Courses for Homeschoolers

Courses for Homeschoolers

Back in 2014, while homeschooling my oldest child, I realized that many other homeschooling families might benefit from the same high-quality, self-paced courses we developed at Webucator. These courses, covering everything from Adobe tools to web development, were a part of my son's daily learning. To support other families like ours, we launched the HOMESCHOOL coupon to give access to our resources at no cost.

Since then, we have seen over 7,000 course registrations by homeschooling students, which has been incredibly rewarding. However, as a small company, we've reached a point where sustaining this program without affecting our ability to support all customers has become challenging.

What Comes Next

While we are no longer able to provide free course access through the HOMESCHOOL coupon, we remain committed to education and affordability:

All users can still purchase access to our self-paced courses through our coupon page.

For homeschooling coops buying 100 or more coupons, we are offering special pricing. Interested parties should contact us for more details.

We are grateful to have been a part of your educational journey and wish you the best of luck. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

And my son? This year, he graduates from college with a degree in computer science. 

Written by Nat Dunn. Follow Nat on Twitter.