MB-320T00 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing

Take this course if you wish to learn to set up and configure manufacturing, create and manage production and lean orders and to create, process, and manage production batch orders. This course prepares students for exam MB-320: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn concepts used in the Production control module in Finance and Operations.
  2. Learn discrete manufacturing concepts.
  3. Learn to configure inventory dimensions in production.
  4. Learn to configure parameters, production orders and status.
  5. Learn to configure calendars and resources.
  6. Learn to configure operations and routes.
  7. Learn how to work with the costing sheet.
  8. Learn to understand manufacturing execution.
  9. Learn to identify the roles in manufacturing execution.
  10. Learn to process production orders.
  11. Understand the process workflows to manage a production.
  12. Learn the terminology that is important for understanding the concepts and processes that are associated with product configuration.
  13. Learn product configuration end-to-end scenario.
  14. Learn the different areas that span the product configuration process.
  15. Learn about product configuration model.
  16. Learn how to build a product configuration mode.
  17. Understand Lean manufacturing
  18. Understand Lean concepts and terminology
  19. Configure parameters
  20. Configure value streams
  21. Create Production Flows
  22. Configure lean manufacturing work cells
  23. Learn how to configure and work with Kanban rules,Manufacturing Kanbans, Withdrawal Kanbans, Fixed quantity Kanbans
  24. Configure and process event Kanban rules.
  25. Configure activity-based subcontracting
  26. Configure production scheduling and subcontracting
  27. Designate vendors as subcontractors
  28. Configure production flow costing
  29. Understand process manufacturing
  30. Understand formula management
  31. Understand co-products and by-products
  32. Understand approved vendors
  33. Understand Batch Attributes
  34. Identify and configure batch attributes
  35. Understand Lot and Batch Control processes
  36. Configure batch rework
  37. Configure commodity pricing
  38. Configure product compliance
  1. Get Started with Production Control
    1. Introduction
    2. Compare discrete, lean and process manufacturing
    3. Configure production control for unified manufacturing
    4. Understand capacity planning
    5. General ledger and production control module
    6. Practice labs
    7. Summary
  2. Get Started with Discrete Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand the discrete production process statuses
    3. Understand the bill of materials
    4. Working with BOM and item configurations
    5. Create bill of materials
    6. Production orders
    7. Practice Labs
  3. Configure Discrete Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Prepare general ledger for production
    3. Configure production control parameters
    4. Configure calendar and resources
    5. Configure operations and routes
    6. Practice lab
  4. Create and Complete Production Orders
    1. Introduction
    2. Capacity planning, scheduling, and subcontracting
    3. Scrap and waste
    4. Practice Labs
  5. Work with Cost Sheeting
    1. Configuring and managing costing sheet in Finance and Operations.
  6. Use Manufacturing Execution
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand the manufacturing executions
    3. Identify roles
    4. Planning considerations
    5. Configure manufacturing execution
    6. Control production
    7. Practice Labs
    8. Module summary
  7. Get Started with Product Configuration
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand the product configuration model
    3. Build a product configuration model
    4. Practice Labs
  8. Course Conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
  9. Get Started with Lean Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Concepts and terminology
    3. Module Summary
  10. Configure Lean Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure parameters
    3. Create value streams and production flow models
    4. Create production flows
    5. Practice Labs
    6. Module summary
    7. Module summary
  11. Create and Process Fixed Kanban Rules
    1. Introduction
    2. Kanban boards
    3. Configure a fixed Kanban rule
    4. Process fixed Kanbans
    5. Practice Labs
    6. Module summary
  12. Create and Process Event Kanban Rules
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure event Kanban rules
    3. Configure sales, Kanban, stock replenishment and BOM line events
    4. Practice labs
    5. Module summary
  13. Create and Process Scheduled Kanban Rules
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure scheduled Kanban rules
    3. Understand Kanban quantity calculations and circulation Kanbans
    4. Practice labs
    5. Module summary
  14. Configure Activity-Based Subcontracting and Production Flow Costing
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure activity-based subcontracting
    3. Understand production flow costing
    4. Practice labs
    5. Module summary
  15. Course Conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
  16. Get Started with Process Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand process manufacturing
    3. Understand formula management
    4. Understand co-products and by-products
    5. Configure approved vendors
    6. Practice labs
    7. Module summary
  17. Identify and Configure Batch Attributes for Process Manufacturing
    1. Introduction
    2. Identify and configure batch attributes
    3. Create and configure catch weight items
    4. Setup potency management
    5. Practice labs
    6. Module summary
  18. Configure Commodity Pricing and Product Compliance
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure commodity pricing
    3. Configure product compliance
    4. Practice labs
    5. Module summary
  19. Course conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
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  • Proficiency in manufacturing in Dynamics 365

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Heather Haggerty
InvestEdge, Inc.
Taking this course definitely moved my ability to a new level. I can't wait to create some great presentations. Instructor was great.
Karen Dunnigan
URS Corporation
Very knowledgeable instructor. Easy to work with and ask questions.
Buddy Giles
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