How to Change Pacing and Timing in Adobe Animate

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In Adobe Animate, the Timeline controls animations through a matrix of layers and frames. Plain frames are not editable and are used to extend the display time for fixed elements. Keyframes allow you to modify the attributes of objects, such as position and transparency.

  1. To create Keyframes, go to the Timeline, right-click on the current frame for the layer you want to animate, and choose Create Motion Tween.Create Motion Tween
  2. Note how the Timeline changes with more frames added to the current layer. Move the Playhead to the last frame, then go to the object on the stage you wish to animate and change the position or whatever other attributes.Timeline
  3. If there are static objects you want to stay visible, select the layer with the static objects, move the Playhead back to the last frame, right-click, and choose Insert Frame.Timeline
  4. The line with dots on it indicates the motion path. This will not appear in the output. The path may be edited like any other line. (The hills have been hidden in the illustration below to show the path of the animation.)Finished Animation

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