Change Default autosave Interval in JupyterLab

Updated 7/2/2020.

The default autosave interval in JupyterLab is 120 seconds. You can change this using the %autosave magic command for an individual notebook like this:

IPython Notebook autosave

But if you want to change it for all your notebooks, you need to modify the custom.js file settings.

  1. 2255From Settings, select Advanced Settings Editor:
    Jupyter Advanced Settings Menu
  2. Under User Preferences, add an autosaveInterval setting and click the Save icon:
  1. Navigate to your jupyter config directory, which you can find by typing the following at the command line:
    jupyter --config-dir
  2. From there, open the custom folder. My complete path is C:\Users\Nat\.jupyter\custom
  3. In that folder, you should find a custom.js file. If there isn’t one, you should be able to create one. Open it in a text editor and add this code:
        function(IPython, events) {
            	function () {
      				IPython.notebook.set_autosave_interval(180000); //in milliseconds
            //may include additional events.on() statements
  4. Save the file.

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