Courseware Shipping & Returns

Minimum Order Size

The minimum order size is five (5) manuals.

Return Policy

Please verify your shipment upon arrival by email to If there is an error or omission in your shipment, contact us immediately. Manuals may be returned up to 30 days after the ship date for a full refund minus $5 per manual and the cost of shipping.

Shipping Policy and Pricing

Orders received before 10:00 AM ET on business days will go out the same day. Orders received after 10:00 AM ET will go out the next business day.

Shipping costs are based on when you need it and where it is shipping to. As soon as you tell us exactly what you want, we can quote you the total cost of your order including shipping and any applicable tax.

International Shipping

If you would like to avoid international shipping costs, you may provide us with the full contact information (email, phone and address) of a printing shop near you. We will work with the print shop to print the material and you will pay the print shop directly and arrange for pick up or delivery.