How to Insert Contact Forms in WordPress Text View

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Adding a contact form into a WordPress page using the tools available in the Content Editor is simple. Just follow the eight steps below. You can also learn how to insert images in Text View here.

  1. The first step is to change your Content Editor to Text View, then click on the Add Contact Form button just above the text box. (You can also learn how to insert images in Text View here.)Open Text View
  2. In the Contact Form window, you can move the fields by first hovering just above the right side of the field, then clicking move. Then you simply drag and drop the individual fields where you want them. You can also click on the edit tab, opening up an editing window for each field in the form.Edit, Move, Add Field
  3. In the Editing window, you can change the name of the field and choose the type of field you wish to use. Choices are listed when you click on the drop-down arrow in the name field type. To delete a field, click on the minus sign to the right of each field. Once you have finished editing, click the Save this field button.Lable Field Save
  4. To add an additional field, click the Add a new field button at the lower left of the Field window. You can then edit the new field and move it as noted above.New Field
  5. The contact form will appear in the text box with all the HTML code attached. Note: If you switch to Visual view, the form will still look like it does in Text view.Form in Text View
  6. To view the Contact Form in its final form, you need to publish the page. Click the Publish button in the far right column.Publish
  7. Once the page is published, click on the View post link at the top left of the page.View Post
  8. When viewing the post, you will see how the form looks, with all of the various fields for your reader to complete. Once the form is completed, the reader will press the Submit button at the bottom of the form. The information will then be sent to the email address you have registered with WordPress. Note that when you view your site, the top fields may be filled with your name, email address, etc. Your readers will not see this information; they will either see their information if they have WordPress accounts or the fields will be blank so they can complete them. View Site

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