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Looking for Java Fundamentals training with an expert live instructor? We have trained 62,586 students from 11,834 organizations. Where? Webucator's private Java Fundamentals classes can be delivered at your office anywhere in the world or online with a live instructor. Our public Java Fundamentals classes run monthly.

Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language that is designed to run without having to be recompiled on all platforms that support Java. Webucator offers Java classes for those new to Java as well as classes for experienced Java programmers.

Introduction to Java Training

- $2,625.00

If you have little programming experience and need to learn Java, then this is the Java course for you. Your experienced Java instructor will cover important topics such as syntax elements, procedural statements, and object-oriented programming techniques and get you started as a Java programmer.

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Intermediate Java Programming

- $2,875.00

If you are looking for an intermediate Java programming course that will extend and sharpen your Java skill set, then select this Java course. Your expert Java instructor will present important concepts such as object-oriented programming style, collections, and Java 8 functional interfaces and lambda expressions.

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Java Programming Training for Experienced Programmers

- $2,875.00

If you are a developer with experience in another procedural or object-oriented language and you need to learn Java programming, then this Java course is for you. Your experienced Java instructor will present important concepts such as variable declaration, conditional and looping statements, and object-oriented programming techniques.

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Advanced Java Programming

If you have solid Java programming experience and need advanced Java training, then select this Java course. Your expert Java instructor will guide you through advanced topics such as Java Time API, I/O streams, object serialization, and threaded programming.

Beginning Java Data Structures and Algorithms

If you or your team of Java beginners want to learn how to estimate the efficiency of the code and understand different algorithm techniques, this course is a good choice for you. Students taking this class should possess a basic understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

5-min Narrated Presentation on Java

  • History and Purpose of Java
  • Common Uses of Java
  • How Hard is it to Learn?
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Future of Java
  • The Basic Syntax of Java

History of Java

  • Java released by Sun Microsystems in 1996
  • Immediately gained popularity due to Java Applets
  • Java 2 (version 1.2) featuring Enterprise Edition (EE) released in 1998
  • Java EE still in widespread use in web platforms

Java Is Multipurpose

  • Java SE (Standard Edition) can be applied to standalone console and GUI apps
  • Java EE can be employed to implement server-based web applications and web services
  • Java ME (Mobile Edition) can serve as a programming paradigm for Android apps

Sample Uses of Java

  • Web development (JSF, Spring, Struts)
  • Web Services (RESTful, to a lesser extent SOAP)
  • Enterprise Components (Enterprise JavaBeans)
  • Java as IoT (Internet of Things) provides a "seamless platform that runs from device to data center" according to Oracle (Oracle Technical Network, June 2014)

Java Difficulty Level

  • High-level programming language
    • Like C#, Objective-C, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Java is human readable
  • Java procedural statements based on C
  • Commonly used in programming courses

Learning Java

  • Experienced programmers can get up to speed with the basic syntax
  • Great language for object-oriented programming too
  • Comprehensive API documentation
  • New learners should learn Java 8

Java: The Good

  • Relatively straightforward to learn
  • Cross-platform
  • Excellent Core API documentation
  • Great Oracle support

Java: The Bad

  • Object-oriented programming style in Java can be challenging to learn

Java: The Future

  • Continues to grow
  • Continued support from frameworks like Spring
  • Language additions (e.g., functional programming) embrace proven development paradigms
  • Continued ease of development in developer-friendly tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ


  • Statements and semicolons
  • Curly brackets denote scope
  • Case sensitive
  • By convention
    • Lowercase variables and method names
    • UpperCamelCase class names

Declaring Variables

String foo = "Hello, world";
int bar = 5;
double fooBar = 4.9;


//Single-line comments follow two forward slashes

This is a 
	multi-line comment.

Common Data Types: Strings and Characters

String a = "foo";

char b = 'b';

Common Data Types: Integers and Floats

int year = 2017;

double weight = 4.9;

Common Data Types: Booleans

boolean cool = true;

boolean dead = false;

Common Data Types: Arrays

String[] fruit = {"apple", "plum", "pear"};


if (someThing || otherThing) {
else if (thisThing && thatThing) {
else {


while (someThing || otherThing) {
	if (exhausted) {

for (grade : grades) {


static void say(String word, int n) {
	for (int i=0; i<n; i++) {

say("Hello", 5); //say hello five times

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“I have taken trainings in the past at local training schools that have instructors that were clearly not passionate about what they are teaching. Roger was very clearly knowledgeable about Java and had no trouble explaining terms or concepts that up until this training I had never heard of. I would definitely recommend this training to friends and co-workers.”

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Online training is a fine learning tool, and here we have a fine team preparing and presenting.
Jeremy Johnson
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The Intro to Java course gave me the clearest understanding of Java structuring that I have been able to find.
William Morris
Excellent next step from Java for Beginners. Great instruction.
Sean Coburn
The instructor moved at a very manageable, easy-to-follow pace. Not only was our instructor always available for additional help but encouraged questions throughout the lecture. Overall a 10/10.
Matthew Coleman
Six3 Intelligence Solutions

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