Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service course provides students with a detailed hands-on experience of the Service features and components of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Attendees of this course will gain an in-depth understanding of the Service Case Management Process in Dynamics 365, including learning how to track and resolve customer requests with Case records, collaborate on issues using Queues, use Service Level Agreements (SLA) to manage service entitlements and utilize the Knowledge Base to resolve customer issues faster. The Interactive Service Hub and Service Analysis features such as the Service Reports, Service Goal Management, Service Charts and Dashboards are also presented in this course.

The course applies to both Business and Enterprise Editions of Dynamics 365 as well as Online and On-premise deployments.

This course is intended for Customer Service Representatives (CSR), Service Managers, and End-users who have an interest in the Service components of Dynamics 365.


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Course Topics
  1. Understand the features and tools that exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CSR’s and Service Managers
  2. Be familiar with the stages of the Service Case Management Process in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  3. Understand the fundamentals of Case Management. Be able to track, manage and resolve customer service requests using Case records in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  4. Know how to assign, resolve, reactivate, cancel and delete Case records
  5. Understand the significance of Service Level Agreements and how to create a Customer Schedule and apply SLA’s to Customer and Case records through Entitlements
  6. How to setup and configure Queues and use Queue’s to collaborate on Cases with other CSR’s and Teams.
  7. How to implement a Case Routing Rules, and utilize Queue Items in Processes
  8. Understand the process to create and manage Knowledge Articles in the Knowledge Base
  9. Be familiar with the Knowledge Base approval process
  10. How to search the Knowledge Base and relate Knowledge Articles to Case records
  11. How to provision and navigate the Interactive Service Hub
  12. Effectively interact with the Interactive Service Hub Filters, Visualizations and Dashboards
  13. Create and manage Knowledge Articles in the Interactive Service Hub
  14. Perform Case Management in the Interactive Service Hub
  15. Explore the Service Reports and create a custom Service Report using the Reporting Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  16. Understand the significance of Service Goal Management and Metrics in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  17. Explore the Service Charts and Dashboards and create a custom Service Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  1. Introduction
    1. Examine common Customer Service Scenarios
    2. An Introduction to Service in Dynamics 365
    3. The Dynamics 365 Platform
    4. Dynamics 365 Service Fundamentals
    5. Security Considerations
    6. Where to get Help
    7. Further Reading and Resources
    8. Lab 1: Service in Dynamics 365 Orientation
    9. Explore the Service features in Dynamics 365
  2. Case Management
    1. The Case Management Process
    2. Working with Case Records
    3. Working with the Case Form
    4. Case Assignment and Routing
    5. Cases and Activities
    6. Resolving Cases
    7. Reactivating, Cancelling and Deleting Cases
    8. Service Level Agreements
    9. Lab 1: Working with Cases
    10. Create a Case record
    11. Assign a Case record
    12. Resolve a Case record
    13. Reactivate a Case record
    14. Cancel a Case record
    15. Lab 2: Service Level Agreements and Cases
    16. Crate a Customer Schedule for the SLA
    17. Create a new Service Level Agreement
    18. Activate a Service Level Agreement
    19. Create an Entitlement
    20. Relate a Case to a Service Level Agreement
  3. Working with Queues
    1. Introduction to Service Queues
    2. Common Service Queue Scenarios
    3. Creating and Managing Queues
    4. Working with Queue Items
    5. Case Routing Rules
    6. Processes and Queues
    7. Lab 1: Create a Case Routing Queue
    8. Creating Queues
    9. Create a Case Routing Rule
    10. Route a Case to a Queue
    11. Working with Queues and Queue Items
  4. Using the Knowledge Base
    1. In this module we will start to look at the Knowledge Base in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We look at where the Knowledge Base fits into the Service Management Process, present Knowledge Base Article Templates and examine the Article approval process. Finally, we wrap up with searching the Knowledge Base and relating Articles to Case records.
    2. Introduction to the Knowledge Base
    3. Knowledge Base Concepts
    4. Working with Articles
    5. Searching the Knowledge Base
    6. Email a Knowledge Article
    7. Lab 1: Create Knowledge Base Articles
    8. Create an Article Template
    9. Update the Subject Tree
    10. Create a new Knowledge Base Article
    11. Submit a Knowledge Base Article for Approval
    12. Reject a Knowledge Base Article
    13. Approve a Knowledge Base Article
    14. Lab 2: Create a Case and interact with the Knowledge Base
    15. Create a new Case
    16. Relate a Knowledge Base Article to a Case
    17. Email a Knowledge Base Article to a Customer
  5. The Interactive Service Hub
    1. Introduction the Interactive Service Hub
    2. The Tier 1 Dashboard
    3. The Tier 2 Dashboard
    4. The My Knowledge Dashboard
    5. The Knowledge Manager Dashboard
    6. Working with Cases in the Hub
    7. Working with Knowledge Articles in the Hub
    8. Working with Visualizations and Filters in the Hub
    9. Lab 1: Using the Interactive Service Hub
    10. Explore the Interactive Service Hub
    11. Manage Streams in the Interactive Service Hub
    12. Resolve a Case in the Interactive Service Hub
    13. Create a KB Article in the Interactive Service Hub
    14. Manage KB Articles in the Interactive Service Hub
    15. Relating a Case to an Interactive Service Hub KB Article
  6. Service Analysis
    1. Introduction to Service Analysis in Dynamics 365
    2. The Service Reports
    3. The Reporting Wizard
    4. Working with Service Charts
    5. Working with Service Dashboards
    6. Working with Service Goals and Metrics
    7. Lab 1: Explore the Service Reports
    8. Exploring the Case Summary Table Report
    9. Exploring the Neglected Cases Report
    10. Lab 2: Service Goals and Metrics
    11. Create Goals for the Service Team
    12. Create a Personal View
    13. View Sales Goals and Chart
    14. Lab 3: Explore the Service Charts and Dashboards
    15. Explore the Case Charts
    16. Create a custom Service Chart
    17. Explore the Service Dashboards
    18. Create a custom Service Dashboard
Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • An existing working knowledge of either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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