, Clearswift, Eugene OR

413. This class was great. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jessica Woodward, Boston Scientific Corporation, Marlborough MA

414. A great class for the SQL beginner! It has given me confidence to begin writing my own queries.


415. I greatly enjoyed the class. The instructor was friendly and patient!

Kendra Walker, enVista, Carmel IN

416. With my work and family commitments, the courses available and the ability to work them into my life, not to mention the quality of the education, makes this the perfect solution for me.

Melanie Bell, The Goins Group LLC, Lancaster SC

417. This is my second class with Webucator and both times it has been a very good experience.

Jennifer Mathus, ARMLS, Mesa AZ

418. This class provided me with a great set of basics.

Jess Levy, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA

419. Webucator puts you in touch with some of the best instructors, ones who know the field they're teaching rather than just reading from a book.

Amie Petruzzi, PWCampbell, Pittsburgh PA

420. I've used DreamWeaver before, but never had the background in HTML. This was exactly what I needed -- now I can see the big picture.

Carol Youtz, ExecuTrain of Idaho, Boise ID

421. "The course gave clarity to some things I thought I knew, but now I can do better!"

Cathy Rogers-Holmes, Hewlett Packard, Andover MA

422. I found the class to be structured well and the instructor was willing to adjust the pace of the class to meet my needs. I have a much better understanding of all topics covered and will consider taking additional classes in the future.

William Coleman, The Shoe Hive, Cincinatti OH

423. Webucator provided excellent service with technical difficulties when it arose. Their technical support was great as well as a great instructor to walk through Premiere CS5 Pro.

Young Kim, n/a, Fairfax Station VA

424. MS Project Advanced Topics class was well organized, engaging, and I learned a LOT. Well worth the time and money.

Roy Taylor, Arysta LifeScience North America, Jeannette PA

425. First rate training from Mr. Futch and Webucator

Daniel Cates, L. Kianoff and Associates, Birmingham AL

426. I highly recommend these training courses. The instructor had an abundance of knowledge and went above and beyond with every question I asked!

Kristen Hewitt, The Schiff Home Team - Keller Williams Baltimore, Pikesville MD

427. I loved this on-line class. It completely met my expectations and I would, given the opportunity, take another course from this site.

Julie Sisson, AGCO Corp, Conyers GA

428. Webucator is AWESOME!

Dave Kuehl, 20Jeans, Los Angeles CA

429. Really enjoyable class, I would take a class in this format again.

Glen Stannard, DRW, London IL

430. Melissa was great at explaining not only how to do something but also what not to do. The easy mistakes we could get trapped into

Maria Stiller, AIG Chartis, Bronx NY

431. Webucator instructors and tools do an amazing job of emulating a real class room experience, right from the comfort of your home (and pajamas).

Mukhya Khalsa, NOAA Fisheries, Juneau AK

432. I will not hesitate to come back to Webucator to learn other Adobe software products. This class was actually more productive and effective for me than training sessions I have attended in person.

Kathryn R Suchy, Rawls College of Business/TTU, Hinsdale IL

433. Absolutely Wonderful! Easy, fun, informative. I will surely take more classes.

Kelly Henry, Schlumberger, Houma LA

434. The class was great, and I will use the techniques I learned right away in my work.

Evan Klein, Intuit, Inc., Mountain View CA

435. This is a wonderful course. I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in getting started with Captivate, it provided a great foundation for which to now build upon!

Geneva Nice, Long Term Care Partners, Portsmouth NH

436. The instructor was dynamic and had a profound knowledge of the subject matter. She kept the class on target, but took the time to explain key concepts thorougly and thoughtfully.

Kathleen Burns, Jenzabar, Inc., Boston MA

437. Webucator takes learning to the next level. I really enjoyed Terry and she provided other examples not found in the book.

Marcellia Kemp, Econometrica Inc, Bethesda MD

438. The course content was very helpful & the way the instructor taught was easy to follow. I felt very comfortable asking her to repeat something if i didn't catch it the first time. It progressed at a nice rate, I didn't feel overwhelmed. Her passion for the program is inspiring...the way she teaches makes you want to learn more & more.

Cara Groves, Push Designer, Pickering ON

439. Webucator is some of the best training I have ever received. It is totally interactive and better than in person.

Karen Mixon-Dowdy, Avnet Electronics, Richardson TX

440. Wonderful class. Great content, I learned a lot. The class taught me exactly what I was looking for. I like the online format where my classmates were not anyone that I knew prior to the event. Very convenient to take the class from my office with no travel expenses.

Tommy Brunow, Roche (MS), Ocean Springs MS

441. Any employer would benefit from having a newbie at SQL take the Webucator Intro to SQL class.

Joanne Stein, City of Mesa, Mesa AZ

442. Great class! Learned a lot and had fun!

Lisa Pirone, SSA, Baltimore MD

443. Webucator was a thorough and cost-effective way to increase our skill set while meeting our objectives and staying in our office.

Brett Sandlin, Axcess Financial, Cincinnati OH

444. This course was fantastic. It exceeded my expectations and I now feel educated and confident about working with Quickbooks on my own. The trainer was a fantastic instructor who had lots of useful information, and did a great job of continually reviewing what we had covered and making sure I understood everything. I am very happy with this service.

Jocelyn Wilson, Avalanche Safety Solutions, Golden BC

445. Well worth the money! Learned more than expected!

Nick Piscopio, LifeScan, Inc., Wayne PA

446. I have taken several Webucator classes. I love the ability to gain knowledge without the expense of travel and time away from home. The instructors are wonderful and very knowledgeable. Webucator is a great experience!!!

Maria Jaul, wyle laboratories, Ridgecrest CA

447. The instructor's insight and corporate experience were key in my satisfaction with the course. Excellent facilitator.

Rick Lentz, ITT / IST, Annapolis Junction MD

448. Instructor was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the application. It was a pleasure to learn.

Bryan Lerch, State of CT Dept of Children and Families, Hartford CT

449. Access 2007 level 3 and 4 deliver the goods to becoming proficient with database management. The tools gained in these two courses will make a good developer and manager even better. you will develop skills to become more efficient and well rounded.

Monty Clawson, DoD, Silverdale WA

450. I highly recommend this course, and especially Connie as an instructor.

Tom Swafford, TekPro Services, Stockbridge GA

451. I am well-versed in web design, but not in search engine optimization. I feel confident now that I can increase the return on investment of my websites as a result of Ms. Sullivan's teaching.

Erin Wilhite, Blinn College, Bryan TX

452. To learn Adobe Captivate, this is an awesome experience.

Linda Dietz, Tire Centers, LLC, Derby KS

453. Class is VERY informative and hands on

David Foster, SuperMedia, Irving TX

454. Good overview of VBA basics

Grace Lee, UnitedHealth Group, Columbia Heights MN

455. I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to master the basic concepts of PowerPoint. I can now build presentations and I thought it would be much harder but the instructor made it so easy!

Nick Alexander, Associated Global Systems, Atlanta GA

456. I would recommended Webucator classes to any business professional that has a desire to learn from knowledgeable, professional and courteous instructors.

Kathy McCoy, National American Insurance Company, Chandler OK

457. The class was amazing! will definitely be back

Daniela Espinal, WBD Corp, Saint Cloud FL

458. great class, thank you!

Harriet Tsen, Bonneville Power Administration, Portland OR

459. Class was well taught and materials easy to access. Webcator interface made it easy to follow along. Examples files provided make it easy to use as a reference when back at the office.

