Free Articles and Tutorials: XML

This page contains a listing of free articles and tutorials.


XML: Tips and Tricks

Here we provide a list of free articles and tutorials of tips and tricks that will make you more effective with XML.

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How to Create XML Serialization in .NET

The steps below describe how to implement XML serialization in .NET.

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How to Dynamically Populate an HTML Table with XML Data

Once you know how to retrieve XML data from a server, the next step is to learn how to display that data in the browser. One way to use XML data is to populate an HTML table with it. Follow these 12 steps to learn how it's done.

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How to Read XML Files with the Google Maps API

If you have an XML document containing locations that you want to display on a map, you can load this XML file and display each location as a marker in Google Maps. Here's how.

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How to Send and Receive XML Data to and from the Server

In addition to the responseText property, XMLHttpRequest objects also have a responseXML property, which holds the data returned from the server as an XML document object (or null if the body content returned is not well-formed XML). Follow these eight steps to send XML data in an HTTP POST, receive an XML document from a server, and output the XML that was received.

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How to Try XMLSpy for Free

Altova’s XMLSpy is an extremely powerful XML editor with excellent tools for creating XML Schemas, XSLTs, and basic XML documents, and the great news is that you can try it before buying it.

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