Business Writing Training

Business Writing Training

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Course Topics
  • Learn proper preparation steps before beginning a writing project.
  • Summarize the principles of writing effective business communications.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write a business proposal, complete with visuals and an executive summary that employ effective strategies of persuasion.
  • Learn to communicate to the audience effectively through focused, well-written business communications.
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Course Overview

This Business Writing Training class will give business professionals the tools they need to write effective, efficient business correspondence. Students will learn how to get started on a writing project, use appropriate business tone in the document, and discern between the different kinds of business correspondence. Students will learn how to decide what the appropriate vehicle is for written communication in business, electronic or hard copy.

Course Outline
  1. Major Functions and Forms of Business Writing
    1. The Three Major Functions of Business Writing
      1. To Inform
      2. To Influence
      3. To Ask a Question or Obtain Information
    2. Forms of Business Writing
    3. Preparing to Write
    4. Exercise: Three Functions of Writing
    5. Knowing the Subject
      1. Correctness
      2. Clearness
      3. Completeness
      4. Conciseness
      5. Courteousness
      6. Humor
    6. Exercise: Identifying the Function and Effectiveness of Business Writing
    7. Exercise: Knowing Your Subject
  2. Writing and Communication Guidelines
    1. Consider Your Audience
      1. Determining Who Your Audience Is
      2. Determining Your Audience's Demographics
      3. Learning How Much Your Audience Knows about the Topic
    2. Exercise: Anticipating Audience Response
    3. How Much Information to Include
    4. Anticipate Questions
    5. Formal vs. Informal Writing
    6. Use Appropriate, Nondiscriminatory Language
    7. Use Bullets, Numbering, and Formatting
      1. Bullets
      2. Numbering
      3. Formatting
    8. Exercise: Communicating Effectively
    9. Exercise: Reviewing Writing Guidelines
  3. Email and Instant Messenger
    1. Email
    2. l Dos and Don'ts
    3. Exercise: Structuring the Communication for Optimal Results
    4. The Electronics Communication Privacy Act of 1986
    5. Instant Messenger
      1. IM Statuses
      2. IM Dos and Don'ts
    6. Exercise: Reviewing the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986
    7. Exercise: Determining Appropriate Electronic Communication Methods
  4. Letters, Documents, and Proposals
    1. Letters and Documents
      1. Choosing the Right Tone
      2. Business Letter Format
    2. Proposals
      1. Determining the Desired Outcome
      2. Writing an Executive Summary
      3. Using Informative and Persuasive Techniques
      4. Using Visuals
    3. Exercise: Understanding Desired Outcomes
    4. Exercise: Understanding Informative and Persuasive Techniques
  5. More Writing Tips
    1. Organize the Information
      1. Chronological Paragraphs
      2. Compare-and-Contrast Paragraphs
      3. Cause-and-Effect Paragraphs
      4. Problem-Solution Paragraphs
      5. Relationship Paragraphs
      6. Choosing the Organizational Model
    2. Exercise: Organizing Information
    3. Delivering Negative Information
      1. Writing an Introduction
      2. Buffering the Negative News
      3. Providing a Remedy, Lesson Learned, or Course of Action
      4. Concluding the Message
    4. Reading What You Wrote
    5. Exercise: Check for Understanding: Positive and Negative News
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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