Lisa Elizondo, CalSTRS, Sacramento CA

460. Webucator is a priceless investment.

Elke Bacon, Baylor College of Medicine, HOUSTON TX

461. taking the introduction to JavaScript Training has given me a good basis to continue my interests in JavaScript. I have more confidence now and our instructor, Connie was just a constant source of sunshine and encouragement.

Michael Truong, The SPi Group, Toronto ON

462. I was impressed and completely satisfied by the knowledge, attitude, and personality of my instructor.

John Tye, World Vision, Federal Way WA

463. Super way of learning fast!!

Anita Huisman, uts, oud turnhout

464. The experience was excellent and would highly recommend it to others. Looking forward to taking another course in the near future.

Scott Braun, Tangible Solutions, Inc., Matthews NC

465. If you want an individually based, instructer led and hands on excel class; THIS IS WHERE YOU GO!

Valerie Wardas, Coventry/MHNet, Austin TX

466. Awesome class! I learned a TON and got some great tips and resources for VBA!

Jean Hermes, U S Probation and Pretrial Services, Minneapolis MN

467. Melissa was an excellent instructor.

Gwendolyn Wayne, US EPA, Washington DC

468. "I was very impressed with the quality of the instructor"

Patrick Martin, Personal, Oak Park IL

469. Melissa was great about answering questions and providing examples.

Sean Mcilvain, APHA, Washington DC

470. I feel that I could effectively administer an Oracle database with the knowledge and skills gained.

Stoney Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN

471. "The Introduction to Access 2010 Class exceeded my expectations in every possible way..."

Josh Williamson, Nunhems, Bakersfield CA

472. Great alternative to learning as opposed to a live in person course. Great instructor that was highly knowledgeable on the subject area.

Rhonda Rawles, Pinnacle Sales Group, Inc., Haines City FL

473. "Webucator" is the greatest educators of the web.

Michael Witters, NYC Administration for Children's Services, NY NY

474. Instruction was incredibly hands-on and adapted to meet my specific needs. The one-on-one attention I got from my instructor helped so much, I was able to grasp the concepts much more quickly and easily than in a multi-student setting.

Leah Thompson, Go Smart Solutions, Grover Beach CA

475. Very effective, thorough and from the convenience of your home or cube. I love it!

Sudharsini Ravikumar, ERIN Engineering and Research Inc, Walnut Creek CA

476. If you've ever taken an on-line course before that wasn't Webucator you are in for a pleasant surprise. The individual attention and pacing is more like an on-site course than a web offering.

Charles Garey, Granite Telecommunications, Quincy MA

477. Was a little intimidated at the idea of learning a new computer language from scratch, however within 15 minutes of beginning the course I was definitely put at ease... now I'm a bilingual programmer!

Rickey Green, Lincoln Property Company, Dallas TX

478. Webucator provided an excellent indepth training which provided me with the necessary knowledge to perform advanced tasks in Excel 2010.

Deidra Cook, MedSolutions, Inc, Harrisburg NC

479. Online training is a fine learning tool, and here we have a fine team preparing and presenting.

Jeremy Johnson, State of Alaska/DOA/DRB, Juneau AK

480. Great instructor! Connie really made learning fun - will definitely be back for more classes!

Elizabeth Khan, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Tallahassee FL

481. As someone who uses Power Point but never had the time to really learn how valuable this resource can be, I was able to take this class and walk away feeling very confident in my abilites in Power Point. The instructor, Mel, was an incredible teacher and great resource! The time she took to make sure I understood everything was fantastic and we went at a pace that was quick enough for us to cover all the material but also slow enough that I was able to retain it! My only fear is now that everyone in my company will be leaning on me to help them do their Power Point presentations!!! Thank you again for a superb course!

Chris Deigan, Cord Blood Registry, westwood NJ

482. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting started in Dreamweaver CS5."

Leslie Moore, Mahaffey Fabric Structures, Memphis TN

483. "One of the best classes I've taken. I wish this was my Java class during college!"

Ramon West, IndraSoft, Inc., Montgomery AL

484. Webucator's communication and assistance with getting you started with the online class was very easy to follow. The instructor was great and made sure the content and speed of the course was exactly what I needed - very beneficial!

Julie Scheckel, PepsiCo, Inc., Murphy TX

485. Perfect class pace, very knowledgeable instructor, great experience overall.

Cathy Sharpnack, DST Systems, Inc, Kansas City MO

486. David was a wonderful instructor. I learned some very important things I missed on my own and I have been coding CSS for 12 years!

Terence Wood, Visual Lease Services, Oklahoma City OK

487. Loved the hands on training and ability to ask questions.

Tammy Ellis, Wheeler Mission Ministries, Indianapolis IN

488. The instructor was extremely organized and knowledgeable about Microsoft Project, and her class has enabled me to try new things and become far more efficient in my job. I will ask for more training from Webucator, and I will recommend it to everyone I know who seeks the type of training that Webucator has to offer.

Michelle Heller, Raytheon, Tucson AZ

489. The staff at Webucator was amazingly helpful, and willing to make things happen at the last minute. They definitely went above and beyond what I have experienced with any other training organization. Thanks!!!

Nina Nussbaum-Jones, Lockheed Martin, Ventnor City NJ

490. Webucator a great way to learn and still be at the office.

Sharon Callahan, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH

491. Webucator is a training company that I would recommend to anyone that needs computer software training. It is afforadble, easy to access and the instructors are great!

Kathryn McKelvey, National Church Residences,

492. The Webucator Introduction to Java course has been a wonderful hands on training course. In just one week I feel more than comfortable with all that Java has to offer. Excellent course Thank you Stephen!!

Edward Booker, MEDecision, Inc., Wayne PA

493. i feel confident now that i have taken this course on line. The books were amazing and so was my teacher

Samantha Raahauge, Mike Raahauge Shooting Ent., Corona CA

494. Webucator was an excellent use of my time. Janie is a superior instructor, she speaks clearly and keeps the class moving.

Kevin Sanger, Colorado Springs Country Club, Colorado Springs CO

495. Quality training with educated and informed instructors -- That's what I expected, and that's what I got.

Jeremy Johnson, Alaska Division of Retirement & Benefits, Juneau AK

496. Great way to Train! A very comfortable setting for learning new information.

Mary Lynnes, Trustmark Companies, Lake Forest IL

497. This course was definately worth the time and effort. The workbook and materials were great. The instructor was very knowlegable and accomodating.

Janet White, The Hershman Group, Glenshaw PA

498. I liked the instructor's style and delivery of the class material. She presented the writing concepts in a way that kept me interested and learning.

Kelly Voorhees, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver CO

499. I would definitely recommend Webucator

Lindsey Turok, Customink, Mclean VA

500. I highly recommend Webucator courses. Jane was very knowledgeable, she provided useful tips and went above and beyond to make sure that we understood the course material. Thanks Jane S.

Ierva Durant, AHS, Altamonte Springs FL

See Course Catalog

1. It is a very good course for beginners. The instructions are clear and detailed, with opportunities to practice along the way.

Elyssa Tran, Apprise Health Insights, Lake Oswego OR

2. Very straightforward and to the point. The instructor talked in a relevant, friendly way and the coursework was practical and easy to understand.

Kyle Luccio, Comcast,

3. Webucator and Paul are an excellent combination. They provide a superior product. I can't wait to go back and use what I learned to improve my organization.

Mary Whited, TRIDENT Refit Facility, Kings Bay GA

4. Very Interactive Sessions.

Namrata Nekkanti, Acxiom, Downers Grove IL

5. This training was great!! Anyone can take it, feel comfortable while doing so, and come away with a LOT of knowledge and how to use it!!

