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How to Ask Good Technical Questions

Being a techie means constant learning. Whether you’re a newbie web developer or an experienced programmer, you are bound to find yourself banging your head against a wall, trying to figure out why the new software you installed isn’t behaving correctly or why the program you just wrote is not working. Luckily, there are a lot of developers out there who are willing to help. But to get a good answer, you need to ask a good question. In this article, I give you some tips for how to ask good questions.

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How to Force a Refresh of favicon.ico

I ran into this problem while writing our Creating, Styling, and Validating Web Forms course. I was showing how browsers make an automatic request for "/favicon.ico" when first visiting a new site. However, once they've received the icon or determined it doesn't exist, they don't request it again on subsequent visits. That created a headache for me when trying to show how to deliver the icon. Unfortunately, it's not easy to force the browser to refresh the favicon.ico, but it's doable.

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How to Install and Use Visual Studio Code for Class

Visual Studio Code is an excellent IDE to use when learning to develop web sites. It provides a nice balance of power and simplicity and it is available on Windows and Mac.

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HTML Heading Levels and Sectioning Content

You may have noticed that there is no difference in size between an h1 heading and h2 heading within an article or section element. That’s weird. In this article, I’ll explain why it is, and the current recommendation for HTML heading levels.

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