Things Every Developer Should Know

Things Every Developer Should Know

Course Length: 8.0 hours
Delivery Methods: Multiple delivery options
Course Benefits
  • Creating and extracting zip files on a Windows computer.
  • Creating and extracting zip files on a Mac.
  • Showing extensions on a Windows computer.
  • Showing extensions on a Mac.
  • Taking screenshots on a Windows computer.
  • Taking screenshots on a Mac.
  • Using CMD on Windows.
  • Using PowerShell on Windows.
  • Using bash on Mac.
  • Using zsh on Mac.
  • Learning basic commands in each shell.
  • Navigating the File System using relative paths and absolute paths.
  • Using relative paths and absolute paths on the command line.
  • Role of environment variables.
  • Looking up and modifying Path on Windows.
  • Looking up and modifying Path on Mac
  • Understanding the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
  • Using query strings.
  • The difference between local paths and server paths.
  • Using Chrome Developer Tools for multiple device screens.
  • Learning about Chrome caches and hard refreshing.
  • Creating workspaces and adding folders to the workspace.
  • Specifying workspace and user settings.
  • Opening a terminal view.
  • Revealing in File Explorer.
  • Comparing files.
  • Installing extensions.
  • Searching for answers.
  • Getting an account.
Available Delivery Methods
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Course Overview

This Things Every Developer Should Know course reviews a variety of skills that every developer should possess from basics like working with zipped folders and taking screenshots to working with Visual Studio code and asking good questions in the developer community on Stack Overflow.

Course Outline
  1. Zip Files
    1. What is a Zip File?
    2. Exercise: Zip Files on Windows
    3. Exercise: Zip Files on Mac
  2. Showing Extensions
    1. What is an Extension?
    2. Exercise: Show Extensions on Windows
    3. Exercise: Show Extensions on Mac
  3. Taking Screenshots
    1. What is Screenshot?
    2. Exercise: Taking Screenshots on Windows
    3. Exercise: Taking Screenshots on Mac
  4. Using Command Line Shell
    1. What is a Command Line Shell?
    2. Exercise: CMD and PowerShell on Windows
    3. Exercise: bash on Mac
    4. Exercise: zsh on Mac
  5. Relative and Absolute Paths
    1. Absolute and Relative Paths
    2. Exercise: Paths on Windows
    3. Exercise: Paths on Macs
  6. Environment Variables
    1. What is a Environment Variable?
    2. Exercise: Path Environment Variable on Windows
    3. Exercise: Path Environment Variable on Mac
  7. Browsers
    1. URL
    2. Exercise: Using the Chrome Browser
  8. Visual Studio Code
    1. Visual Studio Code
    2. Exercise: Creating a Workspace
    3. Exercise: Reveal in File Explorer and Open Terminal View
    4. Exercise: Compare Files
    5. Exercise: Install Extensions
  9. Stack Overflow
    1. How to Ask a Good Question
Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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