How to Create a Photo Gallery Using Motion Presets in Adobe Animate

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Creating a photo gallery slideshow in Animate is relatively simple. It's really just a matter of converting images to symbols, adding frames, and applying motion presets.

  1. Go to File > Import > Import to Library. File Menu
  2. Select several images. Import to Library
  3. In the Timeline, create a new layer and name it Photo1. Timeline
  4. Drag the first image just to the left of the stage, then right-click on it and choose Convert to Symbol. Convert First Image to Symbol
  5. Drag the rest of the images onto the stage, converting each to a symbol.
  6. Single-click on the first image to the left of the stage and got to the Motion Presets panel. Find fly-in-left and click Apply. Motion Presets Panel
  7. This will add 24 frames on the Timeline. Feel free to drag the image to the desired position for frame 24 on the stage. Timeline
  8. Click on frame 25 in the Timeline, then right-click and choose Insert Blank Keyframe. Insert Blank Keyframe
  9. Click back on frame 24 and Copy(Ctrl+C). Click on frame 25 and Paste in Place(Ctrl+Shift+V).
  10. We want the image to stay on the frame for 1 sec. To extend the duration of frame 25, Shift-drag frame 25 through frame 49 on the Timeline, then right-click and choose Insert Keyframe.
  11. Click on frame 50 in the Timeline, then select the image on the stage.
  12. Go to the Motion Presets panel, choose fly-out-right and click Apply. Motion Presets Panel
  13. Now that the motions for one image have been created, that layer can be duplicated in the Timeline. Single-click on the layer name, then right-click and choose Duplicate Layers. Duplicate Layers
  14. Rename the layer Photo2, then right-click on the image on the stage for each of the keyframes and choose Swap Symbol. Swap Symbol
  15. Select the next image. Swap Symbol
  16. Repeat Steps 13-15 for each image.
  17. Next, the images layers need to be staggered on the Timeline. Click on the layer's name to select all the frames, then drag them to the right to align so that the fly-in keyframes starts at the end of the fly-out keyframe of the layer below. Timeline

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