Linda Wright, US Department of Energy, Hephzibah GA

6. Great class experience, really focused on teaching the fundamental basics as a new VBA user.

Paola Bonham, USPS,

7. Thanks a lot for the wonderful way of teaching

Vishnuvajhala subrahmanyam, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

8. I thought that this would be a very difficult class but Jed made it seem so easy. You can tell he knows what he is talking about.

Lorraine Lawless, Health-Quest,

9. very danamic class

Harry Lu, USPS,

10. Excellent course!

Andrea Tijerina, RCHSD, San Diego CA

11. Webucator was willing to go the extra distance in meeting and exceeding my expectations both on price and content of the class.

Adib Abrahim, American Airlines, Dallas TX

12. Lisa was wonderful. I can't wait till the next class.

Paul Kirsch, Sargent and Lundy, Chicago IL

13. Class pace was great. The material was relevant and explained very well.

Christopher Lindsey, USPS,

14. Paul was a very professional, knowledgable instructor. I couldn't be more pleased with how the custom class went. He answered all of our questions and gave us some new ideas as well.

Linda Auge, Trinity-Health, Livonia MI

15. Making Microsoft office training better!

Melissa Williams, TML MS IEBP,

16. A great course! I am sure that the skills I learned during this class will provide the necessary skills to begin utilizing XML successfully in my organization.

Larry Lobis, PAE, West Palm Beach FL

17. So happy we did this. We learned so much!

Vella Murch, Red Energy, Colorado Springs CO

18. Olen Sanders is the best.

Erwin Roca, Department of Financial Services NYS,

19. After 35 years in television, Webucator proved to me that it IS possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Tommy Evans, Discover Oklahoma-Oklahoma Tourism Recreation Department,

20. Very convenient having all our staff trained at once. We got up and running in no time.

Kirk Trachy, Intuit QuickBase, Cambridge MA

21. The Intermediate Microsoft Word Course offers You an insight of this new technology.

Carole Drabik, Sargent and Lundy, Chicago IL

22. Very good class. I learned a lot of things from the class.


23. This class is superb....fundamental

Lorita Patterson, Enova, Chicago IL

24. Great class and very intuitive. I will definitely apply the tools learned towards improving efficiency of my daily work. I highly recommend the course.

Tae Chang, Samsung SDI, San Francisco CA

25. Instructor, Manual, Hand-Out CDs with Exercises - ALL EXCELLENT! Thank you for the extra time spent on relating AscendantOne examples to discussion topics.

Gina Swetland, AscendantOne, Nashua NH

26. Webucator was fantastic at listening to the needs of our company and matching us with a great instructor as well as providing us with a tailored course to help us begin to reach our goals.

Kristi King, Novak Birch, Baltimore MD

27. Olen was fantastic! He was engaging, kept us interested, made it fun to learn something that can be dry and was extremely knowledgeable!

Tracy Sublett, TML IEBP,

28. O. Sanders is the best instructor for Microsoft that I have ever trained with.

Lori Low, NYS Department of Financial Services,

29. Excellent trainer for our SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence course. He was very thorough in his approach to teaching the course. He was both structured and adaptive to the needs of balancing the course manual and the needs of the class.

Asim Francis, Archbold Medical Center, Thomasville GA

30. "Sherone was an excellent instructor who was able to challenge experienced programmers while keeping beginners equally engaged. His passion for the material was inspirational."

Jay Smith, The Ohio State University,

31. I have had excel classes in the past and this was by far one of the best.

Leslie Bockemehl, Methodist Hospital for Surgery,

32. It was a very good experience. Webucator and Michael worked with us through the whole process to ensure we received the best training solution for our needs.

Holly Chason, Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin TN

33. Mary did an amazing job of teaching us the basics of CSS, HTML and Wordpress. I'd highly recommend using her for your businesses web training.

Aaron Wilson, Novak Birch, Baltimore MD

34. I wanted to learn more about more advanced ways to use SmartArt in PowerPoint and I l definitely left the class with some new skills.

Giovanna Messina, Hearst, New York NY

35. Excellent Training-Great Pace with a great insructor.

Geary Johnson, Samsung Semiconductor,

36. Even if you're familiar with SQL already, you'll still take something away from the course.

Blaine Cavasso, MedAssets, Dallas TX

37. Tracy proved to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the MS Project software tool. Extremely satisfied!

Jay O'Keefe, BAE Systems, San Diego CA

38. The instruction for this course was clear and useful to new users of Word 2010.

Melanie Neva, Sargent and Lundy, Chicago IL

39. Our instructor was both highly skilled and engaging. Excellent instruction combined with material that both summarized the lecture and offered a solid reference, this was easily the best course I've taken in years.

Rob Walker, T. Rowe Price, Colorado Springs CO

40. I would definitely recommend this. Hands down.

Dwayne Flores, Harte Hanks, San Diego CA

41. Great class with good discussion points and valuable examples for future code development.

Dirk Amandi, Darden, Orlando FL

42. "Hands on approach with instructors who are adept in their relative field"

Charles Fennell, Zimmer, Fort Wayne IN

43. Our onsite training was exactly tailored to our needs. The examples were extremely relevant to our needs and skill set.

Amanda Morton, Harrisburg Project, Harrisburg IL

44. Great instructor and material. Very helpful.

Elizabeth Burgoyne, Methodist Hospital for Surgery,



46. Clear, knowledgeable and precise. More than just SQL, teaches you how to think like a DBA.

Ankit Patel, getco, Chicago IL

47. Great class!

Rick Day, Hearst Magazines, New York NY

48. Webucator worked with us to develop a customized course that met our timeline and budget requirements.

Chris Hamilton, State of Alaska - Dept. of Natural Resources,

49. Kyle is a great instructor. The pace of the class was perfect.

Kelly Hayes, Methodist Hospital for Surgery,

50. Well organized course with quality instructors.

Damodar Reddy, Dematic, Grand Rapids MI

51. Learned so much in so little time!!!!

Paul Lawrence Brahan, Syracuse University Session Two, Syracuse NY

52. Google Analystics or google Web Toolkit and Project Management

Ralph Valverde, NOAA ,

53. If you want to learn and get certified; this is the place.

Philbert John, XTO Energy,

54. It has been a wonderful learning experience.

K Jean Ehoussou, Verizon, Cary NC

55. From beginner to advanced, this course will prepare you for whatever your organizational needs are. My instructor was the BEST and I'll be sure to send my new hires to her!

Alexa Smith, Sayres & Associates, Washington, DC DC

56. Tracy was excellent. So glad we used Webucator among all the vendors we considered.

MIHIR DESAI, Dexis, Washington DC

57. The flexibility, kindness, and knowledge of the instructor were top notch.

Rob LaMora, Knolls Atomic Power Lab (Lockheed Martin), Albany NY

58. I found the format to be very conducive to my learning style. The times were perfect, the instructor was excellent, and the class size was optimal.

Jennifer Ingle, Aries Systems, North Andover MA

59. I liked the approach of presenting concepts supported by sample implementations.

Jeff Schmidt, GL Noble Denton, Mechanicsburg PA

60. I am amazed at all the things that Excel is capable of. I learned a lot of things that will help make my work day easier.

Gillian Gibbs, Methodist Hospital for Surgery,

61. The customization was directly pointed at our company needs.

Chuck Galbraith, Confluence, Pittsburgh PA

62. Content was relevant, instructor was pleasant, polite, professional, accommodating to meet the needs of the students. I learned more than expected and I was able to absorb the information presented because it was interactive rather than dictated.

Jennifer Harvey, Kelley Blue Book , irvine CA

63. Class training was delivered by a very competent and confident trainer. The pace was great. He read the class participants well and catered to all questions.

