How to Adjust Slide Timing in Adobe Captivate

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With demonstration modules, the amount of content on each slide can vary considerably. Attention needs to be paid to each slide's timing to ensure enough time is provided for learners to absorb the information, while not lingering too long and losing the learners' interest.

  1. The default timing for slides is three seconds. Let's start by looking at how to make a global change to that default. Note that this should be done before capturing a software demonstration. Go to Edit > Preferences.
  2. In the Category list at the left, click Defaults where the Slide Duration can be changed. Preferences
  3. There are two methods for adjusting the timing on individual slides. One way is through the Timing Inspector. With nothing selected on the slide, go to the Properties Inspector and click the Timing tab to change the Slide Duration. Timing Inspector
  4. Another way to change the duration is to click Timeline at the bottom-center of the Captivate window.
  5. Hover over the right edge of the slide object's duration so that a "pull" icon displays, then click, hold and drag to adjust the time. Timeline
  6. The Timeline and Timing Inspector are related, so if you look back at the Timing Inspector, you'll see that the Slide Duration has updated. Timing Inspector

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