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Converting to Django - Webucator’s Story

In this article, I discuss how Webucator made the swtich from ColdFusion, SQL Server, and many different JavaScript frameworks running on AWS – a stack we had been using for sixteen years – to Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and Vue.js running on Heroku.

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Django: Tips and Tricks

Here we provide a list of free articles and tutorials of tips and tricks that will make you more effective with Django.

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Why Django?

In this article, I’ll explain why we chose to use Django for Webucator’s website and web applications. I’ll start by explaining what Django is and then I’ll discuss our application needs, and how Django can be used to solve these types of needs.

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Connecting Django and Vue

In this article, we will walk through one way of integrating Vue.js with Django.

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Creating RSS Feeds with Django

Django’s syndication framework makes it pretty simple to create RSS feeds. It is a little trickier if you want to create separate feeds based on a category or a tag. For example, we have a feed at /articles/django/feed/ that returns articles about Django and a feed at /articles/python/feed/ that returns articles about Python. In this article, I explain how to do this.

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How to Run the Shell for a Django Project within AWS Elastic Beanstalk AMI

I added slugs to several models after I already had data for those models. To get the slugs saved, I had to save each object corresponding to the model, which is easy programmatically, but a pain to do through the admin interface. My project runs on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, so I needed access to the shell. I found the solution here.

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Improving Django Admin’s Date-Time Widget

The default datetime widget in Django admin takes up too much vertical space and its behavior can be improved.

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Why I Don’t Use jQuery in Django Admin

I’ve made a lot of customization to Django admin using JavaScript. Although Django admin supports jQuery and will continue to do so in Django 4.0, I stick to vanilla JavaScript. In this article, I explain why.

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