Jamie Stocks, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah OK

64. Everything was totally relevant and informative. I loved the class.

Omaste Witkowski, Bear Creek Lumber, Winthrop WA

65. This class brought our engineering office up to speed on a vital programming tool.

Tripp Schlereth, ATAP Inc, Estaboga AL

66. "I walked away with so many time-saving tips. Great hands-on class led by a knowledgeable and friendly instructor!"

Stacy Wise, US Navy, Glen Burnie MD

67. Great class, very helpful!

Carmen Randle, Verizon Wireless, Dublin OH

68. Very good class.

Ken Kent, United States Coast Guard, Camden NC

69. Webucator provided a well run course with professional trainers. The course will allow our teams to track projects in much greater detail than before to continue to enhance the performance of our program teams.

Kevin McGrogan, BorgWarner, Auburn Hills MI

70. This course will get you thinking about new applications and uses for your SharePoint Site Collections. Well worth the time and money.

Andrew Motsinger, JEA,

71. Online Webucator training was a quantum leap for our work team; not to mention the convenience of being able to take the course from home on a Friday.

Denise Fisher, JS INT'L INC., Silver Spring MD

72. Great class to learn about Excel and it will increase productivity in your daily work.

Vikas Gupta, Samsung,

73. I would most definitely consider Webucator for future software training. It was very convenient, totally comprehensible, and absolutely great at getting me up to speed with the basics of a brand new program.

Erin Swanson, IDL Worldwide, Pittsburgh PA

74. Great intro to WEBI application. No prerequisites needed to jump into this tool.

Eric Lum, Food and Drug Administration,

75. The instructor was super-friendly and willing to help those who were struggling with syntax.

Amber Schaefer, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismark ND

76. Excellent learning experience. Professionally delivered. Michael L. Crawley, PMP

Michael Crawley, Self-Employed Trainers, Wheeling IL

77. Yes, class met all my expectations. Great instructor and excellent pacing of class.

Dru Fenster, State of AK-Div. Retirement & Benefits, Juneau AK

78. Because of our work restrictions, our company worked with Webucator to accelerate our training class into two days. Expressing some concern at the beginning of the class, our instructor Ken still managed to keep the pace even, teach the important points and get all the labs in to our shortened time frame. Webucator made arrangements to get all the materials to us as students so we could come prepared for the accelerated learning. It was an excellent experience.

Duane Richards, LANDesk Software, Provo UT

79. I came away from the class knowing how to immediately use the training to bring the benefits to my workplace.

Anthony Faubus, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg NC

80. Ms. Bell's training was OUTSTANDING.

Acy Butler Jr, NOAA ,

81. Class was well paced and the book was easy to follow. The instructor was so knowledgeable and patient.

Nick Cisneros, HealthPartners, Mendota Heights MN

82. The combination of the work manual and the live instructor made the instructions simple and easy to follow.

Clinton Wilhelm, HealthPartners, Mendota Heights MN

83. Our instructor came to the session prepared with a working knowledge of our unique industry enabling our group to receive targeted and fully applicable training.

Cathy Bruno, Merck (formerly Schering Plough),

84. Excellent training for an organization. Staff left the training with positive comments and stating "I'm glad I have the tools needed to communicate better".

Chel Nelson, Sinclair Systems International, LLC, Peachtree City GA

85. Worth the money!

Robin Cushing, U.S. Postal Service,

86. Olen Sanders is a fantastic instructor and I had a great time while learning.

Lori Low, NYS Department of Financial Services,

87. "Provides a great team working environment. The trainers and Classes are incredibly informative. If for first time training or just a refresher course I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their employees skills."

Casey Ringeisen, PAE, Vienna VA

88. Webucator offers a great learning experience for the busy professional who needs to keep up with the different programs and technologies.

Maria Suarez, Emergence Health Network, El Paso TX

89. I felt the Advanced Illustrator training course was very helpful to my design needs and has definitely elevated my personal skill level of the software.

Mark Townsend, Wrangler/VF Jeanswear, Greensboro NC

90. This is the first computer class that I actually enjoyed attending. The instructor was patient and made the class fun and enjoyable.

Jenny Weber, Friendship Village, Bloomington MN

91. Karen was a terrific instructor

Wayne Hill, Wayne Hill Consulting,

92. The instructor is awesome.

Ginger Loverde, MetroPCS, Norcross GA

93. Very pleased with the attention to details. Webucator made sure the training was exactly what we wanted. A great experience!

Staci Redden, KPMG, Dallas TX

94. Very knowledgeable in VBA for Excel. Easy to work with and ask questions

Buddy Giles, U.S. Postal Service,

95. This Class was absolutely amazing.

Wanda Chandler, Sargent and Lundy, Chicago IL

96. We found the course material to be expertly put together and the instructor was very nimble on his feet to insure that the course line, the practical examples and the discussion between management was relevant to our needs. I would recommend the course to anyone dealing with any type of change, and as we know, change is occurring around constantly.

Richard Chaplin, FMC Technologies, Inc, Houston TX

97. We had employees from several different departments and all learned something new. The class moved along at a good pace but still left room for questions and plenty of hands on time.

Barbara Getting, EST Group, Hatfield PA

98. The instructor had an excellent way of explaining the topics from the manual. This class was exactly what I was looking for.

James Porzse, CIBER, Indianapolis IN

99. Webucator took the time to customize the training to meet our needs. The instructor was excellent and continued to use examples pertinent to us.

Alex Yohn, West Virginia University, Morgantown WV

100. Webucator is the best way to go for Excel instruction!

Lynette Miner, Plymouth Rock Energy,

101. The 'Introduction to SQL Using SQL Server' is an excellent class for people who are new to SQL server, as well as those who just need to brush up on their SQL skills. The lessons taught in the class are valuable 'real world' examples that I can use in my every day job.

John Morton, HealthGrades, Denver CO

102. I got everything I thought I would from the class plus so much more. I could not of asked for a better teacher.

Cameron Carswell, GCUA, Duluth GA

103. Tracy proved to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the MS Project software tool. Extremely satisfied!

Jay O'Keefe, BAE Systems, San Diego CA

104. My class was exceptionally clear, well put together, and administrated perfectly. The instructor was amazing.

Lindsay Evans, Government of Canada, Ottawa ON

105. Best on-line training class I have ever attended

Phillip Murphy, United States Postal Service, Norman OK

106. A great combination of basics with the tricks we would never learn on our own!

Rob Sims, Merrill Lynch, Pennington NJ

107. Angie Honeycutt's Advanced Excel class is the absolute BEST!!!

Freida Brown, US Postal Service,

108. I would definately recommend Bruce Gordon for any of the .net training courses.

Jesse villarreal, Bell Helicopter, Textron Inc., Hurst TX

109. Chris provided comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of techniques for improving end user experience and overall web site performance.

Steve Cook, DataVerify, Clinton Township MI

110. Went well above expectations. Have had many classes involving Business Objects and this was by far the best.

Juan Saldana, Cenpatico, Austin TX

111. My experience with Webucator was extremely professional and thorough. I would recommend Webucator to anyone seeking quality training led by top-of-the-line Training Specialists.

Kim McMaster, McMillan LLP, Toronto ON

112. Trainer was EXCELLENT!!!

Kim Hoad, Bytheway Publishing Services, Norwich NY

113. Presenter was very good. Clear in his presentation, easy to ask questions of, and willing to go the extra yards.

Tom Ogden, Fidessa Corp, Plymouth MN

114. The Excel 2013 Intermediate course was very enlightening. I learned several things that would be helpful with my everyday job duties.

