How to Insert Images in WordPress Text View

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Inserting an image in a WordPress post can be accomplished in just five steps to ensure ease of access for your readers.

  1. Open the post where you want to insert an image. If it is a new post, enter the title in the title field, click on the Text tab to the right just above the text box, then click on Add Media to the left above the text box.New Post
  2. In the Insert Media window, click on the Upload Files tab, then choose the Select Files button. This will open up a path to your computer file, most likely the Pictures folder. Choose the image you want to use and insert it.Upload Files
  3. The image will appear in the Media Library with a box around it and a checkmark in the upper left corner. To the right of the library there is an editing box open with a field for the title of the image. Complete the information in the editing fields, then click the Insert into post button at the bottom right of the window.Media Library
  4. In the View tab on the post window, the image will appear in HTML code.Image in HTML Code
  5. To view the image as an image, click the Visual tab. You will see the image on the post page in the text box. There is no need to publish the post to see the image like you must with a contact form (learn how to insert a contact form here).Image in Visual View

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