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Adobe Certified Professional: What is on the Photoshop exam?

Adobe’s official exam guide for Photoshop lists the exam objectives, including key terms, concepts, tools, and settings that you need to know to pass the Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop exam. In this article, we provide definitions of the terms and explanations of the concepts, tools, and settings in an effort to help you prepare for and pass the Adobe Photoshop certification exam.

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ChatGPT Explains Photoshop Neural Filters

While working on a Photoshop lesson on reconstructing and retouching photographs and thinking about how to cover Photoshop’s Neural Filters, which use artificial intelligence to touch up and modify photos, I thought I’d see how a different artificial intelligence tool could help me out. So, I had the following conversation with ChatGPT, and used some of the content in its replies in the course:

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Kerning, Tracking, and Leading

When working with type, you should understand the difference between kerning, tracking, and leading.

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