Sheila Patterson, NYS Dept. of Financial Services,

115. Intelligently presented training with a talented and informed instructor made this training a valuable experience.

Teresa Krueger, Brother International Corp, Bridgewater NJ

116. Webucator's hands-on approach gave the department confidence in implementing CSS across the site. The customization of our class helped us accomplish more than I thought was possible in just two days. Thanks!

Mark Wolly, washingtonpost.com, Arlington VA

117. Best on-site training ever. I have been to classes locally, in fact a class similar to the introduction to SQL. Much more information was revealed in this class and the time was took to make sure students understood all information the book provided and then some!

Kent Bodiford, BB&T, Lumberton NC

118. Angie's explanations were clear, concise and relevant. I learned so much from this course that I will be able to implement immediately to expedite my data analysis process.

Glenda Pinckney, United Postal Service,

119. The instructor was excellent.

Lawrence Pham, GL Noble Denton, Houston TX

120. As someone who has never even opened the VB Editor, this was a great course to understand the layout, some of the basic functions, and practice with examples.

Jenny Tsao, U.S. Postal Service, Arlington VA

121. the class is very good

Monica Meza, Brightstar U.S., Libertyville IL

122. Great pace! Great content! Great treats!

Sara Gallegos, MillerCoors, Golden CO

123. Tracy's insight was invaluable in creating my unexpected level of comfort with using Basecamp. After the initial lessons, she guided hands-on use of the product for real-world scenarios--exercising excellent judgment about when to intercede as we fumbled our way toward prowess.

Cymantha Governs, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Baltimore MD

124. Webucator personnel did a great job meeting our specific needs and in putting our class together.

Mike Ballasiotes, Electrolux, Charlotte NC

125. An invaluable introduction for the working professional, Webucator's ActionScript 3 course puts you in the deep end of the pool quickly—and keeps you from sinking.

Jabez Palmer, Mixpo, Seattle WA

126. I really enjoyed the whole class and interactions with this instructor. It allowed me a comprehensive understanding of this new application. I will recommend this training to anybody interested in getting a better understanding of InfoPath and its features.

Jose Luque, QPay, North Miami Beach FL

127. Highly recommend this course for beginners. It left me eager to get to work applying our new knowledge. The instructor, Jed, was excellent.

Nicholas Prota, Health Quest IT,

128. The SharePoint 2010 training was very informative and exactly what we were looking for. Our instructor Mel was excellent and what he was able to teach us will no doubt help each of us utilize the tools we have available to do our jobs more efficiently. Great value!

Dianne Bonnette, Enbridge Energy, Cushing OK

129. Our instructor was very intelligent on the subject. Fields of study were discussed in-depth and further explained when necessary. The class was at a manageable pace for understanding and retaining new terms and concepts.

Joe Evans, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

130. "Webucator was able to showcase the basic tools needed to expand my knowledge in the realm of Adobe."

Brittany Bermensolo, Red Energy, Colorado Springs CO

131. Our instucture was very professional, knowledgable, and versatile.

Darrin DeVries, Bronson Healtcare Group,

132. The MVC 5 course is a great course for beginners in MVC.

Shaun Cline, Huntington Bank,

133. Great instructor. Very clear and concise. Instructor took his time and made sure we understood the topics.

Roberto Zayas, City Harvest inc.,

134. Webucator is great! Our company has had several classes through Webucator onsite and virtual classroom and we have always had an excellent training experience. Thanks Webucator!

Carol Ellwein, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bismarck ND

135. A lot of information about what we are trying to get accomplished in our project. Teacher was willing to help with specific problems we were having. The class was just what we needed to take our code to the next level.

Brad Lanning, Seagate Technology, Longmont CO

136. Pat did an excellent job working with a group that learned at different paces.

Lou Mangiaracina, Anchor an Oldcastle Company,

137. Loved the class, it was clear and concise and a fit for my everyday work-life.

Nicole Jenkins, Admiral Insurance Company,

138. Webucator was extremely professional and easy to work with. I interviewed many training providers and Webucator was able to deliver the best, onsite, customized training and the best trainer at the most reasonable price.

Jeff Hegedus, Medi-Span/Wolters-Kluwer Health, Indianapolis IN

139. Great Stuff.

Erwin Roca, Department of Financial Services NYS,

140. Excellent class cover all concepts using GWT. Flexible in a way the class is conducted.

Piniti BODJONA, Amano Cincinnati, Inc., Roseland NJ

141. The instructor is excellent. He is knowledgeable not only with the course content but also many other areas of Microsoft products. He adjusts the schedule as we need more time to cover materials.

Lawrence Pham, GL Noble Denton, Houston TX

142. Great content, even greater instructor!

Don Collins, DoD,

143. Great.

Prem Valluru, Shaw Industries, Calhoun GA

144. I was expecting good interaction and real world examples, but I got far more than that. You could tell that the instructor loved what he was doing and as a result it showed in his teaching.

Bracey Fuenzalida, Dominion Endeavors, New York NY

145. Bob is an excellent trainer, blending real-world experience with the underlying bases for scrum. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Ed Maio, Apollo Group, Inc, Phoenix AZ

146. Fantastic-Over Exceeded all expectations

Alex Sharpe, Midwest Mole, Greenfield IN

147. Excellent Training, Easy to set up, and priced right!

Henry Evans, BB&T, Lumberton NC

148. The customized- instructor led course was the best way to meet our group's needs.

Diane Kersey, Colonial Farm Credit, Mechanicsville VA

149. The venue was outstanding, as was the instructor. The materials were very usable and serve as a great reference.

Michael Sullins, US Air Force, Forestville MD

150. Lisa is a knowledgeable user who takes the time to answer every question so participants accomplish the tasks. She's willing to change direction based on class responses and needs.

Lisa Gielczyk, Self-Employed Trainers, Kerkhoven MN

151. Ms Teresa Bell is great. Wish she could teach all the classes at NOAA.

Janet Sharp, DOC/NOAA,

152. This was a very informative and worth while class. It was easy to understand, lots of examples and we were able to do hands on with our own pieces while he taught each piece.

Teresa Maile, Priority Health, Grand Rapids MI

153. Jonathan had an excellent understanding of the subject matter and was able to convey that knowledge effectively to the class. He also was enthusiastic about the content and maintained a light-hearted mood to the class that made it more enjoyable.

Matt Sykes, Safelite AutoGlass, Columbus OH

154. Laurie is very personal and people friendly instructor. She made the hard task very simple to understand and gave us quick and easy ways to use MS Project

Timothy Miles, Detroit Economic Growth Corp (DEGC), Detroit MI

155. Kyle is a great VBA trainer and knowledge source. I was able to accelerate my VBA knowledge base in just one day.

Warren Hauck, USPS,

156. Webucator provided a casaul, friendly environment for me to learn at my pace.

Stevan Velazquez, USPS,

157. Olen was a wonderful instructor and did a fantastic job

Camille Cepeda, Kaiser Permanente,

158. Webucator provided us with a topnotch class and instructor for an in-house training session on using C# for .NET programming. I would highly recommend Webucator to anyone seeking quality training.

Pete Weilnau, The Information Systems Manager (ISM), Bethlehem PA

159. If love to learn then come on in

Kiante Brantley, DoD, Fort Meade MD

160. This course was impressive. In less than five days I went from absolutely zero knowledge about XML to feeling comfortable working with rather advanced code.

Abraham Lewis, PAE, Vienna VA

161. Good to see the big picture and have someone who can answer my questions as an instructor

Wayne Haston, ABWE, new Cumberland PA

162. Never knew excel could be so fun or so easy to use.

kim hennis, Methodist Hospital for Surgery,

163. I was able to go from zero to hero with the training materials, coupled by the instructor's experiences. Every training course should be this easy.

