How to Use eLearning Characters and Templates in Adobe Captivate

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eLearning Brothers is a great resource for instructional designers to access graphics and templates for use in Captivate, Articulate, PowerPoint, and other software. Captivate actually installs with some cutout characters and provides a direct link to the eLearning Brothers website where you can download more.

eLearning Brothers Characters were added in Captivate 9.

  1. Click the Media menu in the Toolbar and select Characters. Media Menu
  2. Click the Category to review the choices. Characters
  3. Once a category is selected, you'll see the model choices underneath the Category menu. Characters
  4. Not every pose for each model will be available, but the first pose usually is. Once a pose is chosen, you can select whether you want a CloseUp, Half, or Full shot. Characters
  5. The other poses are available for download by clicking Get free eLearning Assets at the top of the dialog box. The assets are free, but you will need to create an account with eLearning Brothers. Once an account is set up, you can start exploring. Note that the character assets are large and could take a while to download. Characters
  6. The templates are also quite good. Here's an example of one of their responsive templates. Template Example

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