How to Unzip Files

  1. Locate your downloaded .zip file.Compressed Zip Folder
  2. Click to select the .zip file. (Mac users can simply double-click the folder to unzip/extract the contents.)
  3. Choose Extract All from the Compressed Folder Tools > Extract ribbon tab. (You can also right-click the folder and choose Extract All.)Compressed Zip Folder
  4. Click the Browse button to choose a location. Remember to create a folder with a meaningful name that describes your course.Select a Destination
  5. Select the location and click Select Folder.Select Folder
  6. Click Extract.Select Destination and Extract
  7. The files will extract and you will see the progress. The time it takes to extract depends on how big the class files are. Please be patient.
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  8. To see how this works, watch this video.