Jonathan Kan, Safeway Inc.,

164. You could easily tell that our instructor knew the tool very well and kept up to date on Google Analytics tool. We didn't ask one question that she didn't have a solution to! I'd overwhelmingly recommend Laurie as a GA instructor!

Claire Alloway, Intrax, San Francisco CA

165. Great class! Great instructor!


166. Our instructor was exteremely knowledgeable and personable and made the experience most enjoyable.

John Hickey, Harte Hanks, San Diego CA

167. A+++ Training

John Lin, County of Ventura, Ventura CA

168. If you have a new software you need to learn to navigate they provide hands on experience that is quick and easy to understand, Their facilitators are very nice and are willing to help. If they don't know the answer they find it on the spot!

Courtney Abney, Williams, Houston TX

169. This class was easy to understand & very informative.

Sharon Ryan, IRS,

170. I highly recommend the personal, one on one classes that Webucator offers. It is well worth the money.

Claire Hartman, Exit 24, llc, Monkton MD

171. Excellent training. Excellent Instructor.

Pankaj Kalore, Siemens, Indianapolis IN

172. To Webucate is to educate! Thanks for the knowledge.

Effie Holder, Enova Financial,

173. The demos were good and challenging. Art was very enthusiastic and passionate about javascript.

Robert Dove, Grange Insurance, Columbus OH

174. Great deliver and training!

William Taylor, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

175. Roger did a great job meeting our needs!

Keith Lineberry, NetIQ Corporation, Houston TX

176. I began the class with a limited knowledge base of Crystal Reports so I really enjoyed everything about the class. It was great to learn so much about this program.

Melissa Castle, People, Inc., Abingdon VA

177. The training was a perfect blend of challenge and information. I was excited to learn through application beyond just text book reading.

Carla Carrell, Comcast,

178. perfect instructor for a complicated course.

ie ting tan, Enova, Chicago IL

179. The Webucator instructor worked with us to make sure we could use Project as it would apply to our company. Excellent service!!

Tami Wildoner, ITT RRAS, Morgan Hill CA

180. Thanks Patricia

Rita Barrett, Admiral,

181. Great class, size and hands on training. Instructor was extremely effective with the lectures. Definitely worth the time and cost.

Dave Beeston, Islands Trust, Victoria BC

182. The instructors are very knowledgable and experienced. Also, the course work was geared towards our specific technology needs adding real time benefit to our organization.

Chad Cotter, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

183. Training felt personalized and highly expert! All the content made sense to me, a business user, because the instructor was technically savvy and very clear.

Terrie Linderman, American Medical Association,

184. Excellent GWT Training.

Jeff Chen, Herbalife, Torrence CA

185. Well worth the time. You will get the time back in your everyday work if you use excel

Marc Churnin, Samsung Semi,

186. Tracy is very knowledgeable and engaging. She answered all of our questions and provided excellent examples.

Jeff Brittain, J P Morgan Retirement Plan Services, Chicago IL

187. "Hands on was key to building skills of doing a awesome spreadsheet"

Juliana Juarez, Abode Services, Oakland CA

188. Webucator;s 'Introduction to SQL Training' class provided a great start to learning SQL in an easy-to-learn manner.

Robert Ronas, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs CO

189. Our instructor was very courteous, intuitive and a good teacher. The class itself was very informative and gave me new insight into XML and XSLT so that I can perform my job better.

Jay Yedinak, The Boeing Company , Everett WA

190. The Webucator MVC course we took with Alan Tang was by far the best of many 4 day programming courses I've taken over the years.

Greg Fleming, Everglades Direct,

191. I learned a lot for a short class.

Brian Johnson, Tec Systems Group, Wichita KS

192. I use SQL Server frequently and have taught myself a lot, but this course was structured and really helped me understand the things that go on behind the scenes in SQL Server and tie it all together.

Michael Lentini, Advisory Board Company, Arlington VA

193. Class delivered everything expected and we needed. The materials were excellent and well organized, and the examples were real world-like.

James McMullen, Air Force Weather Agency,

194. This course was excellent. The information was very helpful and I was able to use it immediately.

Rashanda McQueen, Enova, Chicago IL

195. The content was detailed, and well structured, along with hands on learning

Jeffrey OConnor, Chiquita, Charlotte NC

196. Class and instructor exceeded my expectations! Ready to book another one!

Kendra Bullard, DART, Dallas TX

197. A 'must have" for managers and leaders in any field.

Robert Pagan, BMT Scientific Marine Inc.,

198. Thorough JSF coverage by top-notch instruction.

Adam Dunn, UTHealth, Houston TX

199. Paul certainly knows how to use, and more importantly, how to teach Business Objects. Having his expertise in the classroom really made the class invaluable.

Tom Moeller, Castrol Industrial, Naperville IL

200. I gained a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time. This course provided plenty of opportunity for me to apply what was being taught so that by the time it was over I was confident and ready to start using Basecamp.

Ashley Rosales, Dairy Council of California, Sacranebti CA

201. It seems apparent that Webucator utilizes trainers who are extremely adept in their field.

Lori Kruger, WOODRUFF SWEITZER, Kansas City MO

202. "Clear sequential instructions and explanations with guided learning exercises create a well thought out and beneficial course."

Jennifer Greenwood, Cisco Systems, Boxborough MA

203. Jose did an awesome job with the class. This is training you actually pay attention too.

Joshua Oleszcuk, Johns Hopkins,

204. Great fundamentals course to make Spring less of a black box.

Brian Osorio, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

205. Well worth the time and effort, go ahead and write the check already.

Jovo Filips, Rutherford & Associates, Inc., Holland MI

206. Trained to Last!

LCDR Brinston (Edward) Brinston, Naval Hospital Lemoore, Lemoore CA

207. Our trainer is engaging, professional and a fount of relevant knowledge as it relates to real world corporate software development.

Edmund Jimenez, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

208. From the very beginning of the class I found myself saying, "oh wow!" The instructor was SO knowledgeable, and was very flexible, covering the topics we needed and answering our questions.

Sarah Bailey, Hachette Book Group, New York NY

209. Tracy Berry is a very good educator on OneNote.

John Vanderwielen, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.,

210. I liked the approach of presenting concepts supported by sample implementations.

Jeff Schmidt, GL Noble Denton, Mechanicsburg PA

211. The course was organized and informative.

Daniel Migura Jr., TML Multistate IEBP,

212. Very useful class. I learned a lot.

Faranak Fouladi, NOAA ,

213. Answering the why's of MVC separated this course from the rest.

Ryan Gates, Everglades Direct, Inc.,

214. Webucator provides fantastic customer service, quality instruction, and an overall pleasant learning environment. I am very satisfied with the course and how knowledgeable the instructor was.

Mary Bushey, STARLIMS, Hollywood FL

215. The class was great. It met all of our expectations. Thank you for being flexible with us.

Michael Shaw, IEX Corporation, Dallas TX

216. This was worth the time jsut for the tips and tricks

Belinda Drygalski, Sargent & Lundy, Chicago IL

217. The best class I've had in many many years - and I take at least 2-3 per year!!

Michael Edmondson, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Tampa FL

218. Great experience.


219. Ann is the coolest trainer! Loved the session she conducted at our company and look forward to more opportunities.

Vasanti Balan, Salesforce.com, San Francisco CA

220. Excellent teacher , would welcome her again for many more classes . Thanks for Sharing

Marie Foreman, U.S. Department of Commerce / NOAA,

221. Loved the class and it was well paced.

Blanca Lule, Enova, Chicago IL

222. The trainer was fabulous. Engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining while still be effective!

Jennifer (Joey) Evans, Salesforce.com, San Francisco CA

223. Excellent teacher , would welcome her again for many more classes . Thanks for Sharing

Marie Foreman, U.S. Department of Commerce / NOAA,

224. Pat is a great instructor. Excel is intricate and to have an instructor like her makes this class eay.

Jaraka Blair, Best Western, Charlottetown PE

225. The content was comprehensive for the scope and even though I have basic SQL knowledge, I was able to learn new techniques to make my SQL statements more efficient after this course.

