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5-min Narrated Presentation on Python

  • History and Purpose of Python
  • Common Uses of Python
  • How Hard is it to Learn?
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Future of Python
  • The Basic Syntax of Python

History of HTML

  • 1992 - HTML and Mosaic released
  • 1995 – HTML 2 released
  • 1997 – HTML 3 and 4 released
  • 2000 – XHTML released
  • 2014 – HTML5 released

Purpose of HTML

  • HTML provides structure to web pages
  • HTML is not for describing how pages look
  • HTML can be used on many different devices

HTML Difficulty Level

HTML: The Good

  • Easy to learn
  • Works with any web browser

HTML: The Bad

  • Many different versions are used on the web
  • Tutorials are often outdated
  • HTML is not standalone in the real world

HTML: The Future


  • Uses meta-characters
    • < (less than)
    • > (greater than)
    • & (ampersand)
    • " (double quotes)
  • Substitute meta-characters with entities to use as text

Character Entities

The following list shows example characters, each followed by its character entity:

  • < &lt;
  • > &gt;
  • & &amp;
  • " &quot;


  • An element is made up of a starting tag, an ending tag, and content
    <title>Welcome to my web page!</title>
  • Start tag and end tag are surrounded by < and >
  • End tag has a / before the element name

Nexting Elements

  • <article>
    			<p>This is the first paragraph of my article.</p>
    			<p>This is the next paragraph of my article.</p>


    Element Name



    Contains every other element


    Contains script, styles, and meta-data


    Contains the main content


    Contains top-of-page content


    Contains bottom-of-page content


    Contains paragraphs of text


  • Tags are case insensitive
    1. <HTML>
    2. <html>
    3. <Html>
  • Tags are written as lowercase by convention


  • <p id="first-paragraph">
    			This is the first paragraph


  • <!-- an HTML comment won't be interpreted by the web browser. It's just for your use. -->

Empty Elements

  • Empty elements don't have content
    <img src="myimage.gif">
  • A closing slash may optionally be used in the start tag
    <img src="myimage.gif" />

White Space

  • Spaces between words will display normally
    <p>Hello, World!</p> <!-- prints out Hello, World! -->
  • Multiple whitespace characters will be "collapsed" to a single space
    <p>Hello,             World!</p> <!-- prints out Hello, World! -->

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Students rated our Python trainers 9.32 out of 10 based on 105 reviews

The instructor was very knowledgeable in Python and pre-sorted the material in a very fun way. The extra examples he provided were great - it went beyond what you would have found in any book.

Martin Kleiman, 90 IOS
San Antonio TX

Would recommend this instructor and the course to all that are interested or need it.

James McMullen, Air Force Weather Agency
Offutt AFB NE

The customizations made to the course before hand and the instructor's ability to modify the class during training ensured that the needs of the students were met.

Dale Kovacs, USCG-ECity ISD
Elizabeth City NC

Our instructor was both highly skilled and engaging. Excellent instruction combined with material that both summarized the lecture and offered a solid reference. This was easily the best course I've taken in years.

Rob Walker, T. Rowe Price
Colorado Springs CO

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