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The difference between str.isdigit() and str.isdecimal() in Python is, for most of us, academic and can be used interchangeably. According to the Python documentation, the decimal category “includes digit characters, and all characters that can be used to form decimal-radix numbers, e.g. U+0660, ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT ZERO.” Read the rest of this entry »

In this short video, I show you how to reverse a string using slicing in Python: Read the rest of this entry »

We’re working on some new Python courses and, although students will be able to use their IDE of choice, we plan to use IDLE as the default editor. To make it easier to open files directly into IDLE from Windows Explorer, I associated Python files with IDLE. As IDLE doesn’t come up as one of the default options for editing Python, it’s not as intuitive as it might be, but it’s pretty simple. Here’s how you do it: Read the rest of this entry »

The Photoshop Liquify Filter can be used to create a lot of effects, and is a great tool for cosmetic retouching. This video shows how it can be used for body shaping. Read the rest of this entry »

If you install the latest release of Python for Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit and run IDLE, you may get an error like this one:

>>> WARNING: The version of Tcl/Tk (8.5.9) in use may be unstable. Visit http://www.python.org/download/mac/tcltk/ for current information.

Visit https://www.python.org/download/mac/tcltk/ and you’ll see: Read the rest of this entry »

See, the sad thing about a guy like you is, in 50 years you’re gonna start doin’ some thinkin’ on your own and you’re going to come up with the fact that…  you dropped 150 grand on a f****n’ education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library!

Those are the wise words of the self-educated Will Hunting spoken to a cocky Harvard student in the classic 1997 movie, Good Will Hunting.

The Harvard student counters with, “Yeah, but I will have a degree. And you’ll be servin’ my kids fries at a drive-thru on our way to a skiing trip.” Read the rest of this entry »

In celebration of of our commitment to get kids excited about coding technologies in 2015, we’re asking experts to share their perspective on what technologies are most important within their careers and offer some motivation to our youngest generations. Here are some highlights of a few great perspectives we’ve received so far.

Based on your company’s focus, what skills would be most important for our youngest kids to start learning as soon as they can? Read the rest of this entry »

Technology is rapidly changing the way the world works. For our workforce to stay competitive in the decades to come, our children must learn to write code. Organizations like Code.org are working to ensure all kids have the opportunity to learn computer science and to get kids excited about coding. We want to help too.

Webucator provides technology and business training to companies and organizations. We have developed a wide selection of self-paced technology courses, including courses on web development, which we sell to companies and organizations. In 2014, we started giving these courses away to library patrons around the country and to homeschool students. To date, over 2,000 kids have enrolled in our courses at no cost!

Effective immediately, any high school or college student in the United States can take our self-paced courses for free. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Ajax training course has been released anew with updated content and three brand-new lessons on Node.js server, jQuery, and CORS/JSONP.

The purpose of Ajax is to provide a simple way for a web page to communicate with the server without a complete page refresh. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform server that runs JavaScript on the server side. Students will use Node.js for completing exercises in class. Students will also learn jQuery’s Ajax methods to write and maintain fewer lines of code. Read the rest of this entry »

Srinivas Tamada, an entrepreneur from Atlanta, who blogs at 9lessons.info, wrote a great article showing how to create iOS Style Switch Button using CSS3 and jQuery. He agreed to allow Webucator to demonstrate how to make the switch button in a video. Here is our video: Read the rest of this entry »

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