Nestor Aquino, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs CO

226. Outstanding Instructor!

Jared Poston, DSM,

227. Lisa is a pro, the best!

Paul Kirsch, Sargent & Lundy, Chicago IL

228. Mary Gillen is a very skilled instructor and tried to answer anything we threw at her. I felt very comfortable asking her if I needed additional explanation on specific exercises. She was also able to provide insight into complementary technologies we should be pursuing.

Christine Reslmaier, Adelphi University, Garden City NY

229. Mike was a great instructor, covered material well and provided assistance when users had issues. Also answered hypothetical questions

Jill Rice, P2 Energy Solutions, Denver CO

230. Very good Instructor!!

Alona Rabin, New York Presbyterian Hospital,

231. MEL was a great instructor. I learned so much and would recommend him to anyone.

kylie fuqua, Williams, Houston TX

232. Would recommend this instructor and the course to all that are interested or needs it.

James McMullen, Air Force Weather Agency, Offutt AFB NE

233. This was a very thorough class. Mr. Lawrence has an very exceptional knowledge base and abilty to make everyone who is willing to learn an expert!

Derek Imig, Nevada Army National Guard, Las Vegas NV

234. Great course. Great teaching. Thanks for the course. Really helpful.

lakshmi kollepara, First Data,

235. The trainer assigned to our class was truly an expert and was able to explain the system.

Tito Diaz, Crown World Mobility , Danbury CT

236. Great!

Lucian Nechita, CCC, Toronto ON

237. Great class, great instructor!

terry Kolody, On behalf of Gary Paxon, TTI Telecom, San Diego CA

238. My learning was driven by the Trainer's command of the topic area, her style of teaching and her willingness to bend the materials no matter how complex to the level of the student.

Benita Harris, Abode Services, Oakland CA

239. This was a great introductory SQL course.

Geoffrey Howard, Match.com, Dallas TX

240. Very helpful for those of us just beginning to use InDesign

Sue Wilson, Bytheway Publishing Services, Norwich NY

241. Our instructor, Tracy, was very knowledgable about SharePoint. I left the class feeling comfortable with the basics of SharePoint and ready to tackle my new SharePoint assignment.

Paula Tomlin, Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis IN

242. This class was a great review, but also introduced new techniques to bring life to professional emails and as well as hints to increase the efficiency of our communication. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Stephen Brown, Travisoft,

243. Good class. Great way to get an instructor to your location when on a tight budget. Webucator was aware of our needs and made sure that all of them were met. Thanks

Rocco Rosa, Public Health Agency of Canada, Guelph ON

244. Webucator was a well-planned comprehensive training. Most importantly, our instructor made it fun and customized so it didn't feel like a typically training.

Tracy White, Bankrate.com,

245. The Wordpress course was extremely helpful and our trainer was excellent. I feel much more secure in my ability to move forward with building and customizing our own site. Our team is in a much stronger place thanks to Mary and Webucator!

Erica Klein, Adelphi University, Garden City NY

246. "These courses are sweet."

Trieu Nguyen, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

247. Keep up the good work!

Olen Sanders, geekyguy, Sacramento CA

248. Great pace to the training, 2 days well spent

Brian Mokaya, Ideaca Knowledge Services, Toronto ON

249. Fast, simple, well taught, well led.

Cliff Richie, Northeastern State University, Tulsa OK

250. The instructor was very knowledgeable and flexible and the course was structured at a very nice pace

Pradeep Yedlarajaiah, Pfizer Inc,

251. Our instructor was very intelligent on the subject. Fields of study were discussed in-depth and further explained when necessary. The class was at a manageable pace for understanding and retaining new terms and concepts.

Joe Evans, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

252. Excellent!!!

Paul Kirsch, Sargent and Lundy, Chicago IL

253. Excellent instructors, outstanding support and phenomenal value.

Amy Sufak, Red Energy, Colorado Springs CO

254. The instructor was excellent, class was well paced and very informative. The good use of time kept us on track while still being able to answer individual questions, needs or concerns.

Scott Sufak, Red Energy, Colorado Springs CO

255. Best course ever, I feel enlightened!


256. Having the on-site training was invaluable. The instructor knew the material inside and out, and tailored the class to our needs. I highly recommend the training.

Tania Whalen, bd, Franklin Lakes NJ

257. With regard to the training, in a word, it was EXCELLENT! AK is a very knowledgeable, extremely enthusiastic, and effective trainer.

Jim Rapkoch, Colsa, Colorado Springs CO

258. The instructor was very keen on the individual needs of the class participants.

Gil McCollin, Cameron Process Systems,

259. As an analyst it's good to be able to be given a project and consistently bring new ideas to the table on how to deliver your objectives.

Genevieve Washington, Internal Revenue Center,

260. I came into the class with no experience with the tool. I left after 2 days feeling very confident that I can create some very nice reports and graphs as soon as I get back to my desk.

Danielle Rowden, Acxiom, Downers Grove IL

261. The training, instructors, and system are all incredibly easy to understand and dynamic. I have not seen any other website program that is as robust while remaining so simple and straight forward to use and implement.

Nichole Moser, Business Furnishings, Regina SK

262. Business Objects will allow you to build reports within a universe where the complexity of maintaining the data is handled by the experts.

David Lupinetti, Fannie Mae,

263. The instructor was outstanding. His knowledge and presentation skills were perfect for our Java class.

Dan Wilt, US District Court Western PA, N/A PA

264. Instructor presented valuable materials and kept us engaged throughout the course!

Kitrek Riese, Dematic, Grand Rapids MI


Brent Baisden, DLA - Land & Maritime, Orange County CA

266. I learned what I had hoped to from this class. I would definitely take another course from Webucator. The instructor was awesome, and the class size (three students) was great!

Jennifer Porter, Metafore, Calgary AB

267. Class is a great place to learn and understand better than using self-help resources.

Eleanor Brown, NOAA ,

268. I am walking away from this course with a far greater knowledge of SSRS. Upon completion of the labs, I fully expect a high-level of working knowledge and skill at developing, deploying, and running reports on SSRS.

Tom Briscoe, State of Alaska, juneau AK

269. The best instructor ever!!

Leanna Garner, tml,

270. From the first email until the last minute of class Webucator makes booking continiung education classes easy.

Michelle Owen, CRC Insurance Services, Inc., Birmingham AL

271. Good pace, coursework, and an excellent instructor.

Scott Freeland, Mainstay Business Solutions, Folsom CA

272. The instructor is very knowledgable and kept everything moving at a comfortable pace.

Lauren Cotton, Martin Marietta Materials, Raleigh NC

273. Great instructor! Class was tailored to out needs as a company. We will invite her back!

Lori Council, Midwest Mole Inc,

274. The J2EE for Managers class enabled me to make sense of all the Java/J2EE specs I've been given by developers.

Jean Forster, MRO Software, Bedford MA

275. Excellent Course and a great instructor. Learned what I expected to learn and then some.

Brandon Burm, Arizona State University,

276. Learning InDesign was a breeze with Webucator's expert instruction. The trainer's in-depth knowledge and upbeat, cheerful demeanor made quick work of a thick book. I feel confident that we now have the essential understanding needed to apply this program to daily use. Thanks!

