Ansible Training

This Ansible training class is for system administrators desiring to automate provisioning, configuration management, service deployment, operational processes. This course covers all the core Ansible features including installing and configuring, running ad-hoc commands, understanding modules, creating and using playbooks, variables and inclusion, task control, templates, and roles. The course also covers: dealing with sensitive data via Ansible Vault, integration with Docker and Vagrant, networking, and troubleshooting.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn the fundamentals of Ansible.
  1. Ansible Overview
    1. Why Ansible?
    2. Overview of Architecture
    3. QUIZ: Architecture
    4. Inventory
    5. Inventory Patterns
    6. Inventory Plugins
    7. QUIZ: Inventory and Patterns
    8. DEMO: Introducing Ansible
  2. Deploying Ansible
    1. Installing
    2. DEMO: Installing Ansible
    3. Configuration Files
    4. DEMO: Configuration Files
    5. Module Syntax Help
    6. Running Ad Hoc Commands
    7. DEMO: Running Ad Hoc Commands
    8. Dynamic Inventory
    9. DEMO: Dynamic Inventory
    10. Lab Tasks
      1. Deploying Ansible
      2. Ad Hoc Commands
      3. Dynamic Inventories
  3. Playbooks Basics
    1. Writing YAML Files
    2. Playbook Structure
    3. Host and Task Execution Order
    4. Command Modules
    5. Significant Module Categories
    6. File Manipulation
    7. Network Modules
    8. Packaging Modules
    9. System Storage
    10. Account Management
    11. Security
    12. Services
    13. DEMO: Playbooks
    14. Lab Tasks
      1. Playbook Basics
      2. Playbooks: Command Modules
      3. Playbooks: Common Modules
  4. Variables and Inclusions
    1. Variables
    2. Variables - Playbooks
    3. Variables - Inventory
    4. Variables - Registered
    5. Facts
    6. DEMO: Facts
    7. Inclusions
    8. Lab Tasks
      1. Variables and Facts
      2. Inclusions
  5. Jinja2 Templates
    1. Jinja2
    2. Expressions
    3. QUIZ: Jinja2 Templates
    4. Filters
    5. Tests
    6. Lookups
    7. Control Structures
    8. DEMO: Jinja2 Templates
    9. Lab Tasks
      1. Jinja2 Templates
      2. Jinja2 Templates
  6. Task Control
    1. Loops
    2. Loops (cont.)
    3. Loops and Variables
    4. DEMO: Constructing Flow Control
    5. Conditionals
    6. DEMO: Conditionals
    7. Handlers
    8. Tags
    9. Handling Errors
    10. Lab Tasks
      1. Task Control
  7. Roles
    1. Roles
    2. Role Usage Details
    3. QUIZ: Role Structure
    4. Creating Roles
    5. Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
    6. DEMO: Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
    7. Lab Tasks
      1. Converting Playbooks to Roles
      2. Creating Roles from Scratch
      3. Ansible Galaxy Roles
  8. Ansible Vault
    1. Configuring Ansible Vault
    2. Vault IDs
    3. Executing with Ansible Vault
    4. DEMO: Configuring Ansible Vault
    5. Lab Tasks
      1. Ansible Vault
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this DevOps class:

  • Experience with Linux shell, text editing, and basic systems administration needed.

Training for your Team

Length: 3 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

What people say about our training

Great experience! Much easier to fit in my schedule when I don't have to leave the office.
Keri Elliott
Infrastructure Corporation of America
Instructor brought a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge to the course.
Chris Morrison
Central Ohio Technical College
A+ Worth the time and money. Good instruction. Good instructor.
Scott Modine
Google Analytics is constantly changing. This class helps get the basics under your belt so the changes are easier to work through.
Michelle Cable-Collins

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