How to Alter Instances in Adobe Animate

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In Adobe Animate, certain changes may be made to instances on the stage that do not affect the main symbol. Properties such as size, rotation, tint, and transparency level can be changed on an instance-by-instance basis.

  1. To change the size, select an instance on the stage, then go to the Properties panel and expand the Position and Size section, if necessary. To keep the size proportional to the original, click the Lock Width and Height icon at the left, then enter the desired size into either the W or H field.Properties for Instance
  2. To change the transparency, select an instance on the stage, then go to the Properties panel and expand the Color Effect section. Select Alpha from the Style menu.Properties Panel
  3. Set the Alpha value to the desired transparency level.Properties for Instance
  4. A tint is a reduced value in color saturation that is opaque, as opposed to translucent, like the example above. Tints can also be applied to tone the original color. To change the tint, click the Style menu under Color Effects again and choose Tint.Properties for Instance
  5. Set the Tint value, then use the Red, Green, and Blue fields or sliders to tone the color.Properties for Instance
  6. To rotate an instance, select it and go to the Transform panel (Window > Transform). Set the Rotate field to the desired angle.Instance and Transform Panel

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