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Team Leader

Are you a leader of a team of designers who need to get up to speed quickly on InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator? One of our expert Adobe trainers can lead your team through several design products from start to finish. More Info…

Are you looking to take a public class with a live instructor to quickly learn to use an Adobe product or to prepare for a certification exam? Check out upcoming public Adobe classes.

Designer on Team
Adobe Documentation

Are you part of team of technical writers or desktop publishers looking to learn how to use Adobe FrameMaker more effectively to create documentation? One of our expert FrameMaker trainers can work with you to create a customized class working with documents in your industry. Learn More…

Adobe Training for Your Team

If you have a team of designers who need to get up to speed quickly on InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or another Adobe product, a great way to do that is to get professionally guided experience working on real-world projects. Take a look at our project-based courses listed below. Each of these courses consists of a series of design projects, which one of our expert Adobe trainers will lead you and your team through. By the end of the course, your whole team will not only feel comfortable working with the software, but will have a solid understanding of the design process as well.

These courses can all be customized and/or combined (if you need to learn multiple products). And our trainers can provide follow-up consulting to help you as you work through your own projects.

    Public Adobe Classes

    Register for one our publicly scheduled Adobe classes below. All of these classes are all guaranteed to run as we don’t cancel classes due to low enrollment.


      In the rapidly changing world of technology, very few software products stay popular for more than a decade. Incredibly, Adobe FrameMaker is well into its third decade as a leading technical documentation tool. While FrameMaker can be used to create unstructured documents, its real power comes in to play when you need to create documents that adhere to a defined structure. We can put together a class for you that helps your team learn to use FrameMaker to author documents used in your industry. Check out our FrameMaker classes here.

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      Webucator classes rise above the competition. Here’s why:

      • All public Adobe classes are Guaranteed-to-Run.
      • Since 2004, Webucator has trained more than 92,000 students and Webucator instructors receive an average rating of 9.3 out of 10.
      • Learn by doing. The average class is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on labs.
      • Webucator customers rave about our trainers, customer service, and real-world approach. Explore thousands of student testimonials.

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      Thousands of our customers have volunteered to serve as references for Webucator. Ask us for a list of references! Here are just few of the companies that have chosen Webucator:

      • Accenture
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      • Johns Hopkins
      • Lockheed Martin
      • NASA
      • New York State
      • Samsung Semiconductor
      • Social Security Administration
      • State of Alaska
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      • Union Pacific Railroad
      • United States Air Force
      • United States Post Office
      • Walmart