SharePoint 2016 Business Intelligence Training

This SharePoint 2016 Business Intelligence training class covers the services and features in SharePoint that offer support for Business Intelligence scenarios.


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  1. Learn to configure SharePoint sites for business intelligence
  2. Learn to configure and use SharePoint Excel Services
  3. Learn to configure and use SharePoint Visio Services
  4. Learn to configure and use Power View in SharePoint
  5. Learn to configure and use the PowerPivot add-on for SharePoint
  6. Learn to configure and use the Reporting Services add-on for SharePoint
  7. Learn to configure and use PerformancePoint in SharePoint
  8. Learn the basics of Power BI and how it fits with SharePoint
  1. Configuring SharePoint Sites for Business Intelligence
    1. Enabling SharePoint BI Features in a Team Site
    2. Site Collection Level Features
    3. Site Level Features
    4. Walk-Though: Activating Business Intelligence Site Collection and Site Level
    5. Features
    6. Creating a New Site Using the Business Intelligence Center Template
    7. Walk-through: Creating a Site Using the Business Intelligence Center
    8. Template
    9. Exercise: Configure an Existing SharePoint Team Site for Business
    10. Intelligence
    11. Exercise: Create a New SharePoint Site Collection with the Business
    12. Intelligence Center Template
  2. Excel Online in SharePoint
    1. Viewing Excel Spreadsheets with SharePoint and Excel Online
    2. Walk-Through: Viewing Excel Spreadsheet Data through SharePoint
    3. Using SharePoint Excel Access Web Part
    4. Walk-Through: Using SharePoint Excel Access Web Part
    5. Refreshing Data Sources with Excel Online
    6. Walk-Through: Registering an Account with SharePoint Secure Store
    7. Services
    8. Walk-Through: Refreshing Data Sources with SharePoint Excel
    9. Services
    10. Exercise: Using SharePoint Excel Online
    11. Exercise: Configuring a Secure Store Service Application ID and
    12. Credentials
    13. Exercise: Refreshing Data Connections with Excel Online
  3. Visio Services in SharePoint
    1. Viewing Visio Drawings in SharePoint Pages
    2. Walk-Through: Viewing Visio Drawings through SharePoint
    3. Connecting Data to Visio Drawings
    4. Walk-Through: Connecting SharePoint List Data to a Visio Drawing
    5. Exercise: Using SharePoint Visio Services
    6. Exercise: Connecting SharePoint Data to Visio Drawings
  4. SharePoint Power Pivot Add-on
    1. Creating a Basic Power Pivot Model in Excel
    2. Walk-Through: Creating a Basic Power Pivot Data Model
    3. Uploading Excel Power Pivot Workbooks to SharePoint
    4. Walk-Through: Uploading and Viewing an Excel Workbook with a Power
    5. Pivot Model
    6. Refreshing Power Pivot Data Models with SharePoint
    7. Walk-Through: Working with Power Pivot Interactive and Scheduled
    8. Refresh
    9. Exercise: Creating a Power Pivot Data Model
    10. Exercise: Uploading and Interacting with Power Pivot Workbooks
    11. Exercise: Refreshing Data in Power Pivot Workbooks
  5. SharePoint Power Viewer Feature
    1. Creating a Power View Report in SharePoint
    2. Walk-Through: Creating a Power View Report from a Power Pivot
    3. Workbook
    4. Using a BI Semantic Model Connection for a Power View Report
    5. Walk-Through: Using the BI Semantic Model Connection to Create a Power
    6. View Report
    7. Exercise: Creating a Power View Report
  6. SQL Reporting Services Add-on for SharePoint
    1. Creating a Reporting Services Report with Report Builder
    2. Walk-Through: Using Report Builder to Create a Report
    3. Creating a SQL Reporting Services Report Subscription
    4. Walk-Through: Schedule a Report Subscription
    5. Creating a SQL Reporting Services Data Alert
    6. Walk-Through: Create a SQL Reporting Services Data Alert
    7. The SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer
    8. Walk-through: Adding the SQL Server Reporting Services Viewer to a SharePoint Web Page
    9. Exercise: Creating a SQL Report Builder Report
    10. Working with SQL Reports in SharePoint
  7. SharePoint PerformancePoint Services
    1. Using Dashboard Designer and Creating a Connection
    2. Walk-through: Creating a Connection Using Dashboard Designer
    3. Creating a KPI Using Dashboard Designer
    4. Walk-through: Creating a PerformancePoint KPI with Dashboard
    5. Designer
    6. Creating a PerformancePoint Scorecard
    7. Walk-through: Using Dashboard Designer to Create a PerformancePoint
    8. Scorecard
    9. Creating a PerformancePoint Report
    10. Walk-through: Creating an Analytic Chart with Dashboard Designer
    11. Creating PerformancePoint Dashboards
    12. Walk-through: Creating and Deploying a PerformancePoint Dashboard357
    13. Exercise: Creating a Connection Using Dashboard Designer
    14. Exercise: Creating a KPI Using Dashboard Designer
    15. Exercise: Creating a PerformancePoint Scorecard
    16. Exercise: Creating a PerformancePoint Report
    17. Exercise: Creating and Deploying a PerformancePoint Dashboard
  8. Power BI
    1. Using Power BI Desktop to Query and Import and Model SQL Server Data407
    2. Walk-through: Querying and Importing from a SQL Server Data Source407
    3. Creating a Report with Power BI Desktop
    4. Walk-through: Creating a report using Power BI Desktop
    5. Publishing a Power BI Report to the Power BI Cloud Service
    6. Exercise: Creating a Power BI Desktop Report
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

  • This course is intended for information workers and business intelligence analysts who have a minimum of three months experience using SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries and have basic Web navigation skills.

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