Self-paced Training: Coupons

Save money when you purchase Webucator’s course coupons for self-paced courses.

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Select the number of self-paced course coupons you would like to purchase:

CouponsPrice per CouponTotalBuy
10 coupons$45.00$450.00Buy 10 Coupons
25 coupons$40.00$1,000.00Buy 25 Coupons
50 coupons$35.00$1,750.00Buy 50 Coupons
100 coupons$32.00$3,200.00Buy 100 Coupons
200 coupons$30.00$6,000.00Buy 200 Coupons
500 coupons$25.00$12,500.00Buy 500 Coupons
1000 coupons$20.00$20,000.00Buy 1000 Coupons

Coupon Terms

  1. Coupons expire one year from purchase date.
  2. Students have one year of course access beginning on the date of registration.
  3. Any remaining coupon credits at the end of the one-year period can be renewed for an additional year at 50% of the initial cost per coupon.

Coupons Per Course

Below is a listing of all of our self-paced courses and their associated price and number of coupons required.

Course NamePriceNumber of Coupons


Adobe Animate Creative Cloud (CC) Training$99.902
Introduction to Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (CC) Training$99.902
Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) Training$99.902
Introduction to InDesign Creative Cloud (CC) Training$149.853
Introduction to Premiere Pro Creative Cloud$149.953
Photoshop Certification Training$149.853

Business Skills

Business Writing Basics Training$49.951
Customer Service Training$49.951
Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency Training$49.951
Virtual Communications for Managers$49.951


Advanced Crystal Reports$49.951
Intermediate Crystal Reports$49.951
Introduction to Crystal Reports Training$49.951
Introduction to SQL Training$99.902
Introduction to SQL Using PostgreSQL$149.853
Oracle PL/SQL Training$249.755
Oracle SQL Training$199.804


Advanced Access$99.902
Advanced Microsoft Access 2013$99.902
Advanced Microsoft Access 2016$99.902
Advanced Microsoft Excel Training$49.951
Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2013$49.951
Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2016$49.951
Advanced Microsoft Outlook Training$49.951
Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training$49.951
Advanced Microsoft Word Training$49.951
Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training$49.951
Intermediate Microsoft Word Training$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft Access$149.853
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013$149.853
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016$149.853
Introduction to Microsoft Excel Training$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2016$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook Training$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Training$49.951
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013: Getting Started$99.902
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016: Getting Started$99.902
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019: Getting Started$99.902
Introduction to Microsoft Word Training$49.951
Microsoft Access 2013 MOS Certification Training$199.805
Microsoft Access 2016 MOS Certification Training$199.805
Microsoft Access 2019 MOS Certification Training$199.805
Microsoft Outlook 2013 MOS Certification Training$99.902
Microsoft Outlook 2016 MOS Certification Training$99.902
Microsoft Outlook 2019 MOS Certification Training$99.902
Microsoft Project 2013: Digging Deeper$99.902
Microsoft Project 2016: Digging Deeper$99.902
Microsoft Project 2019: Digging Deeper$99.902
SharePoint 2016 End User Training$149.853
SharePoint 2016 Power User Training$99.902
SharePoint 2019 End User Training$149.853
SharePoint 2019 Power User Training$99.902
Using VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel$49.951
Windows 10$24.951


Advanced Python 3 Training$99.903
Introduction to Java Training$249.755
Introduction to Python 3 Training$199.804
Introduction to XML Training$49.951
Java Certification Training$349.657
Python Data Analysis with JupyterLab Training$99.902

Web Development

Advanced JavaScript Concepts$49.951
Color Theory$49.951
Creating, Styling, and Validating Web Forms$149.853
Django Training for Python Developers$599.406
Introduction to Bootstrap Training$99.902
Introduction to Creating, Styling, and Validating Web Forms$49.951
Introduction to CSS Training$199.803
Introduction to HTML Training$99.902
Introduction to JavaScript Training$199.804
Introduction to jQuery Training$99.902
Introduction to PHP Training$249.755
Introduction to WordPress Training$49.951
Managing Web Design Projects$49.951
React Training$149.853
Sass Training$99.902