Darin Baker, MTD Southwest,

277. The instructors are very knowledgable and experienced. Also, the course work was geared towards our specific technology needs adding real time benefit to our organization.

Chad Cotter, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

278. Lisa made the experience very enjoyable and was willing to answer the most dumbest questions.

Sue Lamphere, Bytheway Publishing Services, Norwich NY

279. The class was very well designed and facilitated, the pace was good, and I loved that the content was custom for our needs.

Meredith Patton, Kelley Blue Book , Irvine CA

280. We requested customized training with a reference material particular to our application. Webucator addressed both of these perfectly!

Van Zander, Tidewater Technology Group, Chesapeake VA

281. The Town of Mansfield, MA received most comprehensive and enriching education in our transition from Office 2003 to Office 2010 products. Our trainer was the friendliest, most patient and cheerful person, who answered questions and explained more than we expected. The course materials were fabulous. Price wise Webucator is the best vendor in its industry.

Sacha Zlatkova, Town of Mansfield, Mansfield MA

282. Really goes into depth on almost all of the Spring packages and technologies.

Brian Osorio, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

283. Bob is a great teacher - very engaging, and patient

Anjelica Grant, Friendship Public Charter School,

284. Excellent instructor Steve Claflin!

Romwell Manalo, Amano Cincinnati, Inc., Roseland NJ

285. Mr. Hark is a great instructor!

James Ocheske, DOTD CP-32, Ft Benning GA

286. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and shared more than what the book did, although he did methodically go through the book. He focused on industry standard practices as well

Greg Hays, Christian Brothers Services, Romeoville IL

287. Before this course I felt like I THOUGHT I was practicing Scrum. After I participated in this class, I now feel like I have the necessary tools and knowledge to be a better Scrum Master.

Martie Kelley, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

288. This class is very useful.

Tracey Smith, NYS Department of Financial Services,

289. Great Courses, Great Instructors, Applicability

Erika Martinez-Burns, Agriculture Financial Services Corportation, Lacombe AB

290. With desire, focus and the willingness to learn, it's amazing what you can accomplish.

Linda Bernal, Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento CA

291. Easy to follow instruction and course material. I would reccomed this class and instructor, Mr. Paul Simkins, to anyone who is interested in the development of distance learning or the Adobe Suite.

James Ocheske, DOTD CP-32, Ft Benning GA

292. I would highly recommend J.P. Terry as a Adobe LiveCycle trainer!

Kevan Fish, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Denver CO

293. "Great source for SQL server reporting information"

Clyde Charles, City of Houston,

294. I now feel a lot more comfortable presenting pricing options to CFO's

Kyle Jamieson, Salesforce, San Francisco CA

295. Excellent

Sharon Combs, TASB, Austin TX

296. No matter how much of an expert you are or how much experience you have, this class will teach you something you didn't know!

Kimberly Kendrick, TML Multistate IEBP,

297. The customizations made to the course before hand and the instructors ability to modify the class during training ensured that the needs of the students where met.

Dale Kovacs, USCG-ECity ISD, Elizabeth City NC

298. Very useful class. I learned a lot.

Faranak Fouladi, NOAA ,

299. The material covered was very useful. The exercises and the accompanying printed material were clear and concise. The best part, though, was our instructor. He was knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs and various skill levels, charismatic, and explained things well. He even took the time to examine some code we had written previously, and provide some programming suggestions on a project our department is currently working on. Excellent.

Emily Sharp, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY

300. Class is a great place to learn and understand better than using self-help resources.

Eleanor Brown, NOAA ,

301. The class was so smooth and easy to follow. I didnt feel like I was forced to memorize everything but instead wrap my mind around a framework that in the end seemed natural.

Dale Bishop, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

302. The onsite MySQL training class was tailored for both developers and system admin folks.

Michael Swipes, American College of Physicians, Philadelphia PA

303. We covered many different areas of Power Point. So many I wasn't aware even existed. Our instructor was very personable and always made sure that there were no questions before she moved on to another subject. I definitely will be able to apply many of the helpful tips I learned today.

Jim Nicholson, Kelley Blue Book , Irvine CA

304. Great training and a great instructor! Thanks for taking the time to come train all of us.

Walter Arnette, US Coast Guard, Elizabeth City NC

305. Excellent training!

Chuck Chill, Raytheon Professional Services, Troy MI

306. "Melissa was an excellent instructor and I felt I got a lot out of the class that will definately help me with Access for my job."

Ryan Bosna, Premier, Inc., Philadelphia PA

307. Great instructors! Will train with them again!

David Anders, New York Presbyterian Hospital,

308. Well worth the time and money!

Lynette Ramirez, HealthPartners, Mendota Heights MN

309. Informative and great paced class.

Merly Maltezo, USN, Camp Lejeune NC

310. Webucator worked to customize the program for us. It was a success and we would not hesitate to use Webucator again for any future training needs.

Sheila Bosworth, Elias Wilf Corp, Owings Mills MD

311. "A visceral lightbulb!"

Murray Writtle, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

312. I highly recommend Mel Futch. He knows the material and how to present it. The class is paced well and the participants motivated by useful hands-on exercises and appropriate prodding and humor.

Peter Sawyer, Oral Roberts University, TULSA OK

313. This course was very informative and provided many concepts and tools to enable Scrum teams to be successful.

Christine Schubert, Apollo Group, Phoenix AZ

314. This was an excellent way to get introduced to a topic I did not know much about. I really feel like I received a quality introduction to excel.

Terry Petrucci, Fuller & Company, Atlanta GA

315. Olen Sanders is an excellent instructor! He made the class very fun and enjoyable!

Wendy Uhlman, NYS Department of Financial Services,

316. Great fundamentals course to make Spring less of a black box.

Brian Osorio, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha NE

317. This is the second time I've done on-site classes with Webucator. The first class was for CSS and the second class was for jQuery. Both classes were taught by different instructors but both classes were great! This shows that Webucator definitely screens their instructors and only picks those who are knowledgeable in the field and who can teach well. I will definitely use them again in the future to keep developing my skills!

Michelle Granada, NutriSystem, Fort Washington PA

318. Knowledgeable instructor + excellent class = practical use of the learned material in the real world

Alan Kwok, CBCInnovis, Inc., Columbus OH

319. Jay, was an excellent instructor. Thanks...

Rene Requenes, Telecheck First Data,

320. Comfortable class pace with a wide range of content that I know I will be applying within my developer role

Bruce Symanowicz, Union Pacific Railroad,

321. Excellent

Boris Shimonov, Loews Corporation, White Plains NY

322. Faaaaaantastic job, Olen! Made learning PowerPoint a great time.

Dafina Fuqua, Samsung SIC,

323. Spectacular training by great instructors in short timeframes. Excellent coverage of complicated material in an easily comprehensible format.

Bill Cornelius, mySmartSimulations, Albany NY

324. I definitely would recommend Olen Sanders as a terrific and knowledgable instructor.

Lori Low, NYS Department of Financial Services,

325. Webucator was willing to work closely with us to identify our needs for training, and they gave us the hands-on coding time that helped us walk away with a new level of competence.

Ned Stankus, Hamilton College, Clinton NY

326. This class is a great introduction into the world of SQL. The material is extremely user-friendly and I would recommend this class to any organization.

Catala Jacobs, BB&T, Whiteville NC

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