Web Applications Developer Course Bundle

Web Applications Developer

Whether you're new to web app development or want to enhance your skills, this course will give you the knowledge you need to create dynamic database-driven websites using the latest technologies.

You will first master basic HTML, the core technology behind almost all websites. You will then learn CSS for styling pages and discover JavaScript makes your pages more dynamic. In addition, you will learn best practices and uses for PHP and Vue. You will then dive into SQL and learn how to create intranets and e-commerce sites. Don't forget XML; this course will also teach you the basics of the fundamental markup language. Lastly, you will learn how to add a functional WordPress blog.

Your final project will put your skills to the test—you will build and develop a database-driven web application from the ground up. After completing the course, you will have the skills needed to start an entry-level career in web application development.

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How Our Bundles Work

Included Courses

Introduction to HTML Training (HTM102)

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard language for creating and structuring content on the web. It forms the backbone of all websites, allowing developers… view more

Introduction to CSS Training (CSS101)

Modern browsers have terrific support for all commonly used CSS features, which means that it is no longer necessary to teach the types of CSS… view more

Introduction to JavaScript Training (JSC101)

In this JavaScript training, you will learn to work with one of the most powerful, flexible coding languages!

This class gives you experience using JavaScript to make your web… view more

Creating, Styling, and Validating Web Forms (WFM101)

Web forms are a essential component of modern websites, enabling user interaction and data collection. Properly creating, styling, and validating web forms ensures a seamless… view more

Introduction to Bootstrap Training (BTS101)

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. It provides a collection of CSS and JavaScript components that simplify the process… view more

Advanced JavaScript Concepts (JSC151)

This short JavaScript course prepares you for learning a JavaScript framework like React, Vue.js, jQuery, or Angular, all of which use some advanced JavaScript techniques… view more

Introduction to Vue 3 Training (VUE103)

This Vue.js 3 training class is a hands-on, practical course for learning Vue.js. You should know HTML and JavaScript well, and you should be comfortable… view more

Introduction to SQL Training (SQL101)

This SQL course will help you to master the basics of the SQL language. Designed for professionals who need to manage and manipulate data, this… view more

Introduction to PHP Training (PHP101)

In this PHP training course, students will learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL.

Introduction to XML Training (XML101)

In this XML training class, you will learn to create well-formed XML documents, to build simple DTDs and XML Schema for validating XML documents, and… view more

Introduction to WordPress Training (WPR111)

In this WordPress training class, you will start with the basics of setting up WordPress and learn how to create and maintain a successful WordPress… view more