How to Create a Process Circle Interaction in Adobe Captivate

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Learning interactions are a great way to keep students engaged. They can take the shape of clickable labels, or even interactive games, such as Jeopardy. The steps here will demonstrate how a process circle interaction is built.

  1. On the Toolbar, click Interactions and select Learning Interactions. Interactions Menu
  2. The dialog box may take several seconds to open, so be patient. Select Process Circle, then click Insert. Select Interaction
  3. In the next dialog box, select a Theme from the options to the left. Configure Interaction
  4. Double-click Title until the text highlights to name the interaction. You may have to double-click several times before the text is grabbed so you can change it. Some functions in Captivate have "click inconsistency" and this is one of them. Just keep clicking. Once titled, double-click on Description to complete the heading. Configure Interaction
  5. Double-click Label 1 to highlight the text and name your first label. This may also be stubborn about grabbing the text.
  6. Double-click the content area to the right of the label to add the label details. Configure Interaction
  7. Click once on Label 2 so that it rotates around the circle, then repeat Steps 5-6 to change the content. Continue this process until all the labels and content are complete. Configure Interaction
  8. Additional labels can be added by clicking the + (plus sign). Click OK to add the interaction to the slide. Configure Interaction
  9. The interaction will be added. Go to the Properties Inspector Action tab and set On Enter to Pause to give the learner time to go through the labels. Properties Inspector
  10. If you need to edit the content, double-clicking the interaction will reopen the configuration